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Chrome Shelled Regios 10

Interview with Platoon

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Jun 8, 2012 14:39 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 10

NOTE: In case you forgot the names and nicknames, Mifi => Mii, Layfon => Layton, Natsuki => Nakki

Pg 0000a =====================================
no trans needed

Pg 0000b =====================================
NOTE: The text on the left is the artist Miyuu's kanji name and the one on the right is the artist's katakana name.

While fearing that someone would get angry at me someday,
the manga version of "Regios" that I drew as I please
was able to get to volume 3.
My gratitudes to everyone who has been kind enough to follow the manga!

Pg 0001 =====================================
no trans

Pg 0002 ===================================== (RANT: Mostly filled with "Onederful engrish"? Hope I got them right)
>Upper left part
(Original) Amagi Shuusuke
(Comic) Miyuu

episode. 10
Interview with Platoon

episode. 11
Tangle of Badge

episode. 12
Secret Pride

episode. 13
Summer Night Grown

episode. 14
Aftermath Side

episode. 15
Hardheads Chain

Spin-off Ed.
A☆ZA☆TO☆I Propaganda Comic

last episode.I
Blue Spring Carnival [Former]

last episode.II
Blue Spring Carnival [Middle]

last episode.III
Blue Spring Carnival [Latter]

Pg 0003 =====================================
>Panel 1
Eeei! We lost yet again! // How pathetic!

Interview with Platoon

>Panel 2
That may have been a practice match, but you were being too lax!!

How come you could do the combination during practice but NOT during the match!!? // It is meaningless if you don't use your true strength.

>Panel 3
Wanna go home (Felli small bubble)

Uh--- (Sharnid text)
Ah--- (Sharnid text)

Nina, Nina, today she's much more sweltering than usual, huh?

Yeah.... her stress from our defeat must be reaching its peak.

>Panel 4
You over there!! Stop your pointless chatter!!

>Last Panel
Anyway! We have to get stronger as soon as possible.

We can't let other platoons to take the le----

Pg 0004 =====================================
>Panel 1
Interview with Platoon

Weekly Look'n heeeeere~

Hello theeeere!!

>Panel 2

Is the captain absent today?

She's kinda all flat over there.

Pg 0005 =====================================
>Panel 2 (NOTE: I'm conflicted. Apparently, her name IS "Mifi Rotten", see her business card. But I feel really bad writing down her name like that. Does "rotten" have different meanings in other languages?)
Uhm, once again, I am Mifi Lotten from the Weekly Look'n

Greetings. (text)

I've come today to interview the 17th Platoon.

>Panel 3
What an excitable business card... (Nina text)

If I'm not wrong.... Are you not one of Layfon's friends?

Well, there's that too, but this time, I'm here because the editor chose me.

Nyaha---- (Mifi text)

Ya! (Layfon text)

Oh, Layton. (Nakki text)

>Panel 4
Are you accompanying Mii, Nakki?


So that this girl won't do anything crazy again.
I'm watching her. (handwritten)

So what? (Mifi Text)

>Panel 5
An interview, you said....!?

What.... Are you here to ask how we lost or something!?

Was Miss Captain this kind of person?

She's just in a bad mood thanks to the recent losing streak....

Pg 0006 =====================================
>Panel 1
But, but~ did you know that the 17th Platoon is really popular?

Is....is that so?

It is! // The fan club's still rather new, but its members are increasing in numbers.

>Panel 2
I'm also collaborating to write a report, and its number of copies is nothing to make light of.

What!? When did that....!?

It's all the rage! After all, this platoon has....

>Panel 3
The strong and beautiful captain!! Nina-senpai!

No, I'm not that...


It's the picture being used for the report!!
I borrowed it. (handwritten)

>Panel 4
And then, we have the embodiment of girl magnet! // Sharnid-senpai the sniper!

You're making me blush. (text)

>Panel 5
And here we have the younger sister of the stu-co president, the current holder of Miss Zuellni title and the psychic, Felli-senpai!!

Don't point at me please.

>Last Panel
And then, and then!

Gee. (Nakki text)

Kyaa (text)

He's the highly anticipated newcomer!! // He's the saviour of this platoon!! Yes, he is---!!

Arm (Upper Left text)

Pg 0007 =====================================
>Panel 1
The one who is loved by everyone and hailed as the number one ace attacker!! // Layfon Alseeeeeeeif!

YEAAAH (text around Mifi's hand)

Uh.... Mifi, this is kind of embarrassing....

Me too!!? (handwritten inside)

Your image already turned out like this in the report, Layton.

>Panel 2
And so, it's plain madness if you're not popular with all these memb-

Eh, huh? // What about me?

Who are you!?

>Panel 3
Aah, this guy's Harley, our Dite mechanic.

He's one of us, more or less. (text)

"More or less"...? (text)

Eeh. // D-don't tell me....!!

>Last panel
A hidden member in 17th Platoon!? // What a surprise big scoop!!

Eh... // No....

Damn it----! What did I just do!? I leaked the platoon's top secreeet!

I've always been here, you know!? I've been a member since the forming of this platoon, you know!?

Pg 0008 =====================================
>Panel 1
And that's the deal. (handwritten inside)
May I ask for your cooperation for this interview!!?

Ah, okay... // I don't mind that.... but what kind of articles are you making?

>Panel 2
Here it is, // We're planning the material to make a data book that features every platoon member.

This is the previous material. (mifi text)

We're doing the same things for every platoon member. (mifi text)

Fumu. (Nina text)

I see.... // However, what kind of info are you trying to collect?

>Panel 3
One of the thing I'd like to do is to interview the members about their private lives, so...

Wha!? Private lives!?

Get out of here please.

Eeek, it so looks out of question!

>Panel 4
Just so you know, I can't allow anything that would expose our members' private lives!!

Go Away Aura (text)

Uu.... // You may think it's a little too rude to collect such data, // but I believe the fans would be happier to know the members' real side!!

>Panel 5
Let's say, we agree with you, but what are you going to do if other platoons find out our weakness because of this?

I won't delve that deep with my questions. // At most, it'd be just about love talk.

>Last Panel
Ooh! Did I just hear "love talk"!? Bring it on!!

Don't just accept it!!

Yaaaay!! (Mifi text)

Very well, straight to the first question... // How did you cope when you had unrequited love!? (shout bubble with thinner text)

And you! Don't just go along with him!!

Isn't the first question rather odd!?

Nina (Nina's head)

Pg 0009 =====================================
>Panel 1
A... // Anyway! Write a different kind of article please!

Uuh.... A different kind, huh? // How about....

>Panel 2
The collection of frame-by-frame pictures of Layton's facial expressions during the match....?

Eyes half opened (Upper text)

White eyes (mid text)

Scary!! (nina text)

Don't collect data about such creepy things!! // How are you going to publish such article!!?

>Panel 3
The....Then, how about the slightly questionable full-blown illustration of Layton and Sharnid-senpai that was used in the report.... (normal bubble)


Fufufu (sharnid text)

Hahaha (layfon text)

Rather, what happened to that report!!?

>Panel 4
Then, how about Felli-senpai's pin-up....

Mii.... // Why don't you leave that page to some other people?


You're can't write the article if the people in question don't agree with it, right?

>Panel 5
Didn't you say there was an angry military artist senpai that came in marching just the other day? Because of some questionable articles?

Waaaah!! Nakki! Shhhh, shhhh!

What did you say!!?

>Last Panel
I-it's alright, that just happens once in a while.

Eeeeh(Upper Text)

For your info, that wasn't an article I wrote. (Lower Text)

Besides, we got away safely through windows by using the traditional "Glass-breaking" technique. It's required to learn that when you join the club.

That's just a technique that causes further complaints!! (Shout)

Pg 0010 =====================================
>Panel 1
Layfon's good friend or not, I can't leave this to you!! // I will have to demand an editor change!!


No, I think it is better if change into a different magazine publisher.

>Panel 2
No way.... But this is the first time I'm entrusted with a big project....

>Panel 3
But you said this just earlier, Miss Captain.

May I ask for your cooperation for this interview!!? (record bubble)

Ah, okay... // I don't mind that.... (record bubble)

I already have your words here, so I'm gonna write it anyway.


>Panel 4
Th....The talk is over! Now I'm even more sure that I can't leave this to you! // Hand over that recorder!!

I refuse!! (text)

Ah, she ran away!!

>Panel 5
Hey, Mii!!

>Panel 6
I'm sorry, Layton!! Even though I'm here with her....

I'll take responsibility and arrest her with this rope!!

Yo... You're going to hold back, right!?

>Last Panel
Mii, stop right there!!

Pg 0011 =====================================
>Panel 2
Nakki....!! // We've been together since childhood.... How many times do you think I've been watching that move of yours!?

Such an obsolete move...

>Panel 3

She saw through it!? (shout bubble)

>Panel 4
Her move just now....!! That was wonderful....!!

Captain, please put off your member scouting scope.

>Panel 5
Kuh, to think she could dodge that....!

Ah! // But!

>Panel 6
Mii, that way is a dead end! // Give up already!!


>Last Panel


Pg 0012 =====================================
>Panel 1

But, she could've just opened the window, really. (handwritten)

>Panel 2
Kuh..... I'm sorry, Layton, I let her escape.

Nah.... don't mind it. There's nothing we could do... Right now, we should....
??? (handwritten inside) (NOTE: can't read those scribble, I'm afraid -_-)

Uwa~~~~~n (text)

>Panel 3
Such passion....!! // Such movement....!!

Oooh... (text)

I must scout her this instant!

Captain, do please calm down.

>Last Panel
And then, a few days later----

The weekly Look'n sample has been printed.

Pg 0013 =====================================
>Panel 1
Mifi is resting since she's exhausted from the article editing. // We were given these books, but....

It's really suspicious when the person isn't here herself.

He....Hey.... // Somebody hurry and read it....

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
Ooh....!? // The contents are exceedingly proper!?

Fuoooh (text)

She really understands the members' special traits and made the article well and proper!!

Mifi must have worked really hard.

>Panel 6
Thank goodness, looks like I don't have to use the "Psy-mines" I sneaked into the editorial dept. now.

Felli, when did you...!!? // Thank goodness indeed!!

>Last Panel
When you think about it, there's no way she would write bad things about the platoon when her friend is one of the members.

Not at all....

Pg 0014 =====================================
>Panel 1
Mifi is... rather easy to go out of control, but... // She's really serious about becoming a reporter.

Uuungh, uuuungh, deadline... (mifi text)

Good work. (nakki text)

That's why she would never write any irresponsible articles.

>Panel 2
....I see....

>Panel 3
She said she'd do a special report about our 17th Platoon if we win next time.


>Panel 4
In that case, I suppose we have to give our all for that girl's sake as well....

....You are right.

Hey, hey, Layfon.


>Panel 5
About my article, // all she wrote here are my name and my position as a mechanic....

Could this be something like an out of order page or an editorial mistake....?

>Panel 6
Nope, // it doesn't seem like a mistake.

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