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Translations: One Piece 926 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Chrome Shelled Regios 12

Secret Pride

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Jan 6, 2013 20:51 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 12

Pg 041 ===================================
>Panel 1
episode.12 Secret Pride

Ooh, he's so white and cute.

He doesn't get scared of human too, surprisingly.

I wonder if he's hungry.

Oh, // everyone is here today.
That's unusual. (text)

>Panel 2
Does he drink milk?

I heard that cow milk is no good.

Then, how about this chocolate?

Ah, chocolate's no good either.
I believe. (handwritten inside)

>Panel 3
What does he eat then? (handwritten)

Mmm... Cat food... maybe...? (handwritten)

What is going on? Did you pick up a cat or something?

Ah... (handwritten inside)
Hello. (text)

>Last Panel
Well, actually... // He stuck to me when I was on the way here....
I'm sorry. (text)

You were the one, huh? (text)

But, animals are forbidden in this training facility....

Ah, he isn't a cat.

Pg 042 ===================================
>Panel 1
He's a ferret.

>Last Panel
episode.12 Secret Pride

Pg 043 ===================================
>Panel 1
Look, there's a tag attached to his leg.

No---oo (text)

So, I thought he might have run from the agriculture dept.

>Panel 2
And then, when I contacted them, // they said they'll investigate first before coming to retrieve him.

Ho... // Hooo....

>Panel 3
So, I'm wondering if we can take care of him for the time being....

I think they'll be here soon enough. (text)

Ah...Aah.... // I see....

A word, Harley.

>Panel 5
Why did you let it in?

>Last Panel

You look scary, Nina. (text)

You.... you already know what I think about ferrets, yes...?

....Eh? That's... don't tell me....

Pg 044 ===================================
>Panel 1
Yes, // it was during my fifth birthday---

On that day, my family and relatives had gathered to celebrate my birthday.

Happy birthday, Nina!

>Panel 2+3
I have a surprise for you today.

My uncle who was known for being an animal-lover gave the present to me. // He said that he left it in my room. (Box)


>Panel 4
After the party, I headed to my room in all my excitement. (Box)

A surprise for me... // I wonder what it is.

My... Nina-sama (text)

Pg 045 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 3

>Panel 7

>Panel 8
What are you...

>Panel 9

>Last Panel
There, I found...

Pg 046 ===================================
>Panel 1
X Subjective Images

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
UWAAAAAAAAH (big text)

Nina-sama?! (handwritten)

Is there something wrong?! (handwritten)

That monster.....!

>Last Panel
That monster....! With its sharp fangs! It ripped open my dear Mitesha's stomach....!!

Mitesha.... that's the name of your plush toy, right?

Mitesha (panda text)

She is my dear friend whom I received from my great grandfather!! // She was... She was... // THAT BEAST IS A DEVIL!!

Pg 047 ===================================
>Panel 1
That's just an old story from your childhood. // Don't tell me, are you still not good with ferrets?

...Do not tell anyone.


>Panel 2
Never tell them this.

This guy's awesome!!

So long!!

>Panel 3
Eh, but, // It's better to tell and let them take care of-

How can I!!

My dignity as the platoon captain is on the line!!

My subordinates will look down on me!! (text)

>Panel 4
That's it, you take him to your lab. // Yes, let's do that.

Eeh, no way!! // It'd be really bad if he damages the materials or machinery.

Anything but that!! (text)

>Panel 5
I'm going back to the lab. (text)


I have to find a way.... // A way to chase out that ferret without them finding out my trauma.

>Last Panel
----So, do you mind, Captain?

Eh? // Aah, let's see!

Pg 048 ===================================
>Panel 1
Oh nooooo!!

Ah....!! // W-well, we can't let him hinder our training after all.

>Panel 2
If we can put him in a corner of a room where it can't move, // I can't hear his cries, // and I can't feel his presence...

Then it is fine!!

That sounds like the skills of an assassin!! (text)

Isn't that a bit too much for just taking care a small animal!?

>Panel 3
I will hold onto "Brilliant Excalibur", so he won't move around.

That is just an excuse to skip training, isn't i....

Don't tell me, is that his name!?

Brilliant?! (text)

>Panel 4
It is my wish for him to grow strong and noble in the future.
And become a legend.... (text)

P...putting an excessive expectation isn't good for the child, stop it!!

Then, (handwritten)
Why don't you think of a name, too, Captain?


>Panel 5 (NOTE: Menbou = Cotton Swab)
Umu... (text)

Since he's thin and white... (text)

You named him based on his body... huh? (text)

Your naming sense is really something.

>Panel 6

>Last Panel
U---mu. (handwritten text)

Pg 049 ===================================
>Panel 2
Oh, he seems to like the name, huh?

Isn't that nice, Captain?


>Panel 3
At any rate, we have to begin our training now!

Right. // By the way, Captain, your face looks very purple.

Kyuu--- (text)

I ate too much eggplant for my lunch.
Do not worry about it. (handwritten)

>Panel 4
There it is!

Sharnid, go!

>Panel 5

>Panel 6
Come at me!

>Last Panel

Pg 050 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Are you okay!?

Still alive? (text)

You've been making mistakes non-stop today!

>Panel 3
I guess you're really worried about Menbou....

Wh-what are you saying!!? // Come on, let's resume the training!!

>Panel 4

>Panel 5
This doesn't bode well, its voice and presence distract me!!

And the team will get suspicious if I chase it out now....!!

>Panel 6+7
Endure it!

I have to endure....! // If they found out...

My dignity as a captain will crumble....

>Last Panel
The 17th Platoon is on the brink of destruction!!

Eh? You're scared of ferrets? (text)

Platoon Captain(lol) (text)

....Haa.... (text)

She's not fit as a captain now. (text)

....I can't argue that. (text)

That is definitely the last thing I want!!

Pg 051 ===================================
>Panel 1
I won't lose to your interference, Menbou!!

>Panel 3
Wha!? // Why are you letting it go, Felliiiii!!?

My.... (normal bubble)

>Panel 4
You can carry the dite all by yourself. You're strong, Menbou. (normal bubble)

It's too big for you, though. (Text - NOTE: Not sure, can't read)

Stop it!!

You already have your sharp fangs!! You have no need to gain new power!!

>Panel 5
At this rate, you should be able to easily take care one or two stray dogs in the neighbourhood.
Good. (Felli Text)

Why are you so bend on training it that way, Felli!!? (Thought)
What do you mean by "good"!!? (Nina Text)

>Last Panel (NOTE: "(god)" the parentheses are on purpose.)
And eventually, you have to surpass your (god)parent....

Moreover, why am I the final goal----!!

Pg 052 ===================================
>Panel 1
As I thought, I was wrong to let Felli take care of it....

>Panel 2+3
It's not there....

>Panel 5+6
No, a surprise attack!!

Ah, // it's dangerous h-

However, same trick...

>Panel 7
will not work twiiiice!!

What kind of play is this!?

>Last Panel

That doesn't sound too good!!

Pg 053 ===================================
>Panel 1
Felli!! // You have to hold him properly!!

That's a very original way to hold him.

>Panel 2
Bad boy. (text)

Kyu---un (text)


Do they hold a grudge against me or something....?

>Panel 3
Besides, how come it keeps coming to me?

Is it on purpose? Is it aiming for me on purpose!?


>Panel 4
Captain, look, Menbou...

I absolutely won't lose, you hear!!

>Panel 5
He's waving hands to cheer you, Captain.


>Panel 6
It can't be....

I am its target to obliterate.... an enemy.... How can it----

>Panel 7
It's...It's true....

C-could the beast is scheming something....?

>Panel 8
Or is it really....

>Panel 9-12

Pg 054 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
It's going to kill me!!

This is just her imagination. (box)

>Panel 3
A devil, truly a devil. // Without a doubt, it is planning to harm Mitesha again!

Now that it has come to this, before I get killed....

>Panel 4
I have to kill it first!!

Oops....! (shout)

>Panel 5
My hands sliiiipped!!

Uwah, a full power attack!!

>Last Panel

Pg 055 ===================================
>Panel 1 (RANT: A certain ekusu...KALIBAAAAAAA, anti-fortress thingy or whatever, pales in comparison to this, TOTALLY.)

It became a super move's name before you know it.

>Panel 3

>Panel 4

Ah, // Captain, you're awake.

>Panel 5
This is... the medical room...?

Yes, // you passed out after taking the counter from Felli-senpai and Menbou, Captain.

Pg 056 ===================================
>Panel 1
Where is he? (handwritten inside)

Aah, the Agriculture Dept. came to take him when you passed out, Captain.

>Panel 2
Looks like Menbou did run away from them.

I... see...

...That means...

>Panel 3
I did it....!!

I really did it...!! // I may have suffered some physical injuries...

But I managed to hide my hatred towards ferrets....!!

>Panel 4
I have protected my dignity as a captain... (Thought)

But, Menbou wouldn't stay quiet when he's about to get taken away....

>Panel 5+Last
He seemed to be worried about you, so... // we were waiting until you wake up.


Pg 057 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
Heeey, // can I take the ferret now?

Ah, right. // I'm sorr....


Did I place him on the wrong spot?! (text)

>Panel 3+4

>Last Panel
Thank goodness we could hand him over safely.

Aah.... indeed.

Safely, it was.

Pg 058 ===================================
>Panel 1
Well, as long as I can protect my secret.... (thought)


>Panel 2
Senpai, // you aren't good with ferrets, are you?

>Panel 3
....Wh!? // How did you....!?

Ah, no, that is not true, I am...

There is nothing wrong with it.

>Panel 4
Anybody has one or two things that they aren't good with.

Well, I... (text)
don't like carrots (text)

You don't have to be embarrassed about it.

>Panel 5

Uh... (text)

you need to fix that... (text)


>Panel 6
Already knew that much... // yet you still let the ferret get near me....?

Eh? // No... I mean, I didn't think you hated ferrets that much.... // Um, why are you restoring your dites? // Err, // hello?

>Out of Panel
Uwaaa----- (handwritten)

And so... (printed text)

>Last Panel
After that, for some time...

the murmurs "Menbou...." from the Platoon members were apparently spotted one after another.

They started to miss Menbou.... (thought)

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