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Translations: Gintama 616 by Bomber D Rufi , One Piece 847 by cnet128

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 16

Karim's Dream

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Sep 4, 2012 15:38 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 16

CXC Only

pg 125 ===============================================
Chapter 16 Karim's Dream

pg 126 ===============================================
>Panel 3
Is it really possible, shooting from so far away?

Who knows...

pg 127 ===============================================
>Panel 5

>Last Panel

pg 128 ===============================================
>Panel 1
Good, we can do this.

>panel 2
Talia, // this time, I'll be sure to shoot Aaron down,

and set you free.

>panel 3
Now we just have to lure out the target.

>Last Panel
Any contacts from Misuzu and the others?

Not really, seems like our target isn't moving.

pg 129 ===============================================
>Panel 2
Today's the third day, huh?

We know the enemy's location, but they are not moving at all....

>Panel 3

we can just leave the lookout to the slaves.

>Last Panel

Aah, don't mind him, Sir Weinberg is lacking in vocabulary.

pg 130 ===============================================
>Panel 1
Aah, I thought so.

What are you implying?

Please stop, we do not need any meaningless conflicts.

>Panel 2
Yes, your highness.

>Panel 3+4
Good grief.

Strange, isn't it?

What is?

>panel 5
During our last shooting, Esteban and I had hope. That hope was so close to conviction, yet....

>Last Panel
Just after one failure, that hope turned into despair so easily.

But then...

pg 131 ===============================================
>Panel 1+2
We met you, Misuzu-san, and the others.

And we regained our hope once again.

>Panel 4
Geez you, it's still way too early for a thank you.

>Panel 5
It just that I remembered something I was told a long time ago.

>Last Panel
Even if you think you're in despair, you have hope when there's somebody who extend their helping hand.

That's why you can never give up.

pg 132 ===============================================
>Panel 1
Hee, who told you that?

My mom.... // She's no longer with us though.

>Panel 2
...I see... // I wonder if it's nice to have a mother...


>panel 3
Nah, never mind.

Say, Karim, can you tell me what your dream is?

>Panel 4
After you've defeated Aaron who took away your village, what will you do then?

>Panel 5
What about Misuzu-san and Claire-san? // What do you want to do after you've caught the Knightmare?

pg 133 ===============================================
>Panel 1
Don't answer a question with a question!

...I'm sorry.

>Last Panel
I guess it'd be waking up normally in the morning....

pg 134 ===============================================
>Panel 1
And then working, playing, sometimes studying... // Renya hates studying though...

And finally, sleep soundly at night.

>Panel 2
That is...

>Last Panel
Yup, that is my hope, my dream.

I just wish for the days where we don't get attacked by enemies or have to run away.

pg 135 ===============================================
>Panel 2
....Me too.

>Last panel
I see, you too, huh?

Yep, we're the same.

pg 136 ===============================================
>Panel 1

it's about time.

>Panel 2

>Panel 4
Girls don't have to carry this kind of thing.

T-thank you.

>Panel 5
Just make us some delicious food.

>Panel 6
Even horseradish?

>Panel 7
Well, that's nice once in a while!

It has its own charm anyway, so why not!

WAHAHA (white text)

pg 137 ===============================================
>Panel 1
Joined forces with some outsiders!?

>Last Panel
That Esteban group!?

pg 138 ===============================================
>Panel 1
Yes sir.

There was someone who spotted Karim and some outsiders procuring resources.

>Panel 2
Then they should be seaward.

But, why aren't they escaping?

>Panel 3
That's obvious! Because they are targeting me, AGAIN!

>Panel 4
Increase the guards and widen the search area!

You have to find those outsiders!

Yes sir!

>panel 5+last
Talia, // Esteban and Karim seem to like me so much, don't they?.

pg 139 ===============================================
>Panel 1
As my response, why don't I hang them together?

>Panel 2+3+last
I wonder what kind of pose is good for them? // FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

pg 140 ===============================================
>Last Panel
Let me help you!

pg 141 ===============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Sakuradite will explode if you give it a strong impact!


>Panel 3
Right, we have to shave it bit by bit.

I'll tell you how to do it later.

>Last Panel
So, you want to use that to cause explosions in the premises, huh?

I wonder if it's going to work... // This diversion plan, I mean.

pg 142 ===============================================
>Panel 1
But we are not familiar with the land, which is why battle of attrition is not favorable to us. Besides...

>Panel 2
We don't know how long the knightmare will stay here.


>Panel 3
To start with, is our opponent really a knightmare? // If not, we are just wasting our time here.

This is the only clue we have right now. // Right, young mas... huh? He's not here?

>Last Panel
Ah, I'll go look for him then.

I'd just get in the way here anyway.

pg 143 ===============================================
>Panel 1

>panel 2
I was wondering how can you just laugh it off.

Guess I'm not desperate enough? Even though I'm supposed to exact revenge?

>Panel 3
I don't mean to criticize you. // It's got nothing to do with me anyway, but still...

>Panel 4
Well, this is the only thing I've got now, // my reason to live.

>Last Panel
Laugh at me if you want.

You can even make fun of me.

pg 144 ===============================================
>Panel 1
But you know, it's been five years.

If you've been aiming to take revenge for five years, you just can't think what lies ahead of it.

>Panel 2
Strange, huh?

I'm really excited right now.

>Panel 3

pg 145 ===============================================
>Panel 1
Renya, I have a favor to ask.

>Panel 2
Where did Esteban and that guy go?

pg 146 ===============================================
>Panel 1
When it's over, // please take Karim with you to the New World.

>Panel 2
After we kill Aaron, they'll after us for real.

>Panel 3
Then just escape together.

I can't let Karim be caught up with my life anymore than this.

pg 147 ===============================================
>Panel 1
We're not related by blood, but... // I still think of him as my younger brother... so please.

>Panel 2
I won't run away!

>Panel 3+4
It's not like I've been following you unwillingly! // All this time!

>Last Panel

pg 148 ===============================================
>Panel 1+2
Anyway, let's just think about it after we're done with the problem at hand. // We've got Aaron and his Knightmare guard to beat now.

>Panel 3+last
You're right.

We'll think over everything after we beat Aaron and save Talia.

pg 149 ===============================================
no trans

pg 150 ===============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
That Karim boy's story, // and the presence within the mansion.

>Panel 3
This presence is without a doubt a knightmare.

>Last Panel
But why? // Why doesn't Dash control the knightmare?

pg 151 ===============================================
Is there a reason for it?

Or could it be....

Chapter 16 END

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