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Translations: One Piece 859 by cnet128 , Gintama 628 (2)

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 17

Revenge is Followed by Tragedy

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Sep 27, 2012 05:21 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 17

CXC Only

Renya pg 153 =============================================
/ \
/ [Armory] \
[Watchtower] [Aaron's Mansion] \
(Aaron's escape route) / [Guard Post] [Watchtower]
[Watchtower] \
| (Pool) \
| [Pump] \
|_____________________[] Main Gate []____________________ \
{Enemy Army}
(Weinberg-Claire Team) Diversion
-Enemy Army-=> <= -Enemy Army-

Cover w/ long range shooting
(Esteban) (Renya) Pincer Attack

Chapter 17 Revenge is Followed by Tragedy

Renya pg 154 =============================================
>Panel 1

Yes, begin the operation.

Renya pg 155 =============================================
>Panel 1 (NOTE: Sakuradite is also written as "Bursting Stone")
Bring it on!

Time to eat some sakuradite!

>Panel 3
Misuzu's team, use this chance to get into Aaron's mansion.


>Last Panel

Renya pg 156 =============================================
>Panel 1

You're not exactly strong, so don't get ahead with just your spirit!

>Panel 2
Let the civilians escape!

We'll advance towards Aaron's mansion as the rear defense....!

>Panel 3

Renya pg 157 =============================================
>Panel 1
Insolent outlaws!

>Panel 2
From the rear! // Outflank them!

>Panel 3

>Last Panel
Too bad for you!

Claire already predicted your every move!!

Renya pg 158 =============================================
>Panel 2
See ya.

>Panel 3

>Panel 5
The knightmare hasn't come out yet.

>Last Panel
Right, he's probably protecting Aaron.

Renya pg 159 =============================================
>Panel 1
So... it appears we do need Esteban's long distance shooting.

>Panel 2+3
I won't run away! // Even I'm doing my hardest to rescue Talia-san!

I think of you as my brother, Esteban!

>Last Panel
As for what lies after everything is over, // we can just think it over when the time has come.

Renya pg 160 =============================================
>Panel 1
You're right, Karim.

>Panel 2
We should head towards the sea.

This way, sir.

>Panel 3

This is revenge for my mother!

>Last Panel
Death to conquistador who took away Talia!

Renya pg 161 =============================================
>Panel 2

Renya pg 162 =============================================
>Panel 1
There he is!!

>Panel 4
No way.... There's no way....

>Panel 5
The knightmare!

>Last Panel

Renya pg 163 =============================================
>Panel 1
Esteban! Don't stop!

Keep firing!

>Panel 2
Fuhahahaha! There's no way he can do that!

>Panel 3
Because shooting at me...

Renya pg 164 =============================================
>Panel 1
is the same as shooting at his own beloved woman, Talia!

Renya pg 165 =============================================
>Panel 1
The Knightmare is Talia!?

>panel 2
The woman Esteban has been trying to rescue!?

>Panel 3+Last

Renya pg 166-167 =============================================
>Last Panel

Renya pg 168 =============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2


>Panel 3
Anji and Wein-chan, go help Esteban!

I'll take care the knightmare!

>Panel 4
That Renya, he's acting alone again!

>Last Panel
Young master! You're up against a knightmare, you know!

Renya pg 169 =============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2

Renya-san, she's...!

>Panel 3
I know! But still...!

Renya pg 170 =============================================
no trans

Renya pg 171 =============================================
no trans

Renya pg 172 =============================================
>Panel 1
What speed!

Renya pg 173 =============================================
>Panel 2
You're kidding me!

>Last Panel

Renya pg 174 =============================================
>Panel 2
Good, she's stopped!

>Panel 4

Renya pg 175 =============================================
>Panel 3
What an idiot! My Talia is a being that has surpassed human!

>Panel 4
All of you can't hope to match her!

>Panel 5
"Surpassed human"...I see...

>Last Panel
This presence...!

Renya pg 176 =============================================
>Panel 2
So, what will you do? // Maybe I'll just do the routine and hang you all?

>Panel 3
Talia-san! Don't you recognize me!?

It's me, Karim!

Renya pg 177 =============================================
>Panel 1
Or are you being threatened?

Please say something, Talia-san! Esteban is also waiting for you!

>Last Panel
It's useless, brat!

This woman has been reborn thanks to the secret arts of a certain man.

Renya pg 178 =============================================
>Panel 1
As a knightmare with unrivalled speed.

In exchange to that,

she has lost all her past memories and words.

>Panel 2

>Last Panel
Then, is that why Talia-san won't response?

Don't worry, we'll just ask the one who can talk.

Renya pg 179 =============================================
>Panel 1+2
Hey, care to tell us a bit?

That certain man you're talking about, where is he now?

>Panel 3
....You, don't tell me...

Are you looking for that man?

>Panel 4+Last
That's right.

You know where he is, right? Spit it....

I am right here....

Renya pg 180 =============================================
>Panel 3
It can't be.

>Panel 4
What was that?

Renya pg 181 =============================================
>Panel 1


>Panel 2
P-pull back! We've got to regroup, damnit!

>Panel 4
We're withdrawing?

I guess we've no choice.

>Last Panel


Renya pg 182 =============================================
>Panel 1


>Panel 2
C.C.-dono, where's the young master?

He escaped along the coastline

>Panel 3
It's fine to rendezvous there, right?

Yes, Weinberg-san went there ahead since he has to protect Esteban.

>Panel 4
Uh, you know...

Where is Misuzu-san?

Renya pg 183 =============================================
>Panel 1
Isn't she with Renya?


He was alone.

>Panel 2
Don't tell me.

>Panel 3
This can't get any worse...

>Last Panel
Uh, uuuhh....

Renya pg 184 =============================================
>Panel 1
A nice bait.

Good enough to lure out Esteban and the brat.

>Panel 3



Can't let you kill yourself now.

>Panel 4
Mgh, mggh

Come to think of it, the shadow from just then... No, that can't be true.

>Last Panel
That man can't possibly be here....

Renya pg 185 =============================================
>Panel 1
I knew it....

Hm, I am glad we could meet.

I have been waiting for you.

>Panel 2

Should I call C.C.?

>Panel 3
I don't mind that, but how about your subordinate? His name was... Anji-kun, wasn't it?

Things will get complicated if he comes here.

Renya pg 186 =============================================
>Panel 1
Anji-san isn't my subordinate.

He's my comrade.

A comrade.... // Yes, indeed, you have my apologies.

>Panel 2
So, What did you wanna talk about?

>Last Panel

Renya pg 187 =============================================
>Panel 1
Before the situation turns sour, I will just be frank with you.

I like to keep things simple... clear and concise.

What? Settle the fight here?

>Panel 2
You seem to have misunderstood.

>Last Panel
I came here to ask a favor.

A simple yet important favor.

Renya pg 188 =============================================
>Panel 1
Won't you consider...

becoming my comrade?

>Last Panel

Code Geass Shikkoku no Renya Vol 3 END

Renya pg 189 -extra- =============================================
no trans

Renya pg 190 -extra- =============================================

Renya pg 191 -extra- =============================================
skipped again, muhahaha

Renya pg 192 -extra- ============================================= (RANT: While I know it's hard, they should let Geass go already.... Lelouch needs some peace)
>Panel 1+2
The only ones who should sell are those who are resolute to sell!!

Lelouch, I'm going to Britannia. // There are things I must do no matter what...

Protect the dying convenience store Sven Eleven from the giant supermarket Britannia.... (giant white text)

(NOTE: Seven Eleven is written as Zebun Ilevun in Jpn. Zebun Ilevun is changed to [Zenbu] Ilevun here. Never good with puns, I just remove one 'e'.)

>Panel 3
Never look down on Eleven!!

Kallen, calm down!!

>Panel 4
The HQ found out that I was part-timing at Britannia.
They grilled me so bad. (black text)

Welcome~~ (white text)
Britannia (white text)

It's your own fault that you were fired.

Betrayed, (giant white text)

Renya pg 193 -extra- =============================================
>Panel 1
Pride trampled on, (giant white text)

Why not? (handwritten)
Do you have a uniform? // If not, I can lend you my spare.

I wish not to wear such unsophisticated clothing

>Panel 2
On Supermarket Britannia side!! (text)

Director (Charles's box)

Manager Schneizel (box)

Cash Register Chief Cornelia (box)

Grocery Supervisor Lloyd (box)

Delicatessen Supervisor Cecil (box)

Fruits Supervisor Jeremiah (box)


What is it?

>Panel 5
Lies and deception, (giant white text)

Lelouch, if you want to be a manager, form a contract with me.

Use this and you will be able to become a manager through the power of Geass.

W-with this, I can become a manager... (thought)

NOT!!! (shout)
This is too cliched and embarrassing, damn it! (handwritten)

I am the manager!! (sash)

Amazing! (handwritten)
With Geassash, you look totally like a manager!

>Panel 6
Kallen, what the heck are you wearing!?

Well, (handwritten)
we can wear any kinds of uniforms now, right?
This clothing's easy to move in. (handwritten)

I want to go to the shop where Onii-sama works.

>Last Panel
Sometimes, we have fanservice shots too. (bigger black text)

The legs feel a bit chilly, but it's comfortable to move around in this.


This is... the hopeless rebellion of the part-timing youths.

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