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Chrome Shelled Regios 11

Tangle of Badge

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Sep 21, 2012 17:04 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 11

Pg 015 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Tangle of Badge

Shin-senpai, you're asking...

me.... a favor?

>Panel 3
Yeah, // I feel bad about this.... But can you lend me a hand?

Of course! // Let me help you in any way I can!

>Panel 4
Thanks. (text)

Shin Kaihan
Military Arts Dept. 5th Year
Captain of the 14th Platoon that Nina was a member of.

Well you see, // you're the only one I could ask for help.

>Last Panel
Shin-senpai.... I left the 14th Platoon and then formed the 17th Platoon, but he didn't persecute me for it.

And now, he's having a conversation with me so naturally as fellow platoon member.... I must respond to his good spirit....!!

Actually, I wanna talk about.... (bubble)

Pg 016 ===================================
How to be.... Popular....

Tangle of Badge

♥Respect Meter♥

Pg 017 ===================================
>Panel 1
I know it is shameful of me to ask my own kouhai this.

Senpai.... // Are you really....

Taken aback (text)

---D'owaaah! No, it isn't like that, Nina! You're getting it wrong! This isn't about me!!

>Panel 2
The platoon!! This is about the 14th Platoon!!

Still doubting. (text)

....The platoon?
Is it? (handwritten inside)

>Panel 3
You see, you know how there are fan clubs or groupies for every platoon, right?

Haa. (small bubble)

The cheering from those fans can stir up your spirit quite a bit, you know? // However, our new members this year are pretty plain, so we're not too popular now.

I see....
Ah! (handwritten at the edge)
....B-but it's not like there's absolutely no fan, right?

>Panel 4
Well... yes, it's not like there's absolutely no one, but....

Everyone of them is of mechanic character, like they are our supervisors or something....

They are from the Alchemy Dept. after all....

The move just now was quite something. (small text)

Hm, hm. (small text)

Right, they use their Dite efficiently.(small text)

Ah, they could use a little more.... (small text)

During the match. (box)

Eeh--- (Shin's small text)

>Last Panel
Besides, we're looking for handmade lunchboxes or snacks, something that will make us happy!

NOT handmade upgrades or some training menu!!

We've thought up ways to increase the members' physical strength... (small text)

Please try this later... (small text)

Eh... (small text)

Waah (bold text)

Ugh.... How I envy you!! (Nina)

Pg 018 ===================================
>Panel 1
Anyway! // I'd like you to help me with this plan to make my platoon members popular among the students in general!


B-but! // I don't think I can be of help to you in this matter....

>Panel 2
Then, your platoon has the beautiful Felli-chan and Sharnid, right? // Can I ask them to be our advisor please?


>Panel 3
I am not sure about Felli, // but if you ask Sharnid, the whole student body will know all about your platoon the next day....

I'd love to have Felli-chan to be our advisor, please.

>Panel 4
Then again, asking Miss Zuellni for help for this kind of thing.... // Ah, I'm totally not her fan or anything, just so you know!! // I'm a platoon captain! Can't be a fan of a member from another platoon now, right!?

Well, we're fellow platoon members, so exchanging information like this might not be so bad, yeah!! // Ah! It's alright if it's impossible! Since I'm being selfish here anyway! But, it'd be really nice if you could help us out. How should I say this, um...

He is absolutely her fan, this man!!

>Last Panel
However.... // that Felli won't even listen to my request... if it's a request from another platoon...

U----mu (text)

she might agree to it....

Pg 019 ===================================
>Panel 1

...NOT!! I knew it!!

>Panel 2
What is this....? // Why do I have to help another platoon?

Ughuu... // That's uh.... you can think of it as helping me so....

I have no obligation to help you.

>Panel 3
Don't say that. (handwritten at the edge)
Please! // I understand that they are our opponents during the match, // but I just can't refuse the request of my senpai who took care of me!!

You are the only one who can help them!!

>Panel 4

Pg 020 ===================================
>Panel 1
Is this... // because you are feeling guilty...

for the platoon you left behind?

>Panel 2
N- // NO!

I am really thankful because Senpai supported my decision to form a new platoon, // and I also respect him as a military artist!!

>Panel 3
I just want to do anything within my power to repay him.... // That is all!

This is unrelated to atonement!

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
---I have no choice then.... // Since you put it like that, fine.

What... // Then....!!

>Panel 6
However, I WILL be sick for three days starting tomorrow, so I won't be able to participate in the training.


If.... you are sick.... then we.... can't help it.....

>Last Panel
And then, the weekend. (box)

Oooh, there they are.

Thank you for waiting.

Pg 021 ===================================
>Panel 1

I will be helping you for today.

>Panel 2
Awesome, Nina!! // Good job!!

But, we have yet to....

Good job!!

>Panel 3
Ahem. (handwritten inside)
So, where are the members in question?

Yes, Felli-sama!!


>Panel 4
Ni...Nice to meet you.... (Bubble)

3rd Year

2nd Year

4th Year

>Last Panel
....I see....

....Felli.... Do try not to be rude....

Pg 022 ===================================
>Panel 1
So, I am to do something about this... // GLOOMY GIRL, // FATSO, // and THIN PILLAR, // I take it?

Ugh (small shout bubble)

Guhu (small shout bubble)

Geho (small shout bubble)


>Panel 2
Did I not just told you not to be rude!!?

But that IS the fact, yes....? Wasn't this the reason why you call me out here today?

>Panel 3
What you're saying may be the irrefutable truth, // but you need to be careful with your words!!

Hmph!! (text)

Nina!! You too!! You're doing a supporting attack!!
Shin (handwritten inside)

>Last Panel
I see no problem with it, I'm sure they believe that, "We aren't popular because we're platoon members; everyone finds it hard to approach us." or something like that. So, I need to break that hindering pride first.

P....Please stop! Somebody's gonna die!!

Pg 023 ===================================
>Panel 1
Eerr... // May we put off the innate problem for now and focus on the outer appearance please?


We're sorry.


We're sorry.

She said it twice... (thought bubble)

>Panel 2
Felli.... // I'm really counting on you.

I know.

>Panel 3
Well, // let's start from you.

Y-yes ma'am!

We have to take care of your gloomy hair first.

>Panel 4
Why don't we choose some white or light color clothes. // Since you have bad skin complexion, we should use a foundation that can cover it. And then....// We also need more pink and our goal is....


Ooh.... // Felli.... she's thinking about them seriously. (Nina thought)

That's good.

Phew. (text)

>Panel 5
....I don't want to... // inconvenience the 14th Platoon after all....

Well then, let's visit some boutique shops. (text)

Ooh, let's, let's....

>Panel 6
Now then.

>Last Panel
From today, this will be your normal attire.


Pg 024 ===================================
>Panel 1
At this point, you need impact if you want be popular.

Is this me....?

No, we don't need any impact with normal atti.... // Aah, and the lady isn't nearly as annoyed!!

>Panel 2
Hum.... That's Felli-chan for you.... Not bad....


But the maintenance of this kind of attire is gonna be hard on our pockets as students....

And THAT is your problem!? (Shout)

>Panel 2
Also, It'd be nice if you could suggest some clothing that's easy on public's eyes and could be worn in the school premises.

Muh (text)
Please say that sooner.

I'm sorry.

>Panel 3
Then why don't we rearrange the uniform. // Like this.

Why me---- (Layfon text)

Image Collaborator
Layfon Alseif-san (box)


It's pretty popular among some people. (handwritten bubble)

>Panel 4
Then, how about remodelling the battle costumes? // We have the 1st and 2nd Platoon as our precedent.

I see! // It's nice to stand out in the match!

>Last Panel
Let's put you aside for now. (text)

This time, I'll remodel the two of you all at once.

Ooh. // Things are looking good this time.

Pg 025 ===================================
>Panel 1 (RANT: Now go play the theme song. I already did.)
And these are the costume I have prepared.


>Panel 2
It exposes their individuality, yes?

By the way, this is for combat outside the city.(text)

Fake muscle!! (text)

Uwaaaaaa! (Nina Text)

Not just individuality! It exposes their naked body too!! // I won't even be surprised if their enemy appears out of nowhere and says his stylish line now!!

>Panel 3
W...when you think about total remodelling...

We've gotta change our dite to a bludgeon or morning star type, huh...

Like I said, don't just accept everything she tells you, please! // Normally! You would think about changing the costume first!

>Panel 4
Anyway, individuality won't do you any good if you aren't popular, right!?

Oh, right.

Goodness... // You just keep complaining.

>Last Panel
Then what about these costumes!? // Their gorgeousness should be appealing to girls! // Behold, the noble impression of a platoon! // These will strengthen the solidarity between the platoon members!


Pg 026 ===================================
>Panel 1
Theresa the Black Rose!

>Panel 2
Tony the Soul Reaper!

>Panel 3
Cody the Moon Shadow!

>Last Panel
I name you, The Jet Black Trident(lol)
[NOTE: (lol) is a part of the line btw, and it's literally "The Three Jet Black Fierce Gods". Why "trident"? Just keep reading.]

Or maybe the Black Tri-Stars (text)

So embarrassiiiiiiing! (text)

This is the first time I see Felli enjoying herself so much!

Pg 027 ===================================
>Panel 1
Felli, you better cut this out now!! The senpai are being serious----


! Senpai.... I'm very sor....!!

>Panel 2
Give me a second title too!!

Please don't say another word, Senpai!!

>Panel 3
Then, yours is "Shin the Falcon"
Since you seem bird-like. (text)

My deepest gratitude!

Senpai! You should deny that!!
It's so uncool!! (text)

>Panel 4


>Panel 5
N...not good. // I can't let this goes on....


>panel 6
Senpai as well as the members seem to be having fun.... // It may be just me who is thinking too much....

Bwah, it's hard to breathe in this mask. (reaper's text)

And the sunglasses are way too dark. (moon's text)

To carelessly interfere... // and ruin the mood would be just....

>Last Panel
I must not create any more problems for this platoon...

Pg 028 ===================================
>Panel 1
Say, Nina, is this 14th Platoon not good enough....?

>Panel 3
Ah! (handwritten)
No, // no, that's not it!!

Yes, I did leave the 14th platoon for my selfish reason, // but regretting it now will not change anything.

>Panel 5

>Last Panel
If you wish to say something, // please say it clearly.

Pg 029 ===================================
>Panel 1

Ah. (text)

>Panel 2

>Panel 3

>Panel 4
Nina, looks like you're feeling under the weather.


Let's go out for a bit.

>Panel 5

Just come with me.


>Panel 6
I am fine, I'm not... // Buuuh!!

>Panel 7
....You okay?

You're bleeding a lot. (Shin text)

Ooooh. (Nina text)


>Panel 8
That boy stole the ornaments!! // Please catch him!!

Pg 030 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
I will after him personally!! // I'll leave the tracing to you!!

>Panel 3
Hey, (handwritten)

>Panel 4
That idiot went alone....

Good grief....


>Panel 5
Not even aware that people are worried about her....

She is....

>Panel 6
truly... // a hopeless person.

Pg 031 ===================================
>Panel 5
Where's the criminal!?

I have caught up with him. He is about 800 meters to the north from here.

>Panel 6
To move that far within such a short time.... he must be a martial artist, then?


>Panel 7

>Last Panel
You are such a simple person, aren't you? // If we just leave this to the 14th Platoon...

we can easily make them popular....

Pg 032 ===================================
>Panel 1+2
Don't be stupid!!

We have a criminal in front of us! // This is no time to worry about being popular!!

>panel 3
You are right.

>panel 4+5
....I'm relieved.

Muh. // There he is!!

>Panel 6

>Last Panel

not- // getting-

Pg 033 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 3

>Panel 4

>Last Panel
Whoopsie, too bad for ya.

Pg 034 ===================================
>Panel 1
End of the road.

>Panel 4
No matter how much you dress up....

>Last Panel
The inside also needs to keep up, y'know?

Pg 035 ===================================
>Panel 1


>Panel 3
Without the support from a psychic,we can only charge on randomly.

>Panel 4
Guess we got the good part in the end!



>Panel 5+Last
B-but, he might have been hiding somewhere near!

True, well, I guess that's just like you, // as reckless as ever.

Hahaha. (Bold Text)

Uu... He is making fun of me... (text)

Pg 036 ===================================
>Panel 1
Hey, Nina.


>Panel 2
Just so you know, // you don't have to feel guilty about it.

>Last Panel
Felli-chan said so too. // That you're still worrying about leaving our 14th Platoon.


Pg 037 ===================================
>Panel 1
Felli, // too....?

Well, it would be nice to have someone as strong as you, but still... // You said you want to protect this city with the path you chose.

>Panel 2
So, as your senpai, I've gotta be happy for that and push your back.

After all...

>Panel 3
This place is the Academy City, yeah?

You just gotta challenge your own potential... // as freely and as much as you want.

>Panel 4
Well, // I just wanted to say that....

Captain Shin---

Where are you?


>Last Panel
Oooh, my bad, my bad. (text)

Pg 038 ===================================
>Panel 1
....Don't tell me, // did Felli and Senpai...?

Planned this just for today.....

>Panel 2
....What a thought...

I'm just getting conceited.

>Panel 3
....I am... // really immature.

>Panel 4
A few days later. (box)

Heey, Nina!

Ah, Shin-senpai!

>Panel 5
Look at this, this month's Look'n! // The 14th Platoon's popularity is climbing thanks to it!

Aah! // It is because the platoon caught the shoplifter and became news, right?

>Panel 6
Eh? // No, it's not about that.

>Last Panel
They actually adopted the ideas.

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