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Chrome Shelled Regios 9

Mother-like Strengths

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Feb 29, 2012 03:10 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

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CSR 119 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Oooooi! Newbie!


>Panel 2
Hey, did you see Antalk around here?

Eh? // No....

I didn't see her at work today. // Did something happen?

Mother-like Strengths

>Panel 3
Hmm.... // Zuellni sneaked out from the city's core again, so I was going to ask Nina to help us find Zuellni...

It's been quite some time but Zuellni hasn't returned yet.


>Panel 4
Please tell her if you see her.

Ah, (text at bubble edge) // If you're done over there, you can call it a day.


>Last Panel
Nina-senpai.... Did something happen, I wonder...?

Good work, everyone.

CSR 120 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Mother-like Strength

Something DID happen!!

>Last Panel
Ah... Layfon, this is terrible, Zuellni is missing!!

If something happened to her, I-

Senpai, please calm down!!

First of all, what's terrible is your condition!!

CSR 121 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I have already checked all the places where Zuellni might go to, but....

>Panel 2
I suppose I should go around one more time....?

Uu----mu (Nina Text)

Rather, just what on earth happened to you?

Let's stop the bleeding first ,okay? (Layfon's Text)

>Panel 3
Aah.... This? // When I was searching outside just earlier, I passed through a cat gathering spot and...... you see...

nya nya nya nya nya (Small Text)

Captain VS Pussy Cats!! (VS Text)

Why didn't you take another route? (Layfon Thought)

>Panel 4
However, when I succeeded passing through that spot, the kid of the giant chicken I defeated last time stood in my way....

I wonder if it escaped from the agriculture dept. (Text)

OOOOOOOHH (Top Bold Text)

Captain VS Giant Chicken Jr.!! (VS Text)

The vengeance of the chicken!? (Text)

It was such a sorrowful battle....

>Last Panel
The victory of that battle was but a fleeting one------ This time, I came across upon a hang-out of some delinquent gang.....

UOOOH! (Top Bold Text)

Captain VS Delinquent Group!! (VS Text)


You had lost sight of your original objective by then, right?

The world-reforming sensei? (Text)

CSR 122 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
Captaaaaain! (Cut Off Text)

Captaaaaain! (Text)

I'll follow you anywhere! (Cut Off Text)

Well, when you try talking to them they were actually good men, you see?

....Mu....? // Now that I think about it, I don't think we knew each other, but they were calling me "captain" for some reason....?

I....I think they meant something different from a platoon captain...!!

>Panel 2
Okay, // I will go search outside one more time.


You are done for the day right? // Good work.

>Panel 3
A-are you going to search again NOW?

Yes, that's right?

>Panel 4 (NOTE: Zuellni is also written as "The heart of the city" or "the city's consciousness" )
Well, what's happening to Zuellni is definitely a serious matter, but.... // It's already so late, so I think we should leave the searching to the Student Council and the City Police.

You should take a good rest just in case something serious does happen, senpai.

CSR 123 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
.... // I suppose so....

That's right, // we have morning training too...

>Panel 2
Then.... Layfon, could you please send the message to the police on your way home?


>Panel 3
I will search for Zuellni.

>Panel 5

If you look at it from the beginning, it might seem like pointless efforts.... // However, if I gave up here and it turned out something serious did happen, // I will surely blame myself, thinking why I stopped searching for her at that time.

>Last Panel
I just do not want to have any regret.

CSR 124 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2
This person-----

>Panel 3
She's always.... how can she always be so straightforward and persevering....?

Even though it's not rare that all this hardwork could turn out to be just another fruitless effort...

>Panel 4
To do what you think is right----

>Panel 5
Is she not afraid of being denied by everyone and everything....?

>Panel 6

>Panel 7+Last


Behind you!

CSR 125 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Where have you been!!?

I was really worried!!

>Panel 4

>Panel 5+6
Wait! // Just where are you...

>Panel 8

>Last Panel


CSR 126 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 2

>Panel 3
What a pretty flower garden....

To think there's such a place next to the machinery dept.

>last Panel
I have never seen such flowers.

Are these wild flowers....?

CSR 127 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 3
....Senpai.... she had hard time running around searching.... // But the one she's been looking for was so close all this time...

She must be really down right now----

Ah, um---- sen.....

>Panel 4

Thank you, Zuellni.

>Panel 5
If you didn't tell me,

this flower garden... // I'm sure I would never know of it even until I graduated.

>Last Panel
Above all----

CSR 128 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Panel 1
I am glad that you are well.

>Panel 3
Hm? // What is it?


>Panel 4
....Senpai, you sure are strong.


>Panel 5
Coming from you, I can only hear that as sarcasm!!

Oh, no, I wasn't talking about military arts...

>Last Panel
Later. (Box)

Dude, (handwritten inside bubble)
Nina, don't ya think your fan base looks like delinquents?

Uooooh, captaaaain~~~!!

They are pure deep down in their heart!!

CSR 129 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>Left Part
Volume 2 has come out~~
A big thank you to the readers, those who were
involved in the making and everyone else!

At any rate, I wonder what will happen if the captain
is gradually getting less intelligent....


>Right Part
Special Thanks

Mina Seira-san

K-matsu-san the first editor
K-hara-san the second editor

Amagi Shuusuke-sensei

CSR 130 ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Chrome Shelled Regios 2

Original Work
Amagi Shuusuke


April 9th 2009 1st Ed.

[The rest is skipped]

CSR 131 ------------------------------------------------------------------------

RANT: The vengeance of the CHICKEN! It was such a sorrowful battle.

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