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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 25

The Killer of Royal Family

+ posted by natural-log as translation on May 6, 2013 08:21 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 25

Renya 25 pg 01 ==================================================
Chapter 25
The Killer of Royal Family

Renya 25 pg 02 ==================================================
>Panel 2+3
Even a Knight of Round...

won't be able to withstand a consecutive attack!

Renya 25 pg 03 ==================================================
>Panel 1
Double Burning Smasher!

>Panel 2
I told you that won't work!

Renya 25 pg 04-05 ==================================================
no trans

Renya 25 pg 06 ==================================================
>Panel 1
Which of the following does a nation need the most?

>Panel 2
Someone with power and influence,

or a mere marionette?

>Last Panel
A mere marionette...?

The princess? How dare you....

Renya 25 pg 07 ==================================================
>Panel 1+2
Worry not, you will never live to see it. // No, not just you, the entire house of Weinberg will be executed.


>Panel 3
Alto Weinberg

takes pride in his clan.

>Last Panel
They were the most distinguished house in Britannia.

Inheriting the name of great fame is Alto's father. He served as the earl of the imperial court, supporting the domestic affairs.

Renya 25 pg 08 ==================================================
>Panel 1
Before he knows it,

a sense of duty started to take root within Alto.

>Panel 2
As one of the proud Weinberg house,

he is serving Britannia.

>Panel 3

>Panel 4

Such a cursed name.

>Last Panel
Eh? Getting married?


Renya 25 pg 09 ==================================================
>Panel 1
That's right.

Is that fine?

>Panel 2
If anything, that is the best news I have ever heard!

To think that Annette is going to be together with my best friend Ganelon!

>Panel 3
A congratulation!

>Last Panel
To you both!

Renya 25 pg 10 ==================================================
>Panel 2

>Last Panel
Just give up already, I still have to execute the others.

Renya 25 pg 11 ==================================================
>Panel 2


>Last Panel
Ga-Ganelon did what?

Yes, the first prince did so to Basilio-sama!

Renya 25 pg 12 ==================================================
>Panel 1

murdered him!?

>Panel 2
Ganelon-sama is currently escaping.

As for his whereabouts...

Renya 25 pg 13 ==================================================
>Panel 1
You mean to say that he sold out my little sister!? My father, mother and brother!? And then ran away!?

That Ganelon!?

Renya 25 pg 14 ==================================================
With the death of Basilio, the next emperor,

Britannia was breaking into the season of struggle for power.

Renya 25 pg 15 ==================================================
>Panel 1
As for...

>Panel 2
Alto Weinberg...

>Panel 4
I want to ask one thing.

>Last Panel
Why did you do that?

Renya 25 pg 16 ==================================================
>Panel 1
Hmph, to smear the name of Weinberg.

>Panel 3
My clan...

had a history of being persecuted by the Weinberg.

>Panel 4

For that...

>Last Panel
Right, I got close to you...

and your little sister for revenge!

Renya 25 pg 17 ==================================================
>Panel 1
With this,

it's the end for the Weinberg!

>Panel 2

Renya 25 pg 18 ==================================================
>Panel 2
Your sister and your clan are tired waiting for you in hell,

Alto Weinberg.

Renya 25 pg 19 ==================================================
You okay,


Renya 25 pg 20 ==================================================
>Panel 1
I have such bad luck.

I had the chance for my magnificent counterattack stolen from me.

Listen to you, you're always quick to act tough.

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
I see, Renya-kun.

Do you want to be executed here as well?

>Last Panel
Can you now?

You have the two of us as your opponents.

Renya 25 pg 21 ==================================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
To protect the Princess and the others, even if this is a cowardly act,

we will carry this through.



>Panel 3
Cowardly? This is the second time I heard that phrase.

I think Lord Soresi also said so.

Renya 25 pg 22 ==================================================
>Panel 2
It has become clear that the group that is supporting the 3rd prince was behind this disturbance.


>Panel 3
I understand, Lord Lorenzo il Soresi.

I will obtain sakuradite and set this country on the right path.

>Last Panel
If that will lead me to freeing my clan from that tower...

Renya 25 pg 23 ==================================================
>Panel 1

I would like you to cross the sea together with C.C. the immortal witch.

>Panel 2
If you can protect the new empress,

I am sure you can revive the Weinberg's name. However, to accomplish that...

>Panel 3
I am prepared.

>Last Panel
In order to welcome the princess,

I may have to use cowardly methods.

Renya 25 pg 24 ==================================================
>panel 1

>Last Panel
He is....

Renya 25 pg 25 ==================================================
>Panel 1
You know it, right? A knightmare.

>Panel 3
There was another Knight of Round!?

Renya 25 pg 26 ==================================================
>Panel 1
A... girl?

>Panel 2


>Panel 3
We took him as a sample.

>Last Panel
It is indeed a unique creature.

Renya 25 pg 27 ==================================================
>Panel 1+2
But, an ability must be aligned with time and place; otherwise, it won't amount to anything.

So, Renya. // You, who have similar characteristics to knightmares,

>Last Panel
could be said as the same!

Renya 25 pg 28 ==================================================
>Panel 1
Her sword extended!?

>Panel 2

>Panel 3

>Panel 4
Ooh, hold it there, I am still in charge...

>Last Panel
of your execution.

Renya 25 pg 29 ==================================================
>Panel 2
I have analyzed you, Renya.



>Panel 3
You can't replenish your energy through normal food.

You can only absorb energy through that artificial arm of yours.

>Panel 4
So what?

>Last Panel
Isn't it about time you run out of energy?

Renya 25 pg 30 ==================================================
>Panel 1
The energy to fight, that is!

>Panel 2

Renya 25 pg 31 ==================================================
>Panel 1
Cease your futile struggle.

I will make you a sample too.

>Panel 2
And then, you'll become a research material for Lord Soresi to fight Dash....


>Panel 3
What is so funny?

>Panel 4

I just thought I knew it, you know?

>Last panel
It just felt wrong somehow.

If we go to Britannia, everything will be over, and days of happiness will be waiting for us after that. // Sounds like a bullshit.

Renya 25 pg 32 ==================================================
>Panel 1


and honors are all provided.

>Panel 2

For telling me everything is a lie.

>Last Panel
That's right, I can't live with provided meals.

I can only live on by taking.

Renya 25 pg 33 ==================================================
>Panel 1
No, it's not just me.

Everybody has always been prioritizing themselves. // If so....

>Panel 2
If so?

>Last Panel
I'll beat you and Dash!

And then, I'll take over Britannia!

Renya 25 pg 34-35 ==================================================
>Panel 2
Well said!

Then I shall be your opponent!

>Last Panel
The Knight of 8,

Victoria of the Void!

Chapter 25 END

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