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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 24

Knights of the Round

+ posted by natural-log as translation on May 6, 2013 08:18 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 24

Renya 24 pg 01 =============================================
Chapter 24
Knights of the Round

Renya 24 pg 02 =============================================
no trans

Renya 24 pg 03 =============================================
no trans

Renya 24 pg 04 =============================================
One, two, CHEEEEEERS!!

Renya 24 pg 05 =============================================
Wai // Wai


Renya 24 pg 06 =============================================
>Panel 1
I say, it must have been hard on you.

>Panel 2
Geez you, I was so sure it was gonna be another fight.

No, no, there was a bit of slipup in our previous engagement.

>Panel 3
There's nothing like getting killed over a bit of slipup.

>Panel 4
As for that matter...

Renya 24 pg 07 =============================================
>Panel 1
We truly apologize.

It appears my lateness to join up with them caused some misunderstandings.

>Panel 2
Hmph, you are as cunning as always.

Worthy of the most powerful title in Britannia.

>Last Panel
The most powerful?

Renya 24 pg 08 =============================================
>Panel 1
The Knights of the Round.

The chosen Knights under direct command of the emperor of Britannia.

>Last Panel

I suppose they're like direct retainers of a shogun...

Renya 24 pg 09 =============================================
>Panel 1+2
Hmmm, a big shot, huh?

Quite, that said, the title is the only thing that is impressive.

One way or another, it's a troublesome social status.

>Panel 3

>Panel 4+5
Young lady, // my apologize for mistaking you as pirates.

Your subordinates have been treated and we are having them rest right now; I shall make an arrangement so that you can meet them later.

>Last Panel
How dare you look down on me.

Renya 24 pg 10 =============================================
>Panel 1
Oi, Claire, just to make sure, this man is going to be one of your subordinates, yes? // Just like Weinberg.

Eh? I-I'm not so sure about that.

>Panel 2
I don't mind that, Princess.

>Panel 3
And there also the order from Lord Lorenzo il Soresi, after all.

>Last Panel

What are we gonna do from now on?

Renya 24 pg 11 =============================================
>Panel 1
We will head for Britannia mainland together as you might be mistaken as rebels without us. // Besides...

>Panel 2
The coast isn't exactly a safe area too.

>Panel 3
Eeh? That's dangerous, even though I have heard it's a big country.

That is why it's necessary

>Last Panel
To have a new emperor // as the symbol to govern the country.

Renya 24 pg 12 =============================================
>Panel 1
I see, then I'll help too!

For the rule of Claire-san the new empress!

I see, that's what we're going to do when we get to Britannia.

>Panel 2
Good for you.

You don't have to study anymore.

W-what are you talking about?

>Panel 3
It's the opposite, if you were to rule, you will have to learn about law.

Eeh, you're kidding me!

>Last Panel

Renya 24 pg 13 =============================================
Lord Barbaros, // if I may...

Renya 24 pg 14 =============================================
>Panel 1
Ahahaha (black text)

>Panel 2
You! Are you trying to kill me!?

Wahaha, fondue! Witch cheese fondue!

>Panel 3
There, there, you are immortal anyway, C.C.-san.

You don't have to be so angry.

>Last Panel
How about you try to take a dip in the pot?


Renya 24 pg 15 =============================================
>Panel 1

You mustn't start pointless bloodshed in this celebration!

>Panel 2

Of what?

>Panel 3
Of the crowning

of the new empress, Claire!

OOOOH (white text)

Clap (small bubbles)

>Last Panel
Long live Claire the new empress!

Long live the empress!

Hold on! Everyone, stop it!

Renya 24 pg 16 =============================================
>Panel 2
So, what is your business, incompetent Weinberg?

>Panel 3
I would like to inquire your real intention.

Do you serve the Imperial Princess or Lord Soresi?

>Last Panel
Such is why I said you are incompetent.

Renya 24 pg 17 =============================================
>Panel 1
Do you really think a little girl can rule Britannia?

>Panel 2
I am not asking about the capacity to rule,

but where your loyalty lies.

>Panel 3
Know your place, you should watch how you talk.

In the end, you are a mere man from the sinful Weinberg house, your dignity is not so different from that of the next empress.

>Last Panel

Allow me to show you.

Renya 24 pg 18 =============================================
>Last Panel


Renya 24 pg 19 =============================================
>Panel 1+2
We only need C.C.-dono and the next empress.



We can't allow those lowly people to step their feet on the mainland, // and we will sell out the other women.

>Panel 3
Lord Weinberg, I must ask you to finish off the rest of the men.

>Last Panel
And I shall dispose of the next empress's limbs.

Renya 24 pg 20 =============================================
>Panel 2
No need for eyes.

Ears, and nose as well...

>Panel 3

Renya 24 pg 21 =============================================
Double Burning Smasher!

Renya 24 pg 22-23 =============================================
no trans

Renya 24 pg 24 =============================================
>Panel 1
Hm... Mmgh...

>Panel 2
You're not half bad.

However, your move's initial speed is slow.

>Panel 3
It has no effect to this Gigant Armor.

Renya 24 pg 25 =============================================
>Panel 1
Th-that's the Knights of Round's....

>Panel 2
Yes, and know this...

My name is....

>Last Panel

Renya 24 pg 26 =============================================
The Knight of 13.... Also known as!

Barbaros the Executioner!

Renya 24 pg 27 =============================================
no trans

Renya 24 pg 28 =============================================

Renya 24 pg 29 =============================================

Renya 24 pg 30 =============================================

Renya 24 pg 31 =============================================
My opponent

is the Knight of 13.

Renya 24 pg 32 =============================================
>Panel 1
Hoo, are you coming then?

>Last Panel
I am Alto Weinberg.

The successor of the Weinberg house, the killer of royal family!

Chapter 24 END

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