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Chrome Shelled Regios 4

Weak Ability Track

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 12, 2011 19:20 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 4

CSR 003 (cover) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Upper Left White Text (NOTE: Left "探遊" is the kanji while hiragana on the right is how to read the kanji)
The original work is turned into an anime.
I will deliver everything in full without letting
the aftershock affects me.

>Lower Left White Text
[Cover Printing] Dai Nippon Printing
[Book Binding] Rdesign Studio

>Below Felli
Original Work: Amagi Shunsuke
Comic: Miyuu

>Summary Below Barcodes [NOTE: (?) is intended, in case you're wondering]
The world is ruined because of the contaminant.
The only place left for mankind to live is
Regios the autonomous mobile city.
This is an intense, fun(?) and youthful story of Nina
and the team who fight to protect their city!

This is a comic drawn personally by
the original illustrator of the super popular
Chrome Shelled Regios, Miyuu!

CSR 004 (inside cover) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Comic Strip Title

>Panel 1
Leerin Marfes, // Layfon's childhood friend who resides in the Lance-Shelled City Grendan. She's one of the heroines, but her turn has yet to come in this manga.

Muu------ (Leerin Text)

>panel 2
I don't get any turns at all because my childhood friend is so weak-minded....

Aah, even Meishen has came out already.... (Leerin Text)

Synola-san, a friend (age unknown) (Synola Text)

Heaven's Blade Slayer (Sake Brand Name)

Oh my, there's no need to worry, Lee-chan♥

>Panel 3
What this manga is lacking of..., that's right, it is SEX APPEAL!!

Those kids, who smell more like a deodorant spray than a perfume, can't possibly satisfy our wandering readers who are seeking for pheromone!!

I'm sorry (Text outside panel)

>Panel 4
Which means, it's just a matter of time before offers come before us, the Beautiful Breast ♥ Big Breast Combo!!

Please don't include me into such a questionable combo!!

Big (Synola Circle)

Beautiful (Leerin Circle, not sure how you can fit this into the circle though)

Breast, you say!!?

>Panel 5
Ah, I can't hold back anymore!! // So, how's it Lee-chan?! Feeling like going together to Zuellni?!

Please stop, you are going to change the story!!

>Panel 6
No choice then.... let's send our thought to Zuellni so we can get more screen time.

Our turn Our turn Our turn etc(THOSE Texts)

Quite so... right now, we have our hands full with just this.

>Last Panel
Zuellni (above the arrow)

Chill?! (Layfon)

It reached him♥ (Outside Panel)

>Title+++ next to Felli (if you're confident to redesign the title)
Koukaku no Regios (Big WhiteText)
Chrome Shelled Regios (Small White Text)

[Original Work] Amagi Shuusuke
[Comic] Miyuu

>Felli Bubble
What are you looking at?

CSR 001 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
no trans needed

CSR 002 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
[NOTE: Engrish episode titles(?). Btw, in JPN, "ready" and "lady" are written in the exact same way]

Episode 4
Weak Ability Track

Episode 5
Useful Intermission

Episode 6
Breezer Gallop

Episode 7
Girlish Girls

Episode 8
Ready Lady Kitchen

Episode 9
Mother-like Strength

CSR 003 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Weak Ability Track

The contaminoids invasion. (Box)

>Panel 2
Upon witnessing hundreds of these groteque beings, the city fell into chaos.

>Panel 3
In our attempt for futile resistance, we, the platoons, were about to be crushed by that overwhelming power.

>Panel 4
While cursing my own weakness,

>Panel 5
I began to remember despair.

>Last Panel
At that moment,

CSR 004 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
What just happened?

In an instant, hundreds of contaminoids- // were ripped to shred one after another.

By what? // By who?

>Panel 2

>Last Panel
Hyu-------- (x3)

CSR 005 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Witnessing my subordinate who saved the city after exterminating the contaminoids with such overwhelming power, // I thought that he was terrifying.

Weak Ability Track

CSR 006 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 3
Layfon, // are you listening?

Dooooh------ (Text)


>Last Panel
Ah, Senpai.

Sitting while hugging your knees?

.....That was quite the incredible sapless look.

CSR 007 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
So... you were doing- // a recruitment test?


Unfortunately, they failed the test.

>Panel 3
When it come to achievements, our platoon is pretty low in ranking, but- // I guess there are still candidates who are interested in joining us, huh~~?

>Panel 4
That is partly because you are here!


>Panel 5
Our record in the tournament was fair enough, but... // the number of the group members barely meets the minimum.

In addition to that, the one who have the full responsibility to be the attacker was a lone first year, you alone! // .....And so, a shallow bunch gathered and came here thinking they could be successful by joining our platoon!!

>Last Panel
....But, isn't that a collective responsibi...

.....No, it's nothing.

CSR 008 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Well, it's not like I can't understand the feelings of those who admire my beauty.

You are strangely punctual today. Well then, let's stop the pointless chatter and start training!

>Panel 2
That's so mean of you, Captain. What's with that Felli-chan-like react - ION!?

Sharnid-senpai, you are in my way.

>Panel 3
Oooooh (Sharnid Text)

Everyone has gathered, right?

Let's change.

>Panel 4
You're so mean, Felli-chan.

You're noisy.


You lack vigilance, Layfon!

>Last Panel

CSR 009 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
One too many!!


>Panel 4
N-nice to meet you! // I am Leo Processio, a first year in the Military Arts Dept.!!

I have come here today because there are things I would like to ask of the 17th Platoon that I admire.

>Panel 5
Uoh!! // What's with this refreshing aura that is overflowing with hope and dreams!!?

Eeek, I'm being purifiiiiiied! (Text)

He's certainly different from a certain first year whom I saw somewhere.

>Last Panel
Could you also be a member candidate?

In that case-------

No, ma'am!!

CSR 010 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
...I would like- // to join the 17th Platoon's training!

>Panel 3
....Like I said, you need to take the recruitment test first and.....

No, I didn't mean to join in like that, but.....

>Panel 4
I meant just watching from the side, I mean.... // I'd like to find a way to become stronger, ah, um...

>Panel 5
Basically, you want to observe our training for study, // and then use it as a reference for your own training, yeah?

Aah, so bright~~~ (Handwritten Text Bubble)

Y-yes! // I won't cause you trouble!!

That's right!! (Leo's Text)

>Last Panel
If he's just observing, then there should be no problem, right?

Reporters also come here once in a while to collect data. (Layfon Text)

.....So, he doesn't want to join as a platoon member // and he just wants to use our training as a reference. Rather hard to understand.

....A hindrance.

CSR 011 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2
....The city where I lived in before- // has never come into contact with contaminoids, not even once.

Thanks to that, there weren't many who are interested in military arts. There were only a few people who receive proper training.

>Panel 3
Then, you too....

Yes, all I have learned is the basic usage of Kei.

>Panel 4
But, I, as a military artist, // want strength that is strong enough to protect the city!!

>Panel 5
There may be still a long way to go for me to join a platoon right now, but... // I want to work hard so I can reach the goal, even if it's just a bit faster!!

CSR 012 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

Let's get started then.

Spread out. (Nina's Text)

'Kaaay (Sharnid's Text)

Okaaay (Layfon's Text)

>Panel 3
Well, it figures.

Sharnid, don't look away!

>Panel 5
There, Felli-chan♥

>Panel 6

>Last Panel
Got it.

CSR 013 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Phew------ (Nina Text)

Uh, // Um.

>Panel 3
What kind of training is this?

Those balls, what are you....

>Panel 4
Those are just hard balls, but beside for exercising, you can also use them to raise your Internal Kei.

Hitting those balls is the basic to strengthen your physique. // But it's not limited to that, you can also train your external Kei by using it to hit them.

>Panel 5
I see---

>Last Panel
Okay! One more time!!

Ooh (Left Text)

CSR 014 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Felli! Your reaction is slow! // Sharnid! Return it properly!

>Panel 3
O-okay, let's start practice-swinging like this....

>Panel 4
Geh. // Waaah!

>Last Two Panels
Ah! // The sword!

CSR 015 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2

It went to the ceiling!! (Leo's Text)

I put in too much power!! (Layfon's Text)

>Panel 3
Not good!

Watch out!! (Text)


>Panel 4
The ball!!

It went that way. (handwritten inside)

>Last Panel
Wh- // what are you doing!!?

Uh, I was just passing the ball.

Sharni-guy (On Sharnid Head)

Ah, anyway, the ceiling is......

CSR 016 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

I want to protect Zuellni...

>Panel 2
M-m-miss captain!! // It's all my fault! Uwaaaah!

Remove the rubble, quick!!

Dig it up!!

>Panel 3
Hah! // This is nothing....

A miraculous return!!

>Last Panel
I am totally fi-//neuguh.

She's not okay after all!!

CSR 017 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Ah, aah, um,

I'm... // I'm being a hindrance after all....

>Panel 2
What are you talking about?

If you want to become strong, // you cannot let something like this stop you!

>Panel 3
R... // right!

>Panel 4
The 2nd day

>Panel 5
The 3rd day

>Panel 6
The 4th day

I-I'm sor... (Leo's Text)

>Last Two Panels

That's it for today!


Good work, everyone~~~ (Sharnid Text)

CSR 018 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Layfon..... // he looks quite out of it.

Oi, Lay-


>Panel 2
G- // good work for today!


Good work.

>Panel 3
It should be about time you get used to this.

How is it? // Want to try a light practice match?

>Panel 4

>panel 5
No, no, how could I? I'm not yet... // It's still impossible for me!


H-honest, I must pass the offer.

Mm.... is that so....?

>Last Panel
Layfon? // I see you haven't headed home yet.

Ah (Text)


CSR 019 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
How long are we going to take care of him?

>Panel 2
Him.... // You mean Leo?


>Panel 3
Certainly, it has become quite an uproar with him around, but... // Sharnid and Felli also become more serious thanks to him.

It's not like he's really a hindrance to our activity, don't you think?

>Panel 4
Above all, // he is our junior who wants to become stronger. // As his seniors, how could we not help him!?

>Last Panel
He won't become a platoon member.

CSR 020 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Without the basics, // it's not like he'll be able to improve his Kei capacity.

>Panel 3
....So, even if he keeps on training it with us....

the other military artists are also training and becoming stronger everyday. // He can't catch up if he keeps doing this.

>Panel 4
...So, you mean to say that working hard is useless for people who have no talent?

>Last Panel
That's not it. // I'm just saying it's meaningless for him to imitate others....

CSR 021 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
As things are, he won't---

>Panel 3
....What can you understand...

>last Panel

CSR 022 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Someone who is so blessed with talents-

that, at such young age, he was given the proof of the strongest military artist in his home Grendan.

>Panel 2
Someone like you...

Can someone like you understand the feelings of those who don't have?

CSR 023 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2


>Panel 3
.....I'm sorry, // I'm going ahead!

>Last Panel
What on earth am I doing....!?

How unsightly....!!

CSR 024 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Venting anger by using weakness as an excuse..... // is lower than low!!

>Panel 3
Even though I understood...

Panel 4
He is a military arts genius. // He himself is aware of it.

>Panel 5
And he's not arrogant about it.

He's just accepting everything as it is.

>Panel 6

No.... that's the very reason...

>Panel 7
----- why I am upset.

>last Panel
And he's always like that normally...
Like that ==> (Handwritten Inside 1)
Dooooh (Handwritten inside 2)

CSR 025 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3

He's doing independent training here?

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
Greetings!! Nina-senpai!!

Aah, // please don't mind me.

>Last Panel
Are you always doing this?

Eh? Yes. // I'm just learning by watching everyone though....

CSR 026 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Top Panels altogether
It's meaningless for him to imitate others.

He won't become a platoon member.

>Mid Panel


>Bottom R Panel
Try fighting me.

CSR 027 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
W- // what are you saying? // Don't we already know the outcome....?

>Panel 2
I will hold back of course.

If you refuse, I won't let you in to the Training Facility.

>Panel 3
No way....

Why.... why would you.....

>Panel 4
I wish to ascertain your strength.

>Panel 5
Come at me with your all.

I will take you on.

CSR 028 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
What's wrong?

Ready your sword.

>Panel 3
---Bu- // But I....! Let alone being a platoon member, I'm still inexperienced even as an average military artist....

How could I fight against you, a platoon captain...? // At least allow me some time until I get a little bit stornger....!!

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
Should the contaminoids suddenly came here to attack one day, are you still going to use such an excuse ?

>Last Panel
No, I-

Do you mean to get stronger with such naive thinking?

CSR 029 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
It's the same during our training. // Are you not just feeling a relief and being delusional of getting stronger from watching the platoon members' training from the sideline?

>Panel 2

Definitely not!!

>Panel 3
I am not wrong, am I?

You're just actually avoiding so that your strength won't be tested, aren't you!?

>Panel 4
Are you that afraid to expose your own weaknesses!? // You coward!!

>Panel 5
Y...you..... // you can say that because you are strong!!

>Last Panel
You just don't understand the feelings of the weak!!

CSR 030 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I know them.

The jealousy, the envy and the inferiority complex towards strong people....

CSR 031 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I know them all too well.

>Panel 3
That's why you can't just stop there!

Don't let them be excuses for your weakness, you must use them to move forward!!

>Panel 4
...That's- // that's something only the strong could say!!

There's no way I can easily....

>Last Panel
You, too, can do it.

CSR 032 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I have faith- // that anyone can do it if they keep moving forward.

>Last Panel
I feel terrible....

CSR 033 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Isn't there any other way than to do it in such an oppressive way?

But I had to confront him strictly, or he would not move forward.....

>Panel 2
just like that...

>Panel 3
without even getting up after falling....

>Panel 4
But if he gave up just from that, then next time...

No, but I'm sure there are many other ways of doing it...

Maybe I should have told him gently....

But that was for his sake....

>Panel 5
It's not like he's lacking in Kei capacity.

If we put together a training menu and make him train hard starting from now until graduation, he should be able to reach the class of a platoon member.

>last Panel
Could that be-----

what Layfon wanted to say at that time?

CSR 034 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
That guy....

>Panel 2
How can he be so calm like that!?

Does he have no restraint or guilt towards whom he speaks to?

>Panel 3
And here I am going around in circle.

Ugh----- (Text)

>Panel 4
Aah... I don't like this. I'll end up feeling the difference between us,

the difference between a genius and an average person.

>Panel 5
It feels like I am being reminded-

that I will never be that powerful no matter how I struggle for it.

>Panel 6

>Last Panel
Just when I spoke about him.

Now that I think about it, we had the same shift today, huh?

CSR 035 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I have to apologize to him.... about what happened today....

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Nina (Text on Nina's head)

>Panel 4

What's wrong, Layfon!?

>Panel 5
Get ahold of....


>Panel 6+7
This is?


CSR 036 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Take care--- (Nurse)

Just when I thought why he's so out of it recently, // so this is the problem.

>Panel 3
What on earth is with this number of part time jobs!!?

>Panel 4
Just the mechanic division cleaning job alone is already tiring enough. // Having so many jobs, it's no wonder if you collapsed fr....

>Last Panel
Now that I look at it closer, he has so many types of jobs....

This is....

CSR 037 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
That's right, // you were searching for a path other than the military arts.

>Panel 2
You were searching for a path where you can move forward.

>Panel 3
Before, when he said he would help Anna-senpai, he, unlike the usual, is facing forward.

Has he been feeling impatient ever since that time?

>Panel 4
.........It's rather hard to understand, but...

>Last Panel
Even this guy is... it's not like he doesn't feel anything.

CSR 038 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I have to move forward as well, so that I can know more about you.

>panel 2

I slept really well yesterday---

>Panel 4

In the middle of cleaning, since she has time.

>Panel 6

>Last Panel


CSR 039 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
You! Don't hide that you're working so many part-time jobs to the point of interfering your training!!
What are you going to do if you can't even manage yourself!?
If you were to collapse and trouble the people around you again,
prepare yourself to clean the Training Facility for a month as a penalty!!

>Panel 2
Y- // Yes ma'am...

>Panel 3
If only......you would tell me properly, // I would be able to match the training schedule with yours.

>Panel 4
Eh..... // is that okay?

But know that there's a limit!! // If you're working until you collapse just like this time, then it's rejected!!

Ultimately, training is of the highest priority!!

>Panel 5
......Thank you very much.

>Last Panel
[RANT: How I love her expression]

CSR 040 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

I will also put effort to understand you a little bit more, // but

>Panel 2
That goes for you too. // You have to say it or no one will understand you!

>Last Panel
Ye- // yes....


CSR 041 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
L- // Leo....

>Panel 3
It was just for a short time, but thank you very much for taking care of me!!

>Panel 4
I won't hinder anyone anymore.

I will train myself in my own way!

>Panel 5
Is that so....


>panel 6
that doesn't mean that I have given up.

I will show you that I can be stronger than you!

>Last Panel
Please prepare yourself.

CSR 042 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Please excuse me!


What happened to him....?

>Panel 2
He is..... // moving forward.

>Panel 3


>Panel 4
We'll begin training now, get yourself together, Layfon!!


>Panel 5
If you dilly dally, Leo will catch up with you!

What are you talking about!?

Ooooh, it must be that guy again.

How stifling...

>Last Panel
The next day.

Excuse meee!!

You came back too fast!!

CSR 043 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

CSR 044 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

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