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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 21

As the Leader of the Knights

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Dec 19, 2012 07:48 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 21

CXC Only

Renya Pg 01 =====================================================
Chapter 21 As the Leader of the Knights

Renya Pg 02 =====================================================
>Panel 1
R...right, your elbow must stay fixed.

>Panel 2

>Last Panel
Sh...shift your weight, or the recoil will blow you away.

Like this?

Renya Pg 03 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Now that I think about it...

this happened in the past.

>Panel 4
Eeh? This is haaard.

>Last Panel
What did I tell you?

This kind of thing isn't for girls.

Renya Pg 04 =====================================================
>Panel 1
But, you're planning to set up a business with this thing, so I...


>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Um, you're trying to say....

Esteban! Talia-san!

>Last Panel
The village!

Hah (small bubble)

Hah (small bubble)

The outsiders were...!

Renya Pg 05 =====================================================
>Panel 1+2
They robbed

our future...!

>Last Panel

Renya Pg 06 =====================================================
>Panel 3

>Last Panel
You think you can win with that!?

Renya Pg 07 =====================================================
>Panel 3

>Last Panel
C.C. , if you are worried so much, why don't you try to convince Renya-kun to hand over the holy stone?

Everything will be resolved with just that....

Renya Pg 08 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Whether Renya's obstinacy is futile or not...

that is for him alone to decide.

>Panel 2
Humans are ruled by something they imposed upon themselves.

They are creatures that are living by that something.

>Panel 3
Then, you mean to say... that you have nothing to do with this matter?

I am just an observer who is swaying about between the interval of times.

>Last Panel
I won't intervene or side with anyone.

I have no need of others' acceptance.

Renya Pg 09 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Yes, that is wonderful.

If you can live that way.

>Panel 2

that is but an ideal.

>Last Panel
Why do you...

spread the seeds that we call Geass?

Renya Pg 10 =====================================================
>Panel 2
The reason why beings with high intelligence exist in this world...

is to serve something.

>Last Panel (NOTE: Written as "to code", read as "to rule", "code" as in "law")
And that something is...

none other than to rule oneself.

Renya Pg 11 =====================================================
>Panel 2+3
You see, that Mascle G... // He was a man destined to protect a certain clan.

>Last Panel
Please don't think that I have been turning people into knightmares without any reason.

Renya Pg 12 =====================================================
>Last Panel

Are you speaking the truth!?

Renya Pg 13 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Yes, there is a possibility.

If you form a contract with me, you can obtain new power and live on.

>Panel 2
W-with you?

Not.... with God?

>Panel 3
The mediator...

>Last Panel
is your own body.

Renya Pg 14 =====================================================
>Panel 1

>Last Panel
I am grateful to Dash-sama!

Renya Pg 15 =====================================================
>Panel 1
This body was supposed to have rotted a long time ago!

>Panel 2
Don't push your problem to me...

>Panel 3
Old man!

Renya Pg 16 =====================================================
>Panel 2
Hum, if you were a weak being...

you won't have to have all these troubles...

>Last Panel

Renya Pg 17 =====================================================
>Panel 1
If it is Dash-sama's wishes,

I want to grant them no matter what they are... This is no lie.

>Panel 2
However, that man...

has another that he must serve.

>Last Panel

Renya Pg 18 =====================================================
>Panel 4

>Last Panel

Renya Pg 19 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Young Master!?

>Panel 2
!? W-what's going on?

Renya Pg 20 =====================================================
>Panel 1
You have grown into a fine lady, Princess.

>Panel 2


>Panel 3

Mascle the Knight Leader?

>Panel 4
Huh? W-what?

What do you mean!?

>Last Panel
You were alive? But, that body...

Renya Pg 21 =====================================================
>Panel 2
Who the hell are you!?

>Panel 4
You don't care what happens to this girl?

>Last Panel
I have nothing to do with that girl.

Renya Pg 22 =====================================================
>Panel 1
I see, then, how about this?

>Last Panel

Renya Pg 23 =====================================================
>Panel 1
I don't know who you are, but you're already lost!


>Panel 2+3

>Panel 4
W-what do we do, Esteban!

Renya Pg 24 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Esteban? Are you okay!?

The hell are you talking about, I'm obviously far from okay.

>Panel 2+3

I gotta settle this once and for all.

Huff (small bubble)

Huff (small bubble)

>Panel 4+Last
Are you scared... of getting other people mixed in?

Renya Pg 25 =====================================================
>Panel 1

will get transmitted and become reality.

>Panel 2
That's why... you have to believe.

This is the cannon that you completed, isn't it?

>Panel 3

>Panel 5

To you, knightmares are...

>Last Panel
Indeed, // they are possibilities.

Renya Pg 26 =====================================================
>Panel 1
As long as the qualified ones have strong will,

all I have to do is to grant them possibilities. // And that...

>Panel 3
Talia disappeared!?

>Panel 4+Last
goes for everyone.

Right, that woman...

Renya Pg 27 =====================================================

Renya Pg 28 =====================================================
>Panel 1
That woman once said...

>Panel 2
I beg of you! Give me power!

Power to crush Aaron!

>Panel 3
Could that be...

for the one you love?

>Last Panel
I would like you not to take this wrongly. // All I do is open the doors of possibilities.

As for what will happen beyond that....

Renya Pg 29 =====================================================
>Panel 1
I don't mind!

>Panel 2
As long as I have the power to destroy!

>Last Panel
This is going to be a gamble.

If that will of yours can't control the power....

Renya Pg 30-31 =====================================================
>Panel 1
At that moment,

>Last Panel
Tragedy will await you...

Chapter 21 END

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