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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 14

Journey with the Witch

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Aug 5, 2012 17:31 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

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CXC Use Only

pg 61 =============================================
Chapter 14
Journey with the Witch

pg 62 =============================================
>Panel 2
I guess we're really leaving our home, huh...

Gee, Misuzu, we should depart with a more positive attitude.

>Panel 3
Shiori, are you really fine? Going like this...?

>Last Panel
By "like this".... You mean our comrades...?

What kind of drink is this?

pg 63 =============================================
>Panel 1
Can we really call them our comrades, I wonder? // We always ended up like this as soon as something happened.

>Panel 2
Is this really okay?

Handing her over to Britannia just like this.

>Panel 3
Who will become Claire's supporters?

>Last Panel
Who is this man called Dash?

pg 64 =============================================
>Panel 1
And you... C.C.... about your...

So, you wish to know...

about my identity?

>panel 2
Because you're the only one who seems to know everything, C.C.-san

I believe knowledge and destiny are nothing alike, though?

>Panel 3
Even so, you can open the way to the future with knowledge.

That's what the Eimei School taught us anyway.

>Last Panel
Quite so, we must have the knowledge.

Why? Because you are already...

pg 65 =============================================
Being targeted!!

pg 66 =============================================
>Panel 1
So, you finally noticed us now!

We shall be taking C.C. with us.

>Panel 2
'that so...

>panel 3
Be my guest...

pg 67 =============================================
>Panel 2
What the heck are they playing?

Those guys...

>Last Panel
I knew it all along...

that you guys were lurking in the bilge...


pg 68 =============================================
no trans

pg 69 =============================================
>Panel 1

pg 70 =============================================
>Panel 1
Are these men... Lorenzo's?


>Panel 2
However... This is meaningless.

pg 71 =============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
has no meaning to me.

pg 72 =============================================
>Panel 1
Britannia Mainland

pg 73 =============================================
>Panel 1
Sir Soresi.

Regarding the imperial princess...

>Panel 2
Yes, I have already heard about it. // It appears the knightmares also made their appearance.

>Panel 3
Indeed, milord, what course of actions must we take? To be involved with them in battle is...

>Panel 4+5
He and I, our desires are facing different directions.

pg 74 =============================================
>Panel 1
In that case, // we have rooms to "negotiate", do we not?

>Panel 2
With those knightmare monsters as the opponents?

Would that be impossible? For me?

>Panel 3
Not at all...

>Last Panel
Such a great deed...

pg 75 =============================================
>Panel 1
can only be undertaken by Lord Lorenzo il Soresi alone, the savior of Britannia!

pg 76 =============================================
no trans

pg 77 =============================================
>Panel 1
An immortal...?

>Panel 2
When I received this mission, I was told about it...

The other uncommon name of C.C.-dono the legendary witch...

>Panel 3

"The Undying Witch".... I'm guessing?

pg 78 =============================================
>Panel 1
"Undying" or not, you still get hungry, right?

Looks like you have to use quite a bit of strength to heal yourself.

Right, right, we should eat first.

>Panel 2
To think I'd have you worry about me...

pg 79 =============================================
>Panel 1
Then, C.C.-san, you don't know why you became "undying"?

Right, I want to know why just as much as you.

>Panel 2
How about Dash? // Is that guy also "undying"?

>Panel 3
No, he's....

>Panel 4
If you don't wish to talk about it...

>Panel 5
No, please tell us.

He's targeting both Claire and me, we'd love to have any bits of info about him.

>Last Panel
And there are also the knightmares.

pg 80 =============================================
>Panel 1+2
And then, does this thing hold some kinds of secrets?

>Panel 4
No choice, then.

>Last Panel

pg 81 =============================================
I call this...


pg 82 =============================================
>Panel 1

I'm not really sure.... But it is probably some kind of code to this world.

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Law? No, is it as in password?

You, you drank the liquor from the ship's barrel, didn't you?

>Last Panel
Both Dash and I, you could say that we are parts that configure the world.

pg 83 =============================================
>Panel 1
From the way you phrase it...

That means Dash...

Is not an "undying". However, he is not an ordinary "human" either, I take it?

>Last Panel
C.C.-san, you are a bit unfair, I must say.


pg 84 =============================================
>Panel 1
If the "code" you told us just now is as in password... // then there should be the world in its unlocked state, right?

>Panel 3
I don't know whether your thinking is right or wrong... // However, you already knew about your own curse in detail, that's why you used the word "code", didn't you?

>Last Panel
I have underestimated you, Claire.

Now I see, it won't be surprising even if you become the next emperor candidate.

pg 85 =============================================
>Panel 1
Wait a minute, don't change the topic...!

In other words, you wish not to talk about it, right?

>Panel 2
I'm sorry.

However, I don't know Dash's goal and that is the truth. // He seems to be aiming for that stone, but I don't know why he needs it for.

>Panel 3
I seeee!!

>Panel 4
He might've mistook it for "Sakura Bursting Stone", huh?

Then, there were loads of them on this ship, right?

pg 86 =============================================
>Panel 1
I see, for fuel, huh?


I don't think that is it...

>Panel 2 (NOTE: In this page, it's written as sakuradite, read as "sakura bursting stone" / "bursting stone of sakura" )
It is as the princess has said.

Though not as many, you can procure sakuradite in other lands.

>Panel 3
But didn't your higher-ups want the stone?

That's why there are tons of them on this ship.

>Panel 4
Lorenzo il Soresi.

pg 87 =============================================
>Panel 1
I would never have thought that he would come after me.

No, that was just an accident!

>Panel 2
So, that would mean you knew about it too, I take it?

>Panel 3
When the situation changes, I was told to stand guard C.C.-dono.

This smells weird...

That is all I know.

>Panel 4
My true loyalty belongs to Her Highness the Princess alone.

>Last Panel
Very well, I'll believe that that was just a communication error.

Because he can't possibly do that, that Lorenzo.

pg 88 =============================================
>Panel 1
C.C. // you have made friends with a group of failure, I see.

Do you plan on using them as a deterrent against me?

>Panel 2
I truly wonder if you can stop...

my Geass.

pg 89 =============================================
>Panel 1
And thus,

>Panel 2
They head into the next stage.

Chapter 14 END

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