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Chrome Shelled Regios 3.1


+ posted by natural-log as translation on Aug 27, 2011 22:34 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 3.1

csr1_111 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1 +2
Prologue (Text)

The ruined earth, // there run rampant the grotesque destroyers, the "contaminoids".

While frightened of the monsters, we humans are living inside the "Mobile City".

>Panel 3+4

the contaminoids are attacking the city.

>Last Panel
In this world, human is very much a frail existence. (Black Box)

....It's alright, // those beasts haven't noticed this bus yet.

csr1_112 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Hey, Nina.... were you really okay? // Going against your family just to go to another city like this.

>Panel 2
Of course,

I have not the slightest intention of going back home.

>Panel 3
Harley, I want to see the world.

And I am aware that I would need some experience to do that.

>Panel 4
And then, I want to find what I am capable of in that new place.

There will not be anybody who would force me.

>Panel 5
I will find out the thing I sought with my own hands.

csr1_113 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2

look, Nina. // It's that one,

>Panel 5
The roaming bus's legs transformed into tires!

Sit properly!

>Panel 6 (NOTE: The kanji for Regios, "自律型移動都市", means "Autonomous-type Mobile City")
the Regios where we will be living in starting from now.

csr1_114-115 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Zuellni. (Bubble)


csr1_116 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Two years later----

>Panel 2
Annoyed Annoyed Annoyed (black text)

>Panel 3
Annoyed Annoyed Annoyed Annoyed Annoyed (black text)

>Panel 4
Eei! This is way too long!

Are they late yet again!!?

Nina Antalk
Third Year of Military Arts Dept.
17th Platoon Captain (Box)

>Panel 5
Kuh, it hurts...!!

>Last Panel
O---h, o---h, our captain is in high spirit like always, huh?


csr1_117 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
My bad, my bad, we're late.

>Panel 2
Man, the girls caught me, you see.

Sharnid Elipton
Fourth Year of Military Arts Dept.
17th Platoon Member, Sniper (Box)

>Panel 3
It'd be rude of me if I just went and said, "sorry, I have training right now~~", right?

>Panel 4
Felli, you too!

Can you not be a little bit more punctual when coming to the meeting?

csr1_118 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
....I'll see what I can do.

Felli Loss
Second Year of Military Arts Dept.
17th Platoon Member, Psychic (Box)

>Panel 2
"I'll see"....

I'll go change.

>panel 3
Me too~~~ (Sharnid Text)

Haaah... (Nina Text)

>Panel 4
So..... this is my current platoon?

How pathetic.....

>Panel 5
With the state we are in, can we really protect Zuellni----?

>Last Panel

csr1_119 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

What is the matter?

>panel 2
Hm, // you know, I just met someone from the Student Council over there.

Harley Sutton
Third Year of Alchemy Dept.
17th Platoon's DITE tuner (Box)

>Panel 3
They said the student council president is calling for you.

....The president?

>Last Panel
Hello there,

Captain of the 17th Platoon, Nina Antalk-kun.

csr1_120 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Have all the platoon members gathered? (bubble)

Karian Loss
Student Council President
The one who holds the most authority in Zuellni

>Panel 2
....Not yet.

>Panel 3
I believe you already know really well about what kind of situation is going on in this city.

>Panel 4

>Panel 5+6
Should our platoons lost in the next intercity military arts tournament, Zuellni will lose her only Selenium ore.

To lose Selenium, the source of power of the city, // would mean death to Zuellni.

>Last Panel
I met her by chance.

csr1_121 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
With the "spirit" girl of this city.

>Panel 2
By meeting her, I thought of protecting this city with my own hands. // I would never let her die---- (Box)

I will.... never let that happen.

>Panel 3
Indeed.... if one does possess the feeling of wanting to protect this city, // one will first have to fulfill the required number of platoon members.

Sometime ago, I had one new student of the general education dept. transferred to the military arts dept., but....

>Panel 4
It appears to me that you have decided on what you need to do already.

>Panel 5+Last
I WILL protect her. (White Text)

His name is---

csr1_122 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Layfon Alseif

>Last Panel
Do you have the strength to protect this city? (White Text)

We shall now begin your test.

csr1_123 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
We're going to carry this out seriously.

>Panel 2
Can I protect Zuellni together with him?

>panel 3+4
And then, we are tested---

csr1_124 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2

>Panel 3
It can't be----

>Last Panel
Huh...? Am I not supposed to be the main character...?

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