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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 15

Esteban's Battle

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Aug 23, 2012 08:25 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 15

CXC Only

Renya pg 091 ============================================
Chapter 15
Esteban's Battle

Renya pg 092 ============================================
>Panel 1
The vast and prosperous land of Britannia.

In this era, there are many young people burning with aspiration to set out for new lands across the sea.

>Panel 2
No, that is not all...

As there are also former rulers...

and those who were expelled from their country hiding.

Renya pg 093 ============================================
If you head there, and you will find something.

Betting their lives on the small possibility called "tomorrow", Renya and the team march forward.

They can only move forward.

Renya pg 094 ============================================
>Panel 1
The island...

is located further to the south of Taiwan, one of the islands in the Philippine Archipelago.

>Panel 2
In the colony ruled by the influential power called Nova Hispania,

the young people there are given two choices.

>Panel 3
To submit,

>Last Panel
or to rebel.

Renya pg 095 ============================================
no trans

Renya pg 096 ============================================
>Panel 1
Will this really work, Esteban?

>Panel 2
We've already tried this on Mt. Pulag.

As long as we get the angle right, we can aim at that Aaron from this distance.

>Panel 3
And then we can bring back Talia...

I'll set her free.

>Panel 4
Karim, this is me who's talking.

You better believe it.

>Last Panel
I know that, I just felt like asking.

Renya pg 097 ============================================
>Panel 1
But you know, if you love Talia-san that much...

You should've just confessed to her five years ago.

>Panel 3
If you wanna keep talking, why don't you try shooting this?

>Panel 4
Eeeh, that's impossible...

>Last Panel
Yeah, I know, shooting this will just break your thin body.

Gimme a break, I've been planning to train, but things just happen....

Renya pg 098 ============================================
>Panel 1+2
Hey, there he is.

>panel 3
That son of a bitch Aaron....

Renya pg 099 ============================================
>Panel 1
When that bastard came to the village five years ago, I thought he's a good guy.

He didn't act high and mighty even though he's a Nova Hispano.

He even said everyone will become prosperous together.

>Panel 2
Hmph, everything was a lie, of course.

He deceived everybody, including me.

>Last Panel
He plundered the village and even took Talia away.....

That bastard conquistador...

Renya pg 100 ============================================
>Last Panel
I'm sure Talia-san is having a hard time as well.

Being separated from Esteban, her fiancee, all this time.

Renya pg 101 ============================================
>Panel 1
Now we can go back to how it was five years ago!

>Last Panel
Eat this!

Renya pg 102 ============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
We did it!

>Last Panel
Get blown to pieces!

Renya pg 103 ============================================
no trans

Renya pg 104 ============================================
>Last Panel
What the heck is that!?

Renya pg 105 ============================================
>Panel 1
What happened!?

Where did that come from!?

>Panel 2
From that hill!

>Last Panel
Catch them!

Don't let the criminals escape!

Renya pg 106 ============================================
>Panel 1
Damn it!

We're running away!

>Panel 2
Esteban, the bullets....

You bring them!

>panel 3
After them!

>Panel 4


>Last Panel
Quick, Karim!

E...even if you say that, I'm already....

Renya pg 107 ============================================
>Panel 2


Renya pg 108 ============================================
>Panel 2

>Last Panel

hello there.

Renya pg 109 ============================================
>Panel 1
You can't find them?

>Panel 2
Yes, we have swept through the land, but...

They might've escaped to the sea.

>Panel 3
So, you're implying they have more allies?

Yes sir.

>Panel 4
Did you hear that, Talia?

Renya pg 110 ============================================
>Panel 1+2
The culprits must be survivors from the villages that rebelled against me.

No, it can only be him.

He's the only who would use firearms now....

Renya pg 111 ============================================
>Panel 1
So, you see!

Esteban is a firearms genius!

>Panel 2

I don't like being bragged about like that.


>Panel 3
Just leave it there, you go outside for a bit. // I have something to discuss with these people.

Renya pg 112 ============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
What was that thing, really?

>Panel 3
Uuum, Karim-kun?

Ah, yes.

>Panel 4
Are you hungry? I'm not sure if it will suit your taste, but seems like we'll be having dinner soon.

Thanks, but right now, I'm....

>Panel 5
Aah, not in the mood, huh? I guess so.

>Last Panel
Excuse me, but what kind of group are you people?


Renya pg 113 ============================================
>Panel 1
Zeeh Zeeh

>Panel 2
I told you it won't work.

We can't possible serve this to the guests.

>Panel 3

Ah, I'm done for.

>Panel 4 (RANT: dunno much about food, I know the evilness of the usual japanese wasabi, but is western countries wasabi just as evil?)
And I thought this horseradish could be used as a substitute for yam.

x horseradish --> western wasabi (outside panel)

>Last Panel
I see, so your group too....

Right, how about you guys, Karim-kun?

Renya pg 114 ============================================
>Panel 1
Aah, just Karim is fine. I am Karim Bernam.

And the other guy's name is Esteban Iglesia.

>Panel 2
Huh? You're not brothers?

>Panel 3
Five years ago, Aaron seized our village. He killed my father and mother...

And then, the one who saved me after all that... // is Esteban.

He'll be angry if I call him "Nii-san", though.

Renya pg 115 ============================================
>Panel 1
He's been doing fine keeping up with me as a younger brother.

>Panel 2
So, who is this Aaron?

>Panel 3
The one who killed Karim's parents and....

>Panel 4
To Nii-san...

Aaron is the guy who took away Talia-san, Nii-san's childhood friend and fiancee.

>Panel 5+6+Last
I see, separated from each other for five years...

Right, // he hides himself in the mansion that's located deep in the farm, so using a super long distance weapon is the only way to bring him down.// But still...

We failed... // Now we've lost the chance to defeat that bastard...

Renya pg 116 ============================================
no trans

Renya pg 117 ============================================
>Panel 1
You did well. // Really well.

>Panel 4+Last

Looks like we'll be able to pull this off!

Hold it!! (small shout)

HAHAHAHA (black text)

Renya pg 118 ============================================
>Panel 1
This young lad shaved the gun barrel for me, see?

>Panel 2
"Young lad"? Are you referring to me? // Insolent man, know that I am a Viscount.

>Panel 3
No, no, I'm really thankful to you, honest.

Uhh, what are you talking about?

>Panel 4
He can stabilized the line of fire by doing this apparently, no matter the distance.

Basically, we can aim in a straight line.

>Panel 5
Well, this won't be exactly unexpected.

But now we got another chance!

Renya pg 119 ============================================
>Panel 1
W-wait a minute!

I think our problem isn't just firearms alone!

>Panel 2
We have to investigate about that thing that protected Aaron....

>panel 3
Quite so.

The thing you spoke of might be the prey we have been looking for.

By the way, dinner is ready. (handwritten)

>last Panel

They're monster called Knightmares.

Renya pg 120 ============================================
>Panel 1
If we are right about the prey...

>Panel 2
Then we can put a battle plan together.

>Panel 3
UN-------NH (big white text)

>Panel 4
UOOOH (big black text)


>Last Panel
What the heck is this!?

Unnh. (black text)

Renya pg 121 ============================================
>Panel 1
Aah, so this won't do, I see.

I thought it was strange to find Anji and Shiori passed out at the dining room.

>Panel 2
You okay, Claire?

Uuh... (white text)

>panel 3
R-really, this is just a bit too...much....

OOOOOOGH (black text)

>Panel 4
Are things going to be alright....?

Working together with these people?

Renya pg 122 ============================================

Uuungh (white text)

I think... it's over for me.

Chapter 15 END

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