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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Kami Sen 23

Konoha Festival in the Gods' World

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Aug 21, 2011 19:08 | Go to Kami Sen

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For Complex Scans only

Pg 01 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Note:sorry, I have no idea how to write that face/emoticon(?) thingy. that's an upside down "A", I think? )
The festival belongs to you, honored god.


23rd Night [Konoha Festival in the Gods' World]

Pg 02 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
Good morning, Konoha-sama...wait, where are you right now? (Intro Text)

>Panel 4

>Last Panel

Such a nice sleep~~


Pg 03 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>panel 2

>Panel 3
What? // What on earth is this empty place!?

Why is Konoha in a place like this!?

>panel 4
As Konoha remembers, Konoha felt relieved after making a ruckus in the room yesterday.

And then, Konoha was supposed to fell asleep just like that...

>Panel 5

is anybody here?

>Last Panel

Pg 04 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

There is an invisible wall!

>Panel 2

>panel 3
...Could this mean...

that Konoha is trapped?

>Panel 4
Gods' world.

>Panel 5

>Panel 6 + Last
Hohoho (text)

So, this is the world of the gods.

Pg 05 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I'm really surprised~~.

To think there was this kind of place in the neighborhood.

>Panel 2
We're not here for sightseeing!

>Panel 3
Konoha is inside THAT!

We must make haste and bring her back!

>Panel 4
How did Konoha become like that?

>Panel 5
She is closing herself in her own shell.

Konoha refuses to accept that she is a god of poverty, so she hardened her heart and sealed herself.

>last Panel

Pg 06 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
It's my fault...

If only I paid more attention to Konoha-sama...

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Konoha causing trouble to everyone around her is an everyday occurrence. // No one is at fault here.

>Panel 4
More importantly... we have to... // quickly call out to Konoha...

>Last Panel

Can you hear meeee!?

Pg 07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2
Let's go home togetheeeer!


>Panel 3
...No response...

>Panel 4

If she did, then we wouldn't go through this trouble.

>Panel 5
In the first place, you brought me here- // because you had planned to use that method all along, right?

>Panel 6
Umu, // quite.

>Panel 7

"That method"?

>Last Panel
It is this method!

Pg 08 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Benzaiten (on her clothes)

>Panel 3 (NOTE:
Just like the origin of Amano-Iwato, // we celebrate a festival and dance in order to pull out the god who shut herself!

>Panel 4+5
And then!

>Last Panel
The main event of the festival is Koutarou and ME♥

If Konoha saw us flirting together, she is sure to come out flying!

Pg 09 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2+3

Please stop that!!

>Panel 4

>Last Panel
Ooh! // It's going well!

We have some response!

Pg 10 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Keep at it, Kirika!

Hohoho (Smaller Text)

More seductively!

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Can't leave it to Kirika...

>Panel 4
...I will-

do my best as well...!

>Panel 5

>Panel 6
Hold it there! You are getting in the way!

No, I'm not...

>Last Panel
Okay! Go drink and help fire things up, everyone!


Pg 11 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
It's festival time! It's Konoha Festival!

Aah! Please don't touch me in strange places.

I shall not lose!

I'm better at this...

>Panel 2
Uugh... can it really go well by doing it like this!?

>Panel 4+5+6

Dead for the time being. (Koutarou's sign)


I wonder if he is having a hard time right about now...

Pg 12 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
...I am feeling uneasy somehow!

>Panel 2

Did anything happen!?

>Panel 3
I told you not to worry, didn't I!? // If something did happen, I can tell right away!

I, the god, guarantee it!

And that god is the one I can't trust the most!

>Panel 4
In any case, it is better to warm up Koutarou-san's body.

If his body became too cold, it will take more time to resurrect him.

>Panel 5
Warm his body?

>Panel 6
It is optimum to warm him up with body temperature. // If possible, do it directly while being naked!

Pg 13 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Can't help it, // I shall undress myself naked then.

>Panel 2
It's fine! I'll do it myself!

>Panel 4
We used to sleep together often when we were small.

Doing this much is nothing for me!

>panel 5
...You are still wearing your underwear, you see?

>Panel 6
I have to take off the underwear as well!?

Of course! // I could do this for you if you don't want to?

>Last Panel

Pg 14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I have come this far! There is no returning for me!

>Panel 2

>Panel 3

Don't get in without warning!!

Hm? What are you doing?

>Panel 4
I could say the same to you, granduncle. What is there to congratulate about!?

>Last Panel
Ooh! Listen to me!

My stock made an outrageously steep rise!

Pg 15 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
To think I would get so fortunate just because Konoha-sama left! // If I can get profit from all this, the town can just be destroyed for all I care!

Guhahaha (Text)

You are so going to get divine punishment wherever you go, granduncle!

>Panel 2
At any rate! I made a killing thanks to Konoha-sama!

Refined Sake - Shusendo (Text on the sake bottle)

>Panel 3
It's festival time! It's Konoha Festivaaal!

Uhahaha (Upper Text)

Don-chan Don-chan (Lower Text)

Oi! We are before Koutarou's body here! // Be quiet!!

>Panel 4

Don-chan Don-chan

>Last Panel
Kyouko! You are too close!


It's more effective this way....

Pg 16 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Koutarou-san, you go tell her! // You must appeal for my most beautiful self!

Even if you told me that...

>Panel 2
What an indecisive man! // This kind of man-

>Panel 3
should be treated like this!


>Panel 4

Mogah! (Shout)

I'll go like this...

>Last Panel
Oooh! We are doing good!

Put more effort! // Be more gaudy!

Pg 17 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Such a boring place~~~

If Konoha cannot find the exit soon, Konoha might die from boredom!

>Panel 3



>Panel 4

What is this sound?

>Panel 5
Koutarou... I will...

No, I will...


>Last Panel

Pg 18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Now then!

It appears someone is trying to make a pass on Koutarou while Konoha is trapped!

>Panel 2
And Konoha is almost bored to death here...


>Panel 4

Pg 19 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
There it is!

There's finally a crack on the rock!

>Panel 3
Last spurt!

Dance like crazy!

Pg 20 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2

>Last Panel

Pg 21 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
You fool!

Did you think you could flirt just because Konoha was trapped!?

>Panel 2
...Why are you here?

Were you not in the gods' world?

>Panel 3
The gods' world?

What are you talking about?

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
Aah!! Koutarou's soul is not present! // What happened here!?

That's what we want to ask!

I have a bad feeling about this somehow...

Pg 22 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
...This is...

A fox figure...?

>Panel 2
Don't tell me...

was this thing inside the rock!?

>Panel 3
Not good... // Someone may have set us up!

>Last Panel
What do you mean!? Where is Konoha-sama?

Pg 23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Konoha did not come here to the gods' world. // She's probably still somewhere at the Izumi's house.

Someone made it look as if Konoha went here!

>panel 2
Eh? At home!?

>Panel 3
Thank goodness! // So that means Konoha-sama didn't run away from home, right!?


>panel 4
I don't really know if this is someone's prank, but... // we have to return and find Konoha-sama!

>Panel 5
Hm~mmm, there is a problem, actually...

>Last Panel
This is very hard for me to say~~~ // but if Konoha did not come to the gods' world...


Pg 24 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Koutarou... // You... // might be unable to be resurrected!

>panel 2

>Panel 3

>Last Panel

☆Makoto's bad feeling... became real!?(Outro Text)

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