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Bamboo Blade 103


+ posted by natural-log as translation on Feb 7, 2012 05:30 | Go to Bamboo Blade

-> RTS Page for Bamboo Blade 103

For CXC Scans only

BB pg 141 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
4 months later----- (Box)


BB pg 142 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

BB pg 143 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

BB pg 144-145 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
Youth Banish Gakuen Sponsored Kendo Tournament

BB pg 146 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
Oi, go faster guys!!

The tournament is starting!!

>panel 4
Is what you said, but we're carrying heavy luggage here!

Sensei, wait for us-- (Bubble)

This is all Sensei's fault for getting the time wrong----!!

>Last Panel
This will be a good warm-up!



BB pg 147 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

BB pg 148 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

BB pg 149 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Long time no see, Nakamura-san.

Hello, Ishizuka-san.

>Panel 2
I watched it.

Congratulation on becoming the best 8 at the interhigh individual.

>Panel 3

I did my best in my last tournament.

>Panel 4
The match between Sakaki-san and Yamada-san became a great motivation for me, and I believe this outcome has something to do with it.

Thanks to that, I made the best record ever.

>Panel 5
----So, where's that honored champion of interhigh individual today?

Gotta go greet her♥

She's over there.

>Panel 6+Last
Oooh[twinkle] (Text)

It seems like she'll be participating together with her school team today.

Uoh, the national strongest team!

BB pg 150 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
The Gyokuryuuki champion, the interhigh individual champion and the group champion.

Also, the runner-up of the All Japan Championship. // Man, Sueno-san is really something, seriously.

>Panel 3
It looks like Sueno-san has been training since then.

Well, everyone has.

>Last Panel
How about you, Nakamura-san?

Have you been training as well since then?

BB pg 151 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1+2
I am... not at all...

Ooooi, Mirukaaaa!!

Drum (text on the drum)

Do your beeest! I'm right heeeere!!

Miruka LOVE (sign)

>Panel 3
Um... I made my first boyfriend, so...

Ehehe (Text)

I didn't have too much time for training...

Ummm (Text)

Aaah, is that so?

>Panel 4

the other members...

of our Banish Academy team are...

BB pg 152 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
Show it to Yamada, Sakaki.

Show her your new self who has grown even further.

>Panel 4
Show her the power you got from surpassing the special training of death.

>Last Panel (RANT: awesome expression~)

BB pg 153 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
Kawazoe Tamaki-san...

I wonder if she's coming.....

>Panel 6


>Last Panel
It's Erina-chan!

Yamada Umekoooo!!


You're the best!


BB pg 154 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Come on, you've got to give their cheers a reply.

>Panel 3

I'll do my beeest!

>Last Panel
UOOOOOOOOOOH (awesome text)

Kyaaaaaaaaa♥ (awesome text)

Erina-chaaaaaaaaaaaan (awesome text)



You're a performer yet you're still all pure and innocent. You're so cute, damn it!

BB pg 155 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Here they come.

Hyoeeh~ (Text)

They're as popular as ever, seriously.

>Panel 2
There's another from this side as well.

>Panel 5

with this team----

BB pg 156 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
we can even win against Sueno-san's team!!

Uh huh!! (Text)

Is it fine for me to be in this team?

That's my line~~ (Text)

Let's do our best, okay?

We're teammates today!

This is the first time---[flower]

I would have liked to fight you, if possible.

BB pg 157 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Erina-chan sure is getting even more popular recently.

Yeah, still not as popular as your Ryoko-chan though.

>Panel 3
Did she take time to train during busy time?

>Panel 5
Our Erina-chan-

is a monster.

>Panel 6
Since her identity as a kendoka has already became public, she's no longer afraid about what other people think and proceeds with her training.

No matter how tired she is, she would swing shinai without fail, so I heard.

In her time-off, all she does is kendo, kendo, kendo, and kendo.

>Last Panel
-----Despite all that, she became more cheerful and full of spirit.

BB pg 158 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I'll revise what I said before, Kame.

>Panel 2
Follow that girl with all your might.

Don't let yourself get shaken off.

>Panel 3
I don't need you to tell me that.

BB pg 159 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Not just high school girls, college girls..., office ladies..., even housewives...

Really, all kinds of people have gathered here.

Many people who still had something to do in their youth took the application.

>panel 2
I'm so glad I have a place such as this.

We used the power of television so we can create this place.

>panel 4
In the team competition, there's only Sueno-san's Kokujou High that can stand against us the Kendo Beauties, huh?

Fufufu (small text)

>panel 5
Not quite,

you're forgetting one more team.

>Panel 6
Hey, come on, hurry!!

Seriously, you can't take your time dressing up just because you're a girl!

Heeh, heeh (Text)

Haah Haah (Text)

>Last Panel

It's Tama-chan.

BB pg 160 -161 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
OOOOOH! (if you feel like cleaning all those)

BB pg 162 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1


Look over here~~!

>Panel 2

Come on,

give them your answer.

>Panel 3


>Panel 5
Waaa (Text)

Kyaaaah! (Text)

So cuuuute! (Text)

Did Tama-chan put on a make-up?

I did it for her.

>panel 6

I can't go on, I wanna go home....

What's wrong, Saya?

>Last Panel
I knew it by watching the TV broadcast from the other day...

My... my face looked so stupid...

Fuoooo (Text)

BB pg 163 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Even though everyone else looked so cool, cute and radiant.....

my face alone looked stupid

>Panel 2
Aah... when I think that my stupid face will be shown on TV again...

I can't go on living...!!

>Panel 3
Saya, you look cool, cute, and radiant when you're wearing that stupid face!!

I love Saya's stupid face the most!

Nohooon (Text)

BB pg 164 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
Honestly, because we were late, the only place left open is this corner.

Tohoo~on (Text near R Shout)

No complaining! Practice, practice!!

>Panel 4
Either way, we're only gonna be the cheering team.

We've already resigned to fate.

Oi, Yuuji, Dan.

>Panel 5
You guys have an important duty today.

I'll be leaving this to you!

>Last Panel
Oh, they have decided the match-up.

BB pg 165 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Where are we? Where are we?

Muroe High's opponent in the first round is-

>Panel 5+6
Muroe High Team (R Text)

Banish Academy's Kendo Beauties Team (L Text)

BB pg 166-167 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
First round, match one, Muroe High Team VS...

Banish Academy's Kendo Beauties Team!!!

BB pg 168 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Now, what do we have here...

This is unexpected.

>Panel 2
Worthy opponents!!

>Last Panel
In charge of sound effect.

BB pg 169 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

Could you switch the taishou position with me?

>Panel 3
I would like you to fight against Tama-chan.

You have to fight Tama-chan, no matter what.

>Panel 4
I have been visiting Tama-chan's dojo to practice together with her for this past several months.

There, I have come to understand very well about what Tama-chan's kendo is.

>Panel 5
For you to especially visit her dojo...

I see.

>Panel 6
It just shows how outstanding she is.

----That's how it is, isn't it?

BB pg 170 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Line up!

>Bottom R Panel
Ura's opponent is...

Kawazoe Tamaki-san....

BB pg 171 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>panel 2

>Panel 3

>Panel 4

will you return to the kendo world?

>Panel 5
There's a plan to return as a performer, but...

I don't think I'll be able to participate in the high school tournament.

>Panel 6
....Is that so...

You can no longer...

participate in either the interhigh or the Gyokuryuuki...

>Panel 7
Could it be that-

you were training Tama-chan so that she could fight against me? Or is it just me thinking too much?

BB pg 172 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>panel 2

>Panel 3
Gooo, Satorin!


Awesome, you're pushing back the opponent!!

Drum (text on the drum)

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
Alright, she got it!!

Men, hit!!!

>Panel 6
No, too shallow.

>last Panel
Watch out...!!

What are you doing, Nakamura-san!? Get steady!

BB pg 173 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Azuma Satori...

>panel 2
Was she always this strong...?

>Panel 3
So close, just a little more!

>Panel 4
In this club...

I thought I'm the most persistent one to become stronger... and to win the matches, but...

>Panel 5
Kendo is until junior high school only!

I study hard in high school so that I can enter a college!!

I don't have the slightest regret!!

>Last Panel
Overdoing things like that,

she's such an idiot, really.

BB pg 174 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Go for it, Satoriii!!

Satori for life (Satori's mom's vest/clothes)

Video (text on the video camera)


>Panel 3
Since the recording event, I've been studying the video continuously.

Studying everyone's moves.

>Panel 4
Strange, isn't it?

Whenever I'm studying the school subjects, I just can't learn anything at all and I will get sleepy quickly.

But when it comes to Kendo, I can learn anything no matter how much.

>Last Panel

BB pg 175 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2

>Panel 3
(NOTE/RANT: suriage-men, a deflection that's followed by men. The way I, who know NO kendo, understand, it's basically
street fighter 3's parry => counter with Shoryuken.)

It's the suriage-men!

Watch out!!

>Panel 4
It's okay.

I've studied the move over and over again!!

>Panel 5
Nice, Mirukaaa!!

Miruka LOVE♥ (headband)

>Panel 6

>Panel 7


Muroe High began to fall back!!

>Last Panel
She finally regained her intuition.

Nakamura-san, be calm!

BB pg 176 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 4

>panel 5

>Panel 6

>Panel 7

BB pg 177 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

BB pg 178 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Dou, hit!!


>Panel 2
No way.....

She got Nakamura-san.

>Panel 3 (NOTE: Yep, it's "Satorim", not a typo.)
She threw in a kote, a men and a dou in an instant!

Satorim, you're awesome!!

>Panel 4
The kote and the men were blocked, but the speed of Azuma's dou excelled her opponent.

Here comes the result from the special training!!

Drum (text on the drum)

>Panel 5
Azuma's special move, she trained her wrists thoroughly in order to strengthen her dou.

Right now, the speed of her wrist reversal is even faster than Tama-chan's.

>Last Panel
Match's over!

Uwooon! (Text)


Amazing! A member of the Kendo Beauties has fallen!!

BB pg 179 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Buuuuu (Darker Text)

This is because you were fooling around and falling for a guy!

Haha... (Lighter Text)

My reputation is falling as well........

>Panel 2
But, that girl will get stronger.

Even more so.

I wonder if she would become my successor... as one of the Kendo Beauties.

>Panel 3
2nd Match!


>Panel 4

Strike her hard!!

>Panel 5
Go for it!


BB pg 180 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3 (NOTE: Yeah, she skipped the 'm')

Men, hit!

>Panel 4
Hyooooo (lighter text)

Heck yeaaaaah!!

>Panel 5
In these several months,

the one who grew stronger the most is the beginner Miyamiya.

>Panel 6
Anyway, we did so many practice matches so that these girls can accumulate real fight experience.

The Muroe High has become famous because of the TV broadcast. Thanks to that, we had no shortage of opponents.

>Last Panel
The matches,

the fights, the one who enjoyed them the most was Miyamiya.

BB pg 181 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2

Kote, hit!

>panel 3
Alright, good job, Ryoko!

Hmmm, that was a good one.

>panel 4
Do you even understand that?

Ho-hum. (Text)

Ever since that event, I've been learning kendo at my uncle's place.

>Panel 5

Want to try a match with me?

>Panel 6

Try not to weep.

>Panel 7
Miyamiya, go for it!!

Aaa (Text)

You can win!

Waa (Text)

Don't rush it!


>Panel 8
That Miya, she used to be someone who would get mad just because she loses a point.

But, having fought many matches, she has become quite calm now, I see.

>Last Panel
You're wrong, sensei.

This is the real Miyamiya!

BB pg 182 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
A strong will!

That is the strength of Miyamiya!!!

>Panel 2
Time is running out!

One more point!!

>Panel 3


>Panel 5
The more cornered she gets,

and as the time runs out,

>Panel 7
the more Miyamiya can bring out strength beyond her true ability.

BB pg 183 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2 (NOTE: De-gote or Debana Kote, intercept and then kote. In our(?) term, it's like a newtype went "kyupiiin!" and then "Soko kaaa!" *slash with a beam saber*)
Kote, hit!



>Last Panel
I'm sorry, now we can't afford to lose a match.

That bitch, you better remember this!

You were so close...

BB pg 184 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
It's two consecutive defeats for the Kendo Beauties Team!

Good going, Muroe High!

Uoooooo (Small Text)


>Panel 2
A good team, don't you think?

>Panel 4

They look like they're really having fun.

>Panel 5
At first...

I just wanted to let Tama-chan fight you.

>panel 6
To train Tama-chan,

I thought that's one thing I could do for Tama-chan, you... and the world of high school kendo.

>Panel 7
I thought-

that is the one way I could thank Tama-chan who have opened my eyes.

>Last Panel

I was wrong.

BB pg 185 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
The kendo that Tama-chan seeks is different from us.

>Panel 2
The answer-

lies in that club.

BB pg 186 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Chuuken match!

Ishizuka-san, we're counting on you!


Leave it all to me!

>Panel 3

Where are you going!?

Don't run away!

>Panel 4



I can't go on... I'll die.

Yes, yes.

Come, come (Text)

It doesn't matter if you lose, so come on, let's fight.

>panel 5
Kirino... you know...

when I get nervous, I can't eat anything.....

>panel 6
So, I haven't eat anything.....

since two days ago...

BB pg 187 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
Waaaa (Big Text)

Kyaaa (Small Text)

>Panel 5 (NOTE: Kimen-ou = Devil/Demon/Ogre Mask King.)
Kuhahahaha, weak humans!

I, Kimen-ou, shall rule over you!!

>Panel 6
Stop right there!


>Last Panel
Kimen-ou!! I won't let you do as you please!

Today is the day I will defeat you!!

BB pg 188 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1 (NOTE: Shikon probably refers to gromwell.)
You never fail to intrude upon my path, Shikon Silver.

There is no need for me to fight you personally.

>Panel 3

>Panel 4
Nee-san, please open your eyes!

Please don't listen to that monster!!

>Panel 6

will become stronger-

than anybody else.

>Panel 7

>Panel 8
I shall // defeat you-

and become stronger than anyone.

>last Panel

BB pg 189 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2

>Panel 4


So strong...

>Panel 5
Shikon Silver, you wish for power as well, do you not?

Come to my side, I shall grant you an even greater power!

>Panel 6
I, too, wish for power.

But... yours is just power to control others...

BB pg 190 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
The power that I desire is----...

>Panel 5

Here they come!

>Panel 6
Shikon Five!

NOTE: (As you might've guessed, the kanji on Tamaki's clothes is "Red/Scarlet", Saya "Blue", Satori "Green", Miyako "Pink" and Kirino "Yellow")

BB pg 191 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>panel 2

>Panel 3
Haah haah (Upper Right Text)

*Guuuu~~...* (stomach-growling) (Bottom Left Text)

>Panel 5
Is Saya gonna be okay...?

Totally hopeless, I bet.

If she fights Ishizuka-san in that condition, she's going to die!!

>Last Panel
Huh....? Why am I standing here again?

What am I even doing here....?

BB pg 192 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1


>Panel 2

Somehow the national best 8 Ishizuka-san is howling right in front of me.

Did I do something?

>Panel 3
Aah... I don't know what's what anymore...

My head is spinning...

>Panel 4
Ishizuka-san, hang in there!

We're counting on you!

>Panel 5
We've already lost twice... can't afford anymore loss.

I have to get two points no matter what...

>Panel 6
I will-

settle this in an instant!

Step (SFX Bubble)

>Last Panel
Aah, no good! She's in no condition for a match, being frozen solid like that!



Drum (Text on drum)

BB pg 193 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Waaaa (Text)

Don't try lock swords upfront, Saya!!

Use your feet!


BB pg 194 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

what is this feeling?

>panel 2
My feeling is telling me,

not to close in suddenly.

>Panel 3
Saya has,

>Panel 4
because of her extreme nervousness and hunger, both her body and mind----,

entered the state of awakening.

>Panel 5
Her concentration raised to its utmost limit, and her sense sharpened--- It is as if she has turned into a wild beast.

>Last Panel

BB pg 195 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
The feeling of hesitation changed.

It turns into something really sharp, clear and cold.

>Panel 2
(NOTE/RANT: Can be either "trance" or "trans", but it was "trans-Kirino", so...
Now, go play Gundam 00 fight theme. Trans Am! Hatsudou!)

Just like a Japanese sword.

Trans-Saya (Box)

>Panel 3
Somehow... Saya doesn't seem like Saya.

I wonder what happened to her.


Drum (Text on Drum)

>Last Panel
What are you doing, Ishizuka-san...?

She's being too cautious...

BB pg 196 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 4
Touko-san, be more offensive!

Just like usual!

>Panel 5
Uuumu, I don't know why but Saya is now 500% stronger than the usual.

What a mystery! (Text)

Amazing! She can exchange blows equally!

>Panel 7
Time is running out!

>Panel 8

>Panel 9
Let's believe-

in Ishizuka-san.

BB pg 197 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
My own limit that I felt,

>Panel 2
I felt it the most clearly-

when Sakaki-san beat me at that time.

>Panel 3
I redid and found my kendo anew.

And then, I climbed up to the Best 8.

>Panel 4
I found it,

the new style.

>Panel 6 (RANT: Trans Am time limit)

>Panel 7

>Last Panel
It's a feint! Don't fall for it!!!

BB pg 198 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

just what have I been doing?

BB pg 199 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

BB pg 200 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Men, hit!


>Panel 2

the style suits you well,


>Panel 3
Awawawa (BIG Text)

M...my hips...

It's Saya after all. (Kojiro Text)


As expected from Saya. (Kirino's Text)

Get ahold of yourself!

>Panel 4
The match is over!

Alright, now it's one win and two losses!

We can do this!

>Panel 5

I'll be going.

BB pg 201 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Don't run away, Kirino-senpai!

Drum (Text on drum)

Go for broooke!!

>Panel 2

Charge forward with all you got!

>Panel 4


>Panel 5


>Panel 6


>Last Panel

Fancy meeting you here~~ (Upper Text)

Oh, Kirino

You're doing morning jog too.

BB pg 202 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I heard that Tama-chan jogs around here every morning, so...

>Panel 2
Me too.

I thought of jogging together, you see?

>Panel 3

Hah (small bubble x3)

I don't see her anywhere.

>Panel 4
Hah (bubble x3)

>Panel 5


>Panel 6
It's good to hear that you'll still be teaching in the school next year.


I totally have no idea what happened, but it looks like everything went well.

>Panel 7
But you know.


>Last Panel
you're going to leave, right?

Leaving this school.

BB pg 203 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2+3
....That's Kirino for you.

I can-

see through anything.

>Panel 4
I have no more reason-

to stay in this school, in the club.

>Panel 5
There's no more things a shallow guy like me can teach you, the things to teach have been long since exhausted.

Heck, from the beginning, all I did was being helped by you guys.

>Panel 6
For the sake of you all,

and for me,

I think it'd be better if I'm not here next year.

>Panel 7

>Panel 8
There are so many things I want to say, but...

you won't hear aaaanything from me.

Is that so? Thanks.

>Last Panel

so many things happened this year-

that it felt like it's been years.

From here, I'd like to take a short rest... and then slowly start over from zero to find myself.

BB pg 204 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

this is a goodbye!!

BB pg 205 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3

>Panel 4
There are so many things I want to say.

But, I didn't say anything.

>Last Panel
So, just like up until now, please watch us, watch over us,

until the day you have to leave.

YAAAAAH! (Shout)

BB pg 206 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

BB pg 207 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

BB pg 208 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Hecka faaaast!


Instant kill!!

>Panel 2
As expected!

But the opponent was going forward without being intimidated.

>Panel 3
You did your best, Kirino!

Muhaa~ (Kirino Text)

Kirino-senpai, you were so cooooool!!

Drum (Text on drum)

>Panel 4
Well done, Kirino.

It was a good loss that will lead to the future.

>Panel 7
Now it's 2 wins and 2 losses!

Amazing, that was some good fights!

BB pg 209 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 4

>Last Panel
You said it before, // that I have to fight Tama-chan no matter what.

Will I be able to understand the meaning of those words?

BB pg 210-211 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
You will.


BB pg 212 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

BB pg 213 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Last Panel

BB pg 214 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
No trans needed

BB pg 215 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
The very heart of the Muroe High kendo club-

is Tama-chan.

>Panel 2

she possesses a different strength from you.

>Panel 3
It is one that is different from the strength to defeat opponents---

>Panel 4
For comparison,

her strength is one that draws people around her to become stronger.

>Panel 5
The power to convey.

In other words,

>panel 6
she just might have reached-

one of the checkpoints in kendo.

>Last Panel
Sakaki-san----, you shouldn't limit yourself to just having one strength.

BB pg 216 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
You, too,

should reach out for greater strength---------

>last Panel
Dou, hit!

BB pg 217 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

BB pg 218 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
Every swing from Tama-chan-

is filled with feelings.

>Panel 3
Her swings are filled with her father's feelings, her mother's feelings,

>Panel 4
the feelings from everyone in the club,

and then my own feelings.

>Panel 5
That is to say that-

I'm happy I could take part in one of her swings.

>Last Panel
I'm happy that I could, even if it's just a little..., be of assistance for Tama-chan,

so that she could find her own one swing that is filled with feelings.

BB pg 219 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
This is just

pure happiness.

BB pg 220 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2

one swing,

>Panel 3

one step,

>Last Panel
this one breath,

are filled with my past, my present,--------

BB pg 221 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
no trans needed

BB pg 222-223 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
and my-


BB pg 224 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

BB pg 225 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

By finding their own kendo, the girls take their first step towards adulthood. And this is the end to the story of Kojiro
who guided and watched over them. The epilogue is just, the span between spring and summer, 4 months away from
the main story. To make Tamaki and the others to stand at the starting line----- that is the goal of this work. I think
everything landed without a hitch as scheduled. It was quite a long first step forward, but I really thank you everyone for
watching over their growth until the end.

About how this work would turn out at first, I heard that the readers of Square Enix don't receive sports manga well.
So, I tried to meet their expectation and have been contemplating about it for some time. When I said to the Editor about
making the manga about girls kendo, the Editor went, "Seriously?" But then, the editor was the one who said that whatever
works and gave it a go, so I just went with the idea.

To begin with, the readers have no interest in sports genre. We can even assume that they hate it. So, I've been thinking
on how to make such readers to read the manga. Actually, when I asked the people who hate sports genre, I got, "It's just a club,
it's just sports, why would you give all your youth to it? Getting injured, getting so frustrated that you cry, I don't understand
why you would want to work so hard for it." That kind of answer. And that is where I realized that the [kendo] theme fits them
perfectly. While kendo is about getting stronger and that sort of thing, the main objective of kendo is to polish oneself, to train
one's mind. In other words, even without winning and advancing in the hot-blooded matches like in typical sports genre, I thought
I can make stories about characters' growth no matter how many.

This work with girls as the protagonists was decided from the so-called scheme that says that hakama figures are attractive and
that the smell of sweat is quite relaxing. It's not like they will aim for the national tournament. If they lost, they will, of course, feel
frustrated and cry. But ultimately, it won't always be refreshing, it's just a typically easy-going high school girl club activity. Even
when I draw from an adult male reader's point of view, the high school boys are completely ostracized. And the last is a fabulous
story about stepping into the fabulous TV world, and fabulously fighting against fabulous performers. I tried not to fill the pages
with description about practices and matches too much. The description about the tournament that is standard to the sports genre
was made so that it can be read as easily as possible. Also, instead of the main characters, the serious and hot-blooded matches
are carried out by the third party. The main characters became bystanders instead. Anyway, I tried my best so the readers can
relax and enjoy the reading. Even if it's not something that will make you laugh out loud, I have included a generous amount of
comedy elements that will make you smile. Without trying to display the story's originality, I vowed to draw a standard youth sports
story that can be found in everyday life.

When I just started, I was so totally into it that I threw in so much random story development that wasn't in the original plan. It has
always been like that from volume 3 up to volume 9 or so. When doing the story for the TV, the story came to a close, so I had to
postpone things. I also did the fifth girl Azuma that wasn't included in the submitted plan. During the Seimei High arc, there wasn't
any development whatsoever. Just how did I summarize things by moving the characters as I please? I was also experimenting
with a dangerous thing that is called "to enjoy myself". And about Hayashi-sensei, that was totally just my preference. I have grown
way too attached to the Muroe High's charas that I stretched out the story. However, the landing point has been decided, so I was
able to feel at ease and do whatever I want.

And then, the last battle of Ura-Ume. Just for this match, I have been talking right from the beginning with the editor to draw the
match for a whole book, and I got the permission to do whatever I want. The mood of the work is different from how it was
originally. There might be many readers who aren't quite satisfied with it, but this is the last one, so please let it pass. By the way,
Bamboo B that is currently serialized in Shonen Gangan is "Aim for the National Tournament" sports story. Bamboo B is to
complement things like fierce fight between boys or the death match of national level that couldn't be included here in Bamboo
Blade, so please check it out. Right now, there are only 4 full volumes out though.

And thus the temporary end of the story, but the springtime of life has just begun for Tamaki and the others.

Now, to talk about what will happen to Kojiro from here on, he'll be in charge to be an advisor in another high school's kendo club
starting next year. There was an invitation for him from nearby school that has a problem with its girls kendo club, you see?
So, there was someone related to the school who saw Kojiro in TV, and Kojiro accepted the offer. And then, Kojiro will surely
face various problem in that club and grow even further. Kojiro and his new club might compete against the Muroe High in
practice match or tournament. This time, there might even be a story about his love life, please look forward to it.
--------------------I won't draw it though. I shall leave the rest to your imagination.

Lastly, without a doubt, this one whole year will influence these people's life from now on. And the one
who started all this, somehow or the other, was Kojiro. And then, to every reader who read until the end,
I'll be happy if you can somehow get a bit of good influence from it.

Totsuka Masahiro

BB pg 226 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Behind-The-Scene Afterwords (Big Text)

The Aftertaste-destroying Final!(Shout)

Person who drew this --> Igarashi Aguri [picture] (Small Text)

>panel 2
Guess this will be the last behind-the-scene, huh~

Good work~

Good work~

Curry (Text near food)

Does anyone have closing words?

>Panel 3
Hogya!? (Kirino Shout)

Heck yeah we have! Obviously!! (Saya Shout)

>Panel 4
I dooooon't have enough screen time! I demand for a sequel!! And the main character will be me, of course!!

Ah, I won't be able to shine if it's about kendo again, so the story will be mainly about everyday life---...

Kuwawawah (Text)

I don't think you'll be able to shine in everyday life either.

Math - Saya (Right Exam Paper)

History - Saya (Left Exam Paper)

>Panel 5
A sequel, huh~? If we're gonna get one, what do you want to do, Miyamiya?

I would like it to be a non-comedy, hot, and romantic story about me and Dan-kun♥

Kyaa♥ (Text)

>Last Panel
If there's gonna be a sequel, the boys would like to- (cut the line however it fits~)

Um. (Small Text)


BB pg 227 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
How about you, Satorin~?

[The Tale of Azuma Satori's Successful College Life]!!

Aim!! (Shout inside the Shout)

It will fire you up!!

>Panel 3
Um..... about the short pause just now, what was...

What kind of sequel would you like, Tama-chan?

Ignored completely~ (Text)


>Panel 4
I'd love... to continue practising kendo with everyone...

>Panel 5

>Last Panel
That's Tama-chan for you!



By the way, Kirino, what kind of sequel did you want to have?


Next Work's Plot
Mahou Shoujo ☆ Pretty Kirino

The End!! (Outside Panel)

BB pg 228 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
I skipped it, since the authors' name already there

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