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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 18

The Invitation to Tomorrow

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Oct 13, 2012 13:43 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

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CXC Only

Cover =============================================
A power that is not Geass...
During their journey to Britannia, Renya and the team anchored at a certain island.
There, Renya met Dash, the mastermind behind all Knightmares.
And now, Renya is about to learn the truth of the power within his left arm.
On the other hand, the island's youths, Esteban and Karim, are fighting against
the conquistador for the sake of their loved ones. What awaits them at the end...!?

Pg 01 =============================================
Chapter 18 The Invitation to Tomorrow

>Panel 2
I came here to ask a favor.

A simple yet important favor.

>Last Panel
Won't you consider...

becoming my comrade?

Pg 02-03 =============================================
Chapter 18 The Invitation to Tomorrow

Pg 04 =============================================
Chapter 18 The Invitation to Tomorrow
Chapter 19 A Geassless and Unqualified One
Chapter 20 Renya Dances Forth
Chapter 21 As the Leader of the Knights
Chapter 22 A Single Thrust

Pg 05 =============================================
>Panel 1
Don't you think there was some disagreement between us?

Such as situation, sentiment, time....

>Panel 2

Can I call you that?

>Panel 3
Feel free.

>Panel 4
Dash, I don't know what you're talking about... // and I don't think I wanna know about it.

Hm, and?

Pg 06 =============================================
>Panel 1
But I've got a few things I want to confirm.

Were you the one who killed my dad?

>Panel 2
To answer that question in a simple manner...


>Panel 3
And you were the one who brought those knightmare guys...

to hinder our journey?

Yes, // and their death became the foundation for the future.

>Last Panel
And you also turned Esteban and Karim's friend into a knightmare and ruined her memories?

Pg 07 =============================================
Mmmm, that one was a failed product.

Hum. (Text)

Pg 08 =============================================
>Panel 1

Are you trying to disobey me!?

>Panel 2
But! But!

>Panel 3
You saw her yourself!

Talia... The Talia we knew is no longer with us!

>Panel 4
You just escape together with these guys, you don't have to follow my whim every time!

You have your own life and we already talked this over with Renya!

>Last Panel
And, where's the Young Master?

Mm, C.C.-san went to look for him earlier, but....

Pg 09 =============================================
>Panel 3

Pg 10-11 =============================================
We can still go on...

If we use the sakuradite that Renya-san and the others brought!

Pg 12 =============================================
>Panel 1
We can surpass Talia-san's speed with this!

If we defeat Aaron, Talia-san just might return to her normal self! Besides...

>Panel 2
Misuzu is held captive!! // I have to rescue her!

We have to! // Right, this is my own whim!

>Panel 3
It's fine, right? Nii-san?

>Panel 4

>Last Panel
When did you become all grown-up?

Pg 13 =============================================
no trans

Pg 14 =============================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Someone like you should just...!!

>Panel 3
That's it, Renya-kun.


>Panel 4
Do please show it to me...


arm of yours...

Pg 15 =============================================
>Last Panel
Could he be...

a qualified one?

Pg 16-17 =============================================
The seed that I granted you.

Pg 18 =============================================
>Panel 1
The moment you are awakened to the inhuman Geass...

>Panel 2
A trap I devised was supposed to be activated.

>Panel 3
To think it would bear such a wonderful fruit...

The power to drain life...

Pg 19 =============================================
>Panel 1

Why don't I suck out your life with this power you gave me?

>Panel 2
You can't possibly do it.

You are not one to follow his own whim. You mind about others... your friends, your comrades.

>Panel 3
You could call it a just cause. // An ally of justice if you will.

>Panel 4
But that is just imprudent.

The living should be more selfish.

>Last Panel
That's all you got to say?

Pg 20=============================================
>Panel 1
Fufu, let us prepare a suitable place for all of you.

A suitable place? You? Who've been targeting us this whole time?

>Panel 2
Renya-kun, why is it that you act together with Lord Weinberg?

He was the one who destroyed your village, was he not?

>Panel 3
It's not like he's directly involved in the destruction.

>Panel 4
Then it is the same case with me.

I can join forces with you all.

>Last Panel (RANT: Totally a master of essay)
And your point is...?

To put it in a simple, clear, and concise manner...

Pg 21 =============================================
>Panel 1
I want the holy stone. // The one that Claire li Britannia, the heir to the throne, had.

>Panel 2

Pg 22 =============================================
>Panel 3
I'm really happy that you guys are fighting with us.


>Last Panel
I'm serious about what I just said.

If I don't settle this, I won't be able to move forward. // Yes, I know I'm being trapped....

Pg 23 =============================================
>Panel 1
Are really okay with it? No matter what will become of Talia-san?

....I'm sure I'm prepared for it.

>Panel 2+3
You are...


More so than I thought.

>Last Panel (RANT: Future empress(?)'s panty shot. Now I somehow find Lord Weinberg's dual swords in my eyes)
Are you really praising me?

Aah, I'm sorry.

Pg 24 =============================================
>Panel 1
If he pushes himself more than this, Nii-san will die.

I want to settle this while he's still asleep.

>Panel 2
Won't you please cooperate with me?

>Panel 3
But, Renya is....

>Panel 4

Please do not forget that one of ours has been taken hostage.

>Last Panel
....I know.

Pg 25 =============================================
>Panel 1
Claire entrusted this to me.

Is this some expensive stuff?

>Panel 2+Last
It is nothing valuable price-wise.

Its true value only applies to me alone.

Pg 26 =============================================
>Panel 1
This one was in your father's possession.

I need the one you have to form a counterpart.

Pg 27 =============================================
>Panel 1
Dad was!?

>Panel 2
I won't ask you to hand it over immediately.

You can give me it after I have prepared the place for you.

>Panel 3
With just that, // all of you can attain your peaceful days.

There will be no conflicts, and no one will chase after you.

>Last Panel
Now then.

Pg 28 =============================================
>Panel 1+2
For the tranquil...

And peaceful days...

>Panel 3
Hell no.

>Last Panel
Just for a thing like that, // you killed my dad?

It is a necessity for the future's foundation.

Pg 29 =============================================
>Panel 1
I don't understand what you're spouting one bit!

>Panel 2
Besides, it is our right to find the place where we belong!

That's the only thing we're looking forward to!

>Panel 3

I wonder... if there is any selfish thought in that.

>Panel 4
Is it so bad to act while thinking about your friends!?

Then, Dash, you have no right to force yourself into our group!

>Last Panel
In any case.... I know this one thing for sure.

Pg 30 =============================================


Chapter 18 END

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