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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Chrome Shelled Regios 7

Girlish Girls

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Jan 28, 2012 00:30 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 7

CSR 67 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Girlish Girls

Cooling agents... // bandages, and towels....

And then....

>Panel 2
Things that I forgot to buy.....

>Panel 3
Right, sports drinks...

>Last Panel


CSR 68 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Girlish Girls

CSR 69 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
I'm sorry, are you alright!?

Ah... // I'm the one who's supposed to.....

I didn't pay attention....

>Panel 3

If I'm not wrong, you are....

>Last Panel
Layfon's classmate---

Y-yes, // I am Meishen.... Meishen Trinden.

CSR 70 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2
E-e-excuse me, // you must be... um...

Layfon's platoon....

Uhm, uhm (Text)

So tall (Meishen's small bubble)

Petite (Nina's small bubble)

Nina Antalk, // the captain of the 17th Platoon.

Miss Captain. (Meishen Thought)

Fuwaaah (Text)

>Panel 3
Ah.... / I'm sorry, I made such a mess...

I'll pick them up (Text)

Aah, it is fine.

>Panel 4
I didn't pay attention while I was walking, so....

>Panel 5
So, you were looking at this dress....

CSR 71 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
It is a lovely dress.

I'm sure it will look good on you.

>Panel 2
Au Au Au

>Panel 3
N-n-no, I'm not.....

>Panel 4
Your things...

Thank you.

>Panel 5
W- // well then, I have to hurry to my part-time job, so....

Part-time job?

You have one? (Text)

>Last Panel
I'm working at the cake shop right around that corner.

I-if it's fine with you, // please come to eat there.

CSR 72 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Such a cute girl.

>Panel 2
So, she was the one who made boxed lunches for Layfon...

Good at cooking, // adorable, // and quiet....

She is very much my exact oppos-----

>Panel 4

I am a military artist, being feminine is unnecessary-----...

Yes... yes... that's right... (Text)


>Panel 5
Excuse us, you are Nina-senpai, aren't you!!?

From the 17th platoon!!

>Last Panel
.....Aah, yes, that is me....

We are your fans!!

CSR 73 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Geeee, the part of Senpai that's more assertive than men is so cool!!

You're so handsome!!

>Panel 2
Th- // thank you....

Twitch (Text)

Good luck with your match! // We'll be cheering for you!!

Kyaah (R Bold Text)

Please excuse us! (L Bold Text)

>Panel 3
Kyaaaa (R Text)

>Panel 4
Short hair, because it gets in the way otherwise.

Clothing that's easy to work in.


There are only training-related things inside the bag.

>Last Panel
....Being feminine is unnecessary for a military artist....


CSR 74 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Am I not just using military arts as an excuse not to refine my femininity.....!?

To unconsciously avoid being both a military artist and feminine despite being capable to do so... // This is.... the degradation of mind and body...!!

>Panel 2
There are actually military artists who possess both true strength and femininity, are there not!!?

Muh. (Felli's Bubble)

Some examples (Box)

>Panel 3
Then, even I can......!!

Hey, you!!

>Panel 4
What are you doing to my store!!?

CSR 75 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
......What am I doing...?

Moreover, this amount of money....

>Panel 2
It would be tough this month with just the machine cleaning job....

Is there any other part-time job......?

>Panel 3

>Panel 4
Right.... this is the turning point!!

With this part-time job....

>Panel 5
I will gain "femininity"....!!

Let's see... anyone recruiting female staffs... (Text)

CSR 76 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Listen up----


When the patients come, have them write the necessary information on this blank form, // and then show them the waiting room, okay?

I understand.

>Panel 2
Then, I'll leave the reception to you.


>Panel 3

>Panel 4
I know I can't be an angel in white, but if I learn how to attend the patients here.... I will certainly level up my femininity, WITHOUT A DOUBT!!

>Panel 5
At any rate.... are hospitals always this crowded?

U--mu (Nina Text)

>Last Panel
Um, excuse me. // I cut my finger a bit...
the blood... (handwritten inside)

....Very well, // please fill in this form.

CSR 77 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Does such a minor injury warrant a hospital visit....?


>Panel 2
No, no, to be feminine is to be concerned no matter how minor the injury is....

Tetanus is frightening after all!! (Text)

Excuse me! // Excuse me!

>Panel 3
YES!? // What is wrong!?

Aaaw~~ // Maaan~~!!

>Panel 4
I FELL~!! // Look here!! I grazed it and it hella hurts!!

>Panel 5
T-then... please fill....

Who cares about that!! // There's somebody who is free, right? Please treat me quickly~~

>Panel 6
This hurting is not normal. I might be infected by the contaminant already.

Ow. (Text)

>Last Panel
Ah, I'm fine with even you treating me, missy. // Can I use some anesthesia? Maaaan, it hurts so much....

CSR 78 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Then, fill the form this instant.

Spit-on-it-and-it-will-heal aura (White Text next to Nina)

>Panel 2
....Ah... // No...

I guess.... it wasn't such a big deal.... after all?

>Panel 3
I'm sorry for disturbing....


CSR 79 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
M-me too, I guess mine isn't that bad~~~....

M-me too.

>Panel 2


>Panel 3

What are you going to do by sending the patients away....?

>Last Panel


CSR 80 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Nina's feminine jobs hierarchy (Box)

(Pyramid, High to Low)

Cake Shop
Flower Shop

Supermarket Cashier

To choose such a high level job right away was a bad strategy!!

I should start from the lower level....

>Panel 2

How about this one?

>Last Panel

CSR 81 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Please take your time to look around.

Bad at business smile (Arrow Text)

>Panel 2
If it's a salesperson of an accessory shop, then....

Can't smile well...

>Panel 3
Those who come to this shop are all stylish girls.

If I master the skill of serving customers, // and observe the speech and conduct of these girls....

>Panel 4
It is killing two birds with one stone!!

>Panel 5
Excuse me, // I will take this one.

>Panel 6
Your patronage is very much appreciat....

>Last Panel

CSR 82 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
What an elegantly beautiful aura....!! // Gentility overflows from every part of her....!!

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
This is clearly just a cheap brooch....

She has good eyes on this thing since she's of high birth. (Little Box)

It is obvious that the price of such accessory may be beyond reach for a normal student, however...

>Panel 4
Such a high class lady!

>Panel 5
And such a cheap accessory!

>Panel 5
Um.... // Miss...?

The bill...

>Last Panel

CSR 83 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1 (RANT: Versailles no Nina!)
Such a cheap accessory will not suit you...!!

It is a given that you should wear a more beautiful jewelry.....!!

>Panel 2
B-but I, // I don't have the money....

It is fine. // I will find a way to deal with the price.

>panel 3
Listen to me, even without money, you mustn't do anything that would lower your dignity. Right now...


Manager (badge)

What are you doing.....?

>Last Panel
What am I doing, really.....?

CSR 84 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
N-not good...!! // It'd be a complete annihilation for me at this rate.

Anything.... Is there any job?

>Panel 2

Recruiting models for magazines...... is it?

>Panel 3
I'm tall, so the height requirement isn't a problem.

The clothings look neat.

This one might be go------....

>Panel 4
They said Captain is modelling, y'know?

Grin Grin (small above Sharnid)

Oooh, prim, isn't she?

Heh heh heh

Hee, so, you wanted to do this, didn't you? (Felli)

Ummm, well.... she looks like she's enjoying it....

>Panel 5
Not good.... // I have to avoid leaving physical evidences.

Smells like troubles? (Text)


>Panel 6
Mu (Text)

Are you looking for a part-time job?

Umu.... I am in need of some money, you see.

>Panel 7

>Last Panel
In that case------

CSR 85 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
It's the shop where my friend is working at. // Apparently, they're short-handed today.

>Panel 2
I'm actually supposed to be helping today-----


>Panel 3 (NOTE: Just to make sure, Layton is NOT a typo.)


>Last Panel
.....And // Miss Captain....?

So, you are the "friend"....

Layton? (Nina Text)

Oh, you already knew each other?

CSR 86 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I'm sorry, Mei. The City Police asked for my help.

N-no, it's fine. // W-we'll be fine here.

>Panel 2
So, I'm asking Senpai to help in my place.

EH. // R-really?

Amazing. (Text)

>Panel 3
I'll leave this to you, Senpai.


>Panel 4
Then, I'm going.

G-g-good luck!!

>Panel 5
By the way, what is "Layton"?

I-it's a nickname everyone decided on.

>Panel 6
It's really reassuring to have you helping us, Miss Captain.

>Panel 7
Please change into this first.

Working clothes. (Text)


>Last Panel
So, waitress clothing.... is it?
I'm fairly opposed to such fluttery clothing, // but this is for the sake of gaining femininity!!

Umu... (Thin Text)

CSR 87 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
We were troubled because the guy who is supposed to carry the ingredients is taking a day off.

You really helped. (Text)

....It's- // not like I wanted to wear such clothes..... I wanted to but didn't really want to.....!!

>Panel 3
I-I'm in charge of serving the customers, so I don't come here to often.

If there's anything you don't understand, p-please ask.

>Panel 4
I'm counting on you. (Meishen)

Hm, aah. (Nina)

>Last Panel
Meishen, come here~~


CSR 88 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I suppose-

"femininity" means to be someone like that girl....

>Panel 2+3
To behave myself like that,

can I do that, too?

>Panel 5
Phew (Text)

>Panel 6
I can't even bring myself to imagine.

>Last Panel
Hey, those guys.

They're terrible.

CSR 89 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
What is the matter?

Aah, Nina-san.

You see, troublesome customers came here----

>Panel 2
They only come once in a while, // but they're noisy and have a bad attitude.

They would order a cup of coffee and then stay here for a long time, they're such a bother!!

Gyahahahahaha (Text)

>Panel 3
Now, that's just....

like they own the place... (Text)

Uhya~ (Text)

I just wish they would hang out at some other place.

>Panel 4
Is Meishen alright?

>Last Panel

CSR 90 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1


I-I'm sorry, please excuse me.

>Panel 2
Ah, it's fine, no problem.

You're the one who bumped into her, dude! (Text)


I'm sorry...

>Panel 3
It's a-okay.

Hey, // why don't we go on a date?

>Panel 4

Haha, the hell are you babbling about?

Why not? I'm a fan of this girl, y'know?

>Panel 5
You better invite us too! (Text)

Hell no. (Text)

Hey, do you have a boyfriend?

N-no, // I am......

>Last Panel
Come on.

CSR 91 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Uh, um, // p-please let me g....


>Panel 3
You are troubling the other customers, so please....


We're also customers, right?

>Panel 4

Ah, why don't you come with us too?

Ooh, that sounds good, huh? (Text)

Hahahahaha (Text)

No.... // you mustn't interfere, Nina Antalk.

>Panel 5
Meishen and the others are enduring it. // How can I waste their efforts?


>Bottom Panels
I have to be feminine.

I must never stand out.

I must never do such a thing!!

CSR 92 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Stop that.

You're being a bother!

CSR 93 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
.....The hell are you?

You've got problems with us, the customers?

>Panel 2
Even customers must have some manners.

>Panel 3
...Acting like a big shot, huh?

>Panel 4
Come here for a sec.

>Panel 5
M- // Miss Capta....

CSR 94 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
W-what's with her!?

A student of military arts....?


Don't tell me!! (Text)

>Last Panel
Platoon captain.... // Nina Antalk!?

Is that a problem? (Text)

CSR 95 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Oh shit. (Text)


>Panel 2
Listen, // if you make a ruckus in this shop again,

I will break your bones into as many pieces as the number of words you spewed, got it!!

>Panel 3
We're really sorryyyyyyy!!

>Panel 4
They went....


>Last Panel
Ah, (Text)

M-Miss Captain, // um, thank you very.....

CSR 96 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Much.... // HUH?

>Panel 2
I've done it again....


Let alone femininity, but as a human... as a human.....

>Panel 3
I'm sorry, Meishen. // You have been enduring it, but I just had to interfere....

N- // not at all!

>Panel 4
I-I don't have any courage, so.....

I couldn't say anything.....

>Last Panel
But that's...

T-this is not the first time.

CSR 97 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I am always unable to say anything, even the important things.

>Panel 2
T-that's why, // I think women who are able to say things clearly-

are.... really amazing.

CSR 98 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
But, throwing people is a bit over the top, I think....

Still.... (Text)

I wonder if that person is okay.... (Text)


Hm... // I suppose so....

Can't help it... (Text)

>Panel 2
Meishen and Nina-san, // time to go back to work.

Y- // Yes.

>Panel 3
....That's right.

>Panel 4
To be feminine does not mean to just wear cute clothing, // and behave gracefully, it seems.

There. (Text)

>Last Panel
Above all.

CSR 99 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
If I have to abandon the people whom I must protect,

then I would rather choose my own path to live than being feminine.

>Panel 3
With the jobs I had so far, it looks like I can somehow make it this month....

Phew. (Thin Text)

>Panel 4
Goodness.... it sure is difficult to do something you're not used to.

>Last Panel
As I thought, being yourself is the best!

Umu! (Thin Text)

CSR 100 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Ah, Nina-senpai!! I saw your actions yesterday at the cake shop!

You were really cool!!

>Panel 2
Geee, those guys were really noisy!

They went too far the other day.

Um. (normal bubble)

The match is coming soon, go for it!

>Panel 3
Excuse me. (normal bubble)

>Panel 5
....I think-

I should worry about femininity a little.

>Last Panel
Ah, senpai. // yesterday's manual labor job was a perfect fit for you, wasn't it?

This guy needs to worry about it more.

CSR 101 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (RANT: heck yeah, maid Nina!)
No trans needed

CSR 102 ---------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

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