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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Kami Sen 21

Konoha's Treasures

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Jul 23, 2011 19:07 | Go to Kami Sen

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For Complex Scans only

Pg 01 ----------------------------------------------------------------
Goddess x Childhood Friend, a combination that will make a priceless picture.(Intro)

21st Night [Konoha's Treasures]

Pg 02 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Konoha-sama is rummaging around, just what is she doing today?

>Panel 3+4

>Panel 5
Oi! Koutarou!

>Last Panel
Konoha found some fine-looking vase!

How is this one?

Pg 03 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Aaah, that's also a junk. // They said that vase can only be a junk.

What? That is no fun!

>Panel 2
Still, this is hard to understand. // Will they not be valuable as long as they are old?


>Panel 3
Oh man....

>Panel 4
What is the matter? It sure is messy here.

Are you reorganizing the warehouse?

>Last Panel
Um, no,


Pg 04 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Yesterday, when we were watching TV about appraisal--- (Box)

Nhuo? That kind of old vase can fetch for such a price!?

>Panel 2
If it is about antiquity, the house of Izumi will not lose!

Treasure hunt! It is time we hunt for the treasure of the Izumiiii!

>Panel 3
And so, she got herself fired up.

It's been like this since morning.

>Panel 4
But granduncle has sold everything that is valuable here, hasn't he?

>Last Panel
Well, I did say that to Konoha-sama, but...

Pg 05 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Konoha-sama, there's really nothing here.

Let's just give up.

We are just starting!

>Panel 2
Well, I'm sure she will get tired of it soon, you should accompany her just a little bit more.


>Panel 4
Well then, I, too, have to accompany our god to her bath.

I will see you later.

>Last Panel
Eh? Today as well? // You've been doing it almost everyday lately, huh?

Hime-sama hates the bathroom in our house. // It'd be bad if she smells like a cat.

If you are a shrine maiden, you have to revere the god of your shrine more!

Pg 06 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Looks like the god over there is also pretty high maintenance.

>Panel 2
I wonder if every god is like this~~

Or is it because Konoha-sama that strange gods are gathering here...?

>Panel 3
Did you say something?

Ah, no! It's nothing! // I hope we can find something valuable~~

>Panel 4
However... there really is nothing left here but junks.

>Panel 5
Places that the gramps might overlook...

Maybe the ceiling....?

Pg 07 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
That is....

>Panel 3
This mark....

Where did Konoha see this again...?

>Panel 4

Pg 08 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 4

This scroll... could this be...

Pg 09 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2

>Panel 3

>Panel 4

>Panel 5

Konoha-sama!? // Are you alright, Konoha-sama!?

Pg 10 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Do you understand, Konoha-sama?

>Panel 2
This fox symbol... is the mark.

>Panel 3
This will be a secret just between the two of us....

If somebody found out the secret, then Konoha-sama won't be able to stay here.

>Panel 4
You mustn't forget this....

>Last Panel
Thank goodness! You have come to!

Pg 11 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Owh... Ow, ow...

I think it's better to stay still for the time being. // You have to be careful with the wound on your head!

>Panel 2
Worry not. // A worldly injury will heal in no time.

>Panel 3
More importantly, where is the scroll!?

The scroll?

>Panel 4
Is this the one?

>Panel 5 + 6
Yes! This is it!

This scroll---

>Last Panel
holds information about the hidden treasure of the Izumi.

It is a treasure map!!

Pg 12 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

A treasure map!?

>Panel 2
Umu! Unmistakable. // Konoha remembered thanks to the bump to Konoha's head!

>Panel 3
"Remembered", that means.... // your memories have returned!?

>Panel 4

Konoha has regained her memories very clearly!

>Last Panel
Konoha was....

Konoha the goddess was---

Pg 13 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
actually born from the amassed dreams and breasts of all mankind!

The great-breasted goddess!!

>Panel 3

That is... a lie, right?

>Panel 4
Umu! Konoha just exaggerated the conjecture a bit!

A bit!? Conjecture!?

But the map is indeed real.

>Panel 5
However... from what Konoha has faintly remembered, // it appears that Konoha will not be able to stay here if the treasure is found...

>Last Panel

Pg 14 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
In other words! It is such a valuable treasure that it will matter not even if Konoha's gloriously divine power were to disappear! // And that great treasure is lying in sleep right here!

>Panel 2
Aah... so THAT what she meant....

>Panel 3
A treasure that could blast away Konoha-sama's depressing power, is it....?

>Panel 4
It must be one amazing treasure!!

Did you slip in something really rude just now? (normal bubble)

Nope! Absolutely not!!

Let's find this treasure of the Izumi right away!!

>Last Panel
...Right now, it is obvious that Konoha-sama along with the other gods are right here with us, but...

In reality, the gods are more of a distant existence to us, right...?

Pg 15 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Someday, if Konoha-sama's memories really did come back,

I wonder if she would return to a place that can't be reached by humans' hands.

>Panel 3
Oi! What are you staring into space for!? // We are going, Koutarou!

Eh? "Going"!? Where to?

>Panel 4+5

Pg 16 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I can at least wash my own rear!

But you have never wash it properly, have you!?

Cats groom by themselves!

>Panel 2
Hauu~ please stop it~~~

Here! Washing your tail will make you feel good~~

>Panel 3

Pg 17 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
This is the spot! Dig right here!


>Panel 3

What are you doing so suddenly!?

>Panel 4
Sorry, Makoto! // Somehow or the other, Konoha-sama said that there's a treasure here...!

>Last Panel
Um... that towel...

You can see through it....

Pg 18 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
That is because you guys suddenly got in here! // Take responsibility!

Ow ow!

Hey! Do not flirt around!

If you want a swimsuit, I have it!

>Panel 3

Granduncle's clothing always makes you feel more embarrassed than just being nude!

>Panel 4
But.... is there really a treasure in a place like this?

Weeell, that's what Konoha-sama said, so~~

Pg 19 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Fumu... now that you mention, there is this thing that I heard of.

>Panel 2
In the past, there was a famous painter who stayed at this Izumi Hotspring.

During his stay, he left quite a few of his works here, it seems....

>Panel 3
Also, it appears that the works of that painter have become national treasures now.

Is that true!?

Fufufu.... have you now realized how right Konoha is!?

>Panel 4
Mu? // Looks like there really is something buried here!

>Panel 5
Very good! Now, dig it out!

Makoto! Help them! Go get a share of the treasure!

Don't spout such a petty thing!

>Last Panel
This is....

Pg 20 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Big Breast (Big Text)

Seal (Text on paper)

>Panel 2
? What on earth is this!?

>Panel 3
Could this be some sort of a treasure chest?

It might also be something dangerous!

>Last Panel
...Not sure why, but I know....

This thing... must have been buried by Konoha-sama.

Pg 21 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Anyway, try to open it, Koutarou!

Be careful!

>Panel 3

>Panel 5
Wha? What are these junk!?

>Panel 6
...There is a name here.

>Panel 7
Konoha does not remember it, but...

these may be toys that Konoha used to play with.

>Last Panel
Eh!? // Then, this round treasure chest is....

Pg 22 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
A time capsule which Konoha-sama...

stored her memories to.

>Panel 2
Strange, is it not? Even though Konoha does not remember any of these,

>Panel 3+4
they are giving off a terribly nostalgic feeling....


>Last Panel
this could be-

something that is more precious than any treasure to Konoha...

Pg 23 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
...Isn't that great,


>Panel 3

>Panel 4

Whoa! Gross!

>Panel 5
The hell's that!? Memories won't make even one cent!

Junks! These are all junks!!

What did you saaaay!?

Try reading the mood, Gramps!

>Panel 6
No.... // Wait a minute....

Pg 24 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
You said that there might be the works of that famous painter among the treasure, didn't you?

Umu, // but that is just a mere conjecture.

>Panel 2
If the heirloom treasure is a painting....

>Panel 3
I see!

>Panel 4
It's the sealing paper that was attached to the chest!

Pg 25 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1 + 2
I knew it!

This is the heirloom treasure!

>Panel 3
Could this be... Konoha?

But for this to be Konoha-sama, I would say the breast part is way too much....

>Last Panel
Now I remember!!

Pg 26 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
That painting! Konoha had the painter to draw it for her!

It's a pinup!

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Konoha said that she wanted to advertise the hot spring by using her beauty. // And in order to do that, she forcefully had the painter to paint about one hundred portraits.

>Panel 4
She has been doing something like from a long time ago, huh?


>Panel 5
The problem is after that.

>Last Panel
Almost everyone that received the portrait went bankrupt.

And then, since the gods from the suburbs started complaining, // I took care of the problem before it went out of control.

Pg 27 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2
That means, this painting is....

a proof that Konoha-sama is a god of poverty....

>Panel 4
...So, this is what he meant by "not being able to stay here"...

>Panel 5
...Sorry, Koutarou....

Konoha... it appears that Konoha is not a god that she thinks of....

Pg 28 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
What are you talking about!? Konoha-sama is Konoha-sama!

Right now or in the past, you'll always be the honored guardian god of the Izumi!

>Panel 2
That's so right! Everyone already knows that whether there's a proof or not!

Gramps! Could you please shut up!!

>Panel 3
...What? Are you trying to comfort Konoha!?

To show a pity to a god, do not get ahead of yourself!

No, I...

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
that part of you...

Pg 29 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

does not dislike it.

>Last Panel
There is no need to worry.

But... please leave Konoha alone for a bit...

Pg 30 ----------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
...Will Konoha-sama be okay....?

Well, I'm sure she will return as if nothing happened by dinner.

>Panel 2
I sure hope so....

>Panel 3
At that time, I really should have realized it.

The deep sadness behind Konoha-sama's smile.

>Last Panel
That night,

Konoha-sama has gone to a faraway place that is beyond our reach.

Konoha-sama went missing...!? (Outro)

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