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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 13

Dash the Heretic

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Jun 14, 2012 18:11 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 13

For CXC Only

Renya 13 Pg 31 ========================================
Chapter 13
Dash the Heretic

Renya 13 Pg 32 ========================================
>Panel 1+2

Right! The man from that time, // he was also called Dash...!

>Panel 3


Renya 13 Pg 33 ========================================
>Panel 1
My lord!

My lord!

>Panel 2


>Panel 4
My lord...

He protected young master...?

Renya 13 Pg 34 ========================================
no trans

Renya 13 Pg 35 ========================================
>Panel 1

Don't tell me, did you do this!?

>Panel 2
Did you betray us!?

After all the trust that the lord had put in you!?

>Last Panel
So, you've let yourself swallowed by greed, Dash!

Renya 13 Pg 36 ========================================
>Panel 2+3

>Panel 3

Renya 13 Pg 37 ========================================
>Panel 2

Have died in vain....

>Panel 3
A...Anji, my son.

Leave me... escape together with young master.

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
From now on...

You shall protect him... in my place...


>Last Panel

Renya 13 Pg 38 ========================================
>Panel 1
What is this? You wish to meet Dash-sama just because of something so trivial?


To begin with, what will you do when you meet him?

>Panel 2+3
Do you intend to avenge your father now?

Don't you have to protect your young master first before thinking about all that?

Renya 13 Pg 39 ========================================
>Panel 1
That human-like weakness of yours...



is not wonderful. But, you could say it's one of human's charms.

>Panel 4
Not knowing when to give up! Is not wonderful!

Renya 13 Pg 40 ========================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Gooood, I will just skewer you as you are.

It's like eating the good part first, eh?

>Panel 3
Aah, now this is outside my prediction. However....

Renya 13 Pg 41 ========================================
>Panel 2

>Last Panel
Should I check about that Renya guy with Dash-sama...

Or should I...

Renya 13 Pg 42 ========================================
>Panel 3

>panel 4
You've woken up...

>Panel 5
Claire, where did you hide "that"?

>Last Panel
? // What are you talking about?

Renya 13 Pg 43 ========================================
>Panel 1
Ow, ow.

>Panel 2
C.C.-san, did you save us?

>Panel 3

No, that's...

>Panel 4

Renya 13 Pg 44 ========================================
A big catch!

Renya 13 Pg 45 ========================================
>Panel 1

Zeh (small bubbles)

Thanks for helping us.

>Panel 2
Ahahahahahahahaha! // With this, I'm no longer indebted to you guys.

>Panel 3
So basically, // you're going to aim for my master again?

>Panel 4
But of course.

I can't possibly return home without avenging my elder brother!

>Panel 5
So, that means... Futaba's subordinates saved us....

If she wanted to stick her nose in our problem, she should've just helped us from the beginning...

>Last Panel
Ummm, I can't decide whether she's a good person...

or a troublesome person...

Renya 13 Pg 46 ========================================
>Panel 1
A wonderful person.

>Panel 2

>Last Panel
Your audacity is wonderful!


Renya 13 Pg 47 ========================================
>Panel 1
You are lacking in prudence!

To put it bluntly...!

>Panel 2
You are a fool!

>Last Panel

Renya 13 Pg 48 ========================================
>Panel 2-4
! I have...

found it!

>Last Panel
Hahah! Now I see!

So, it was you who have been holding it...!

Renya 13 Pg 49 ========================================
>Panel 1
Master, I will...

aim for his heart.

>Panel 2
Haa? I know it'd be the end for even knightmares...

if they got stabbed there. However, can we do it?

>Panel 3
Well, it's probably impossible. // Since he'll just either escape or defend against it, however...

Are you talking about aiming for the opening?

>Panel 4
Right, we've got to capture him no matter what,

and make him talk about the mastermind...

>Last Panel
Fair enough.

I cannot protect the princess without knowing my opponent.

Renya 13 Pg 50 ========================================
>Panel 1+2
Capturing him alive, huh...

Will this go so well...?

>Panel 3
Yes, if that is what you're talking about, I handed it to Renya back in the village...

I see, so, that was the case.

>Last Panel
That means... Dash is thinking of...

Renya 13 Pg 51 ========================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Is he an idiot or what!?

>Panel 3
I did it!

>Panel 4+Last
No, it's not!

Why did you not dodge it!!?

Renya 13 Pg 52 ========================================
no trans

Renya 13 Pg 53 ========================================
>Panel 1
What is wonderful to me...

is not to dodge these...

>Panel 2+3
But to "link" and report my finding!

Renya 13 Pg 54 ========================================
>Panel 1
A knightmare?

>Panel 2
No, he isn't...!

What is that!?

>Panel 3
We have found....

the holy stone.

>Last Panel
How about Water Boy?

He will return with the stone, I take it?

Renya 13 Pg 55 ========================================
>Panel 1+2

How... wonderful this is...

>Panel 3
Water.... // No...!

Renya 13 Pg 56 ========================================
>Last panel
Say, Renya.

Renya 13 Pg 57 ========================================
>Panel 1
It looks like she's still following us.

>Panel 2
Sure, why not? Just leave her be.

Leaving that aside...

>Last Panel
Does that hold some kind of... // secrets?


Renya 13 Pg 58 ========================================
>Panel 1+2
I think...

>Panel 3
it's about time you tell us...

everything you know,

>Last Panel
The witch of legend...

Renya 13 Pg 59 ========================================

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