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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 23

Those Who Were Guided by Futaba

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Apr 20, 2013 04:43 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 23

renya 23 cover =====================================================
A [power] that is not Geass----
On their journey to Britannia, Renya and the team anchored in a certain island.
There, Renya confronted Dash, the mastermind of knightmares, and came to
know about the truth of the power in his left arm. On the other side, what is
the aftermath of the young islanders, Esteban and Karim, who fought against
the conquistador for their loved ones...!?

renya 23 pg 01 =====================================================
Chapter 23 Those Who Were Guided by Futaba

renya 23 pg 02-03 =====================================================
Chapter 23 Those Who Were Guided by Futaba

renya 23 pg 04 =====================================================
[Chapter 23] Those Who Were Guided by Futaba

[Chapter 24] Knights of the Round

[Chapter 25] The Killer of Royal Family

[Chapter 26] The Cursed Arm Does Not Seek for More Death

[Chapter 27] The Island of Despair

[Chapter 28] The Ambition's Visage

renya 23 pg 05 =====================================================
>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Did that ship just capsize?

>Last Panel
Is there any help around?

renya 23 pg 06 =====================================================
>Panel 1
There's a ship nearby, shouldn't they be able to manage somehow?

I guess.

>Panel 2
By the way, are those guys still at it?

Uh-huh, since this morning.

>Panel 3
Are they okay?

Will their bodies last like this?

>Panel 4
Should be fine.

At least, if he's exercising, he won't have to think about Esteban and Talia.

>Last Panel
350 left!

renya 23 pg 07 =====================================================
>Panel 1

Understanding leads to solution!

>Panel 2
We both need bodies that can withstand our moves!

Crack. (SFX bubble)

I do understand that, but you know....

Then, more training and less mouth.... Another set!

>Panel 3
I-I've been meaning... to say this...

>Last Panel
S-sometimes, you talk weird, you know? Are you an airhead? Or maybe, you have problems with your head...

Q-quite a rude man you are, young slave.

renya 23 pg 08 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Don't you think it's strange to call Karim "young slave"?

I-indeed, he is not a property of the Princess, after all...

>Panel 3
Looks like you still have some leeway, so I decided to add your burden.

W-why you....

>Last Panel
As expected of Lord Weinberg, the knight of Britannia!

Hey, stop that!

You can even do this!

renya 23 pg 09 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Uuuh, uhmm...

Is she taking out all her grudge on him?

>Panel 2
Uhh, I'm sure Shiori isn't thinking of anything.

>Panel 3
You guys sure are nice.


>Panel 4
Even Karim knows about it, right?

That you guys are being considerate.

>Panel 5
Naah, I'm pretty sure everyone's thinking that it's better to have many things to look forward.

That's all.

>Last panel

renya 23 pg 10 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Oh? This might be a quite big one.

>Panel 2
Need a net?

Yes, please, it's about to snap.

>panel 3
Did we catch a driftwood or something? // Ah, young master!

>Panel 4
I keep telling you, stop calling me that.

>Panel 5
I have given up on that though.

Aah, you mean being called "Princess"?

>Last Panel

renya 23 pg 11 =====================================================
>Panel 1
That won't do, Lord Weinberg.

You're still far from the finish line.


>Panel 2
Well, he's been training since morning after all.

Here. (bubble-handwritten)

>Panel 3
M-my thanks.

>Panel 4
Huh? Isn't that from the kitchen...

Yeah, it seems like a delicious drink, doesn't it?

>Last Panel
You mean the chili oil?

renya 23 pg 12 =====================================================
>Panel 1

A fish?

>Panel 2
Great, we might even be able to preserve it for food!

Oooi, Wein-chan and the others, don't play around, help us!

>Panel 3
Karim, you too!


renya 23 pg 13 =====================================================
no trans

renya 23 pg 14 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Couldn't have been better!

You must help me this instant!

>Panel 2
Su-Sumeragi Futaba...!

Why the heck are you here?
And where are your servants?

>Panel 3
Um, do you know her?

Well, I guess you could say that.

>Last Panel
Got no choice then.

renya 23 pg 15 =====================================================
no trans

renya 23 pg 16 =====================================================
>Panel 1
The hell are you doing!?

The school never taught me about squids' tender spots!

>Panel 3+last
Heh.... to think- // I could have the opportunity to test the result of my training so soon...

renya 23 pg 17 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Double Burning Smasher

>Panel 2

The long awaited special move!

>Last Panel

renya 23 pg 18 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Awh.... too tired, can't move.

Too early... to test the result...

>Panel 2
Then, it's time for my Lightning Boost.

When did you name it?

>Panel 3
Just now!

>Panel 4

You'll blow everything away if you fire that here!

>Last Panel
I... can't breathe.

renya 23 pg 19 =====================================================
>Panel 1
What do we do?

Shall we just give up?

>Panel 2
You're fast only in this kind of situation, huh?

Making decisions, I mean.

>Panel 3
Ah... aah...

>Panel 4+Last
Seriously, I really am // such a nice guy.

renya 23 pg 20 =====================================================
it looks like a dried squid now.

renya 23 pg 21 =====================================================


renya 23 pg 22 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Okay now, // where should I start...?

>Panel 2
You know,

what happened to your ship?

>Panel 3
Wasn't she following us up to some point?

Right... From Ryuukyuu or something...

She probably handled the ship wrong and sank herself.

>Last Panel
No! My ship was attacked!

By the squid?

The squid came later! After the attack!

renya 23 pg 23 =====================================================
>Panel 1
Everyone sure loves to attack you.

Ugh. (text)

>Panel 2

So, in summary, it's like this?

>panel 3
Having lost sight of our ship, you had been heading to Britannia.

By some luck, you found us again and were very excited.

>Panel 4
But, you were attacked by some pirate and wrecked your ship on the way.

>Last Panel
After being thrown out to the sea, you were caught by a giant squid and about to get eaten.

renya 23 pg 24 =====================================================
>Panel 1
What a sorry tale.

>panel 3
H-how rude! Who do you think I am! I, the Sumeragi clan...

Now, now, calm down.

>Last Panel
You are at fault in the first place!

You murdered my brother, why can you not act like one!?

Eh? // Me? (bubble-handwritten)

renya 23 pg 25 =====================================================
>panel 1
You should have a more sinister smile! Vulgar eyes!

>panel 2
And pose like a degenerate!

Like! This!! (text)

>last Panel

renya 23 pg 26 =====================================================
Hey, we have guests.

That is...

renya 23 pg 27 =====================================================
>Panel 2

>Panel 3
The ones who sneaked on us...

Like we're not busy enough as it is, sheesh.

>Panel 4+last
Do you know them?

Yes, their master- // is the one who ordered me to bring back the Princess.

renya 23 pg 28 =====================================================
>Panel 1
So, are they our friends?

>Panel 2
If only that's true, // but you know...

renya 23 pg 29 =====================================================
Does that appear like a friendly welcoming party to you?

Chapter 23 END

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