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Chrome Shelled Regios Omake 3.2

The What and Why of Regios

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Sep 15, 2011 06:52 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

Pg 125 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
....Felli and-

Felli-chan (R Sign)

Sharnid in-

Sharnid-kun (L Sign)

The What and Why of Regios!

The What and Why of Regios (Bottom Black Text)

>Panel 2
....What on earth are you doing?

Both of you... (Nina Text 1)

Pulling back (Nina Text 2)

In this corner, the members of the 17th Platoonwill- (Text)

Cheatsheet (Felli's paper)

right away answer any questions about the platoon!!!

Oh yeah!! (Sharnid text)

Don't promote without permission!

>Panel 3
Come on, we've especially prepared this project to deepen the friendship between the members. It's a rare opportunity, you know?

Ugh (Nina Text)

If that is the case...

Felli-chan is the assistant♥ (Sharnid's Text)

>Panel 4
Ehm (Text)

Well then, on to the first question---

Question Paper (Text On Paper)

Today, the color of Felli's underwear is----...

>Panel 5
Please wait for a moment.

>Last Panel
Very well, on to the first question.

He's been murdered!

Pg 126 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
What is the squad members' hobbies?

>Panel 2

Uuumu (Text)

Training...., I suppose?
Like weight training...?(handwritten text inside)

>Panel 3
What an unappealing answer---

I don't expect anything but... (Sharnid Text)
Uwaah. (Sharnid Text)

To nobody's surprise.

S-shut up!!

>Panel 4
Well, for me it's like dating or maybe picking up girls, // Ah, these are not my hobbies by the way, it's more like how I live my life.

Layfon, how about you?

>Panel 5
Eh? Mine?

Nod Nod (Felli SFX)

Umm (handwritten inside)
Let's see...

Whisper Whisper (White SFX)
Now that I think about it, he's the most mysterious among us, yeah?

You're right.... (Nina Text)

>Last Panel
Hobbies, eh....? Back in Grendan, all I did was battling all day. When I got back to the orphanage, babysitting and helping with the chores will be there waiting for me. //
It's the same when I arrived here in Zuellni, I have my hands full with classwork, training, and part-time job. To top it all, I'm being used as a weapon to fight those contaminoids. Finding free time is just...

Hollow (Layfon's Text)

Egad, we just stepped on a landmine!!

Pg 127 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
What is the squad members' favorite foods?

>Panel 2
Not again, what an innocent question!

Phew-- (Sharnid Text)

Don't get it (Text below Layfon)

What's the point of asking this kind of question?

>Panel 3
I don't really have likes or dislikes, but... (handwritten inside)
That's right, I do like vegetable.

....I also have no idea about them, but... I suppose I like sweets.

Aah, girls~~ (Sharnid Text)

You sound like an oldman. (Layfon Text)

>Panel 4
For me, it'd be something like snacks for sake or maybe....

Dried squid... (Sharnid Text)

You are still underage, I believe?

>Panel 5
I'm just joking~~ (Sharnid Text)

Really now!? (Nina Text)

As for me....

>Last Panel
Back then, there was a food shortage in Grendan, so we didn't have a say in likes or dislikes. //
So, being able to eat without restriction like right now is truly a blessing.

Another land mine!!

Pg 128 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Kuh, Sharnid! Hurry with the next question!!

Okay! // Then, the last question is....

>Panel 2
Please tell us about the captain's three-siz.....

>Panel 3
It was such a waste of time....

>Panel 4
Hey, hey, what are you guys doing!?
Lemme join you guys~ (handwritten inside)

Ah, Harley-senpai.

>Panel 5
You were here?

>Last Panel
The What and Why of Regios (Big Black Text)

Not to be continued! (Shout Bubble)

What an incompetent man, really.

Layfon (text on Layfon)

-Felli's hobby- Observing People

Pg 129 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Regios the manga, 1st volume.
If you could enjoy it even just a little,
I'd be more than happy.
2007, Miyuu

•Special Thanks•
Kobayashi Kobayan
Mina Seira-san
Mochizuki Jun-sensei //
A savior...!! (small text)

Editor K-sama

Amagi Shuusuke-sensei //
Thank you for the cities' name! (small text)

And then, and then,
To everyone who are involved in making the book,
and to the readers
I give you all my greatest gratitude!

Pg 130 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Koukaku no Regios 1

Amagi Shuusuke


First issue in December 9 2007
(I skipped the rest ;p)

Pg 131 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
17th Squad Meeting Room
>Panel 1
Layfon, the main character of the original work. But, he barely gets any role here in this comic.

>Panel 2
You gotta stand out more, man!!

I don't mind, really...

I'm fine being overshadowed... (Text)

The Captain will get carried away otherwise.

>Panel 3
Anyway, you just have to have more exposure, right!!

Hey.... wait, what are you doing!!?

Indeed, // emphasizing through appearance is also one way to do it.

I'm fine, I'm telling you, just leave me alone please~

Uwaaahh!! (Black/Blue text)

>Panel 4
Sorry, I was late...

Door (Small Text at the bottom left)

>Panel 5

Prima Ballerina (Text outside panel)

>Last Panel


Pg 132 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

Pg 133 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
The contaminoids ruined the earth.
Now, the only place left in this world for mankind
to live in is the artificial moving land called
Regios, the autonomous-type mobile city.
Nina Antalk, the captain of the 17th squad
that protects the city. What kind of path
will she choose!?

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