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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 19

A Geassless and Unqualified One

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 11, 2012 17:07 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 19

CXC Only

renya 19 pg 01 ====================================================
Chapter 19
A Geassless and Unqualified One

renya 19 pg 02 ====================================================
>Panel 2
Hate? You hate me?

>panel 3
Fuh.... Fufufufufufu.

renya 19 pg 03 ====================================================
>Panel 1
What's so funny?

>Panel 2


>Panel 3

>Panel 4
Renya-kun, I find you quite amusing.

Kukuku (text)


>Last Panel
You prioritize emotion at a time like this. Yes, you are indeed a human.

You are neither a Knightmare nor a Geass user.

renya 19 pg 04 ====================================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
He meant the power you gained from our failed contract.

renya 19 pg 05 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Anji-san, has Renya....

There's been no contact from him.

>Panel 2
I don't see C.C.-dono either.

>Panel 3
I think she went to search for Renya...

Then she can just ask us to go with her.

>Last Panel
Umm, about that....

renya 19 pg 06 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Do you mean to split the group? How unenlightened, you are a bamboo that is about to be split in two.

Do you have to put it like that!?

>Panel 2
Honestly, where have you gone to, Renya....?

>Panel 3+4
Ah, is Esteban okay now?

Yeah, he's fast asleep.

>Panel 5
But, are you really alright with this?

Hup. (handwritten)

I don't think you guys have to keep accompanying us.

>Last Panel
Is that a joke?

renya 19 pg 07 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Misuzu is captured, so it's only natural for us to go help her, right?

As the Princess has already made her decision, it is only natural for us to obey. // Besides, we cannot afford losing a single personal slave.

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Just don't worry about it!

Besides, I'm sure Young Master is already on the move to Aaron's mansion, I just know it.

>Panel 4 (Note: In JP, it's "koshou" which means pageboy/servant, if you wanna use the Japanese.)
Thank you, Pageboy-san.


renya 19 pg 08 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Huh? Did I get it wrong?

Weinberg-san told me that Anji is his nickname and Pageboy is his real name....

>Panel 2
That is good enough. // After all, Renya is Princess's personal slave and this man is his servant.

>Panel 3
What the heck are you deciding!?

But, it isn't exactly wrong either, strange enough.

>Last Panel
Uum, was I mistaken?

renya 19 pg 09 ====================================================
>panel 1
Well, you see.

Lord Weinberg's vocabulary can be ambiguous from time to time, so....

>Panel 2
All is well, is it not, Pageboy?

>Last Panel

renya 19 pg 10-11 ====================================================
>Panel 2
....It has been a while, C.C.

>Last Panel
I see you have been wandering around, Dash.

Is it regret? Or is it....

renya 19 pg 12 ====================================================
>Panel 1
It is my duty.

Creating Knightmare as well?

>Panel 2
Still much better than someone like you...

who is irresponsibly awakening Geass users, don't you think so?

renya 19 pg 13 ====================================================
>Panel 1
I hate to interrupt you guys.

It's about time we end this, Dash.

>Panel 2

Dash's power is....

renya 19 pg 14 ====================================================
>Panel 1
With this, no one will come after us anymore....

>Panel 2
Do you really think so?

renya 19 pg 15 ====================================================
>Last Panel
It is useless,


renya 19 pg 16 ====================================================
>Panel 1

...Are you really a human!?

>Panel 2
If there exists a power that can defeat him,

that would be Geass alone.

>Panel 3
What the hell is Geass!? // Just what is this power from that failed contract!?

>Last Panel
It is not such a special ability.

renya 19 pg 17 ====================================================
>Panel 1

The manifestation of the power will change according to the individual.

>Panel 2
I would guess that my power is one that is related to brain structures.

renya 19 pg 18 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Whatever's good! Just give me that power!

>Panel 2
Renya, // that is....

>Last Panel
You are...

One of the Unqualified .

renya 19 pg 19 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Poor Renya-kun, inept and incomplete.

You are neither a human nor a knightmare.

Not even a Geass User.

>Last Panel
And that's all you've got to say!?

renya 19 pg 20 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Do you fancy being at a loss?

You need to listen to what I have to say until the end.

>Panel 3
Then, let us grant you one, a position in this world of the living.

I can do it for you.

>Last Panel
For the umpteenth time, your words make no sense to me!!

renya 19 pg 21 ====================================================
>Panel 1
Do you know what is necessary for a living being?

>Panel 2
That is...

a raison d'etre.

renya 19 pg 22 ====================================================
>Panel 2
Everyone constantly seeks for the place they belong to.

>Last Panel
But is that alone enough?

Is that really enough to satisfy one's heart? One's desire?

renya 19 pg 23 ====================================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
What they truly need is a reason to live.

>Panel 3
A fulfilled heart that allows them to stand wherever they are.

>Last Panel
For that reason alone, living beings are able to put their lives on the line.

renya 19 pg 24 ====================================================
For that reason alone, they can put themselves in harm's way for others.

A soul that has found its reason will be at peace and have no hesitation. // And you already know this, I believe?

renya 19 pg 25 ====================================================
>Panel 2
So what?

>Panel 3
I have already announced what I want, Renya-kun.

That I want the Holy Stone.

>Panel 4
What can you possibly accomplish with something like that?

C.C., this has nothing to do with you, so be at ease.

>Last Panel
Well, Renya-kun?

renya 19 pg 26 ====================================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
I've also already told you what I think.

>Panel 3

I hate your guts.

>Last Panel
I see, you leave me no choice.

In that case...

renya 19 pg 27 ====================================================
I will just take it by force.

renya 19 pg 28 ====================================================
no trans

renya 19 pg 29 ====================================================
>Panel 2

Damn coward....

>Panel 3+Last

renya 19 pg 30 ====================================================
no trans

renya 19 pg 31 ====================================================
>Panel 2
Everything so far is just as Claire-san predicted.

>Last Panel

renya 19 pg 32 ====================================================
It's my turn now....

Chapter 19 END

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