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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 26

The Cursed Arm Does Not Seek for More Death

+ posted by natural-log as translation on May 6, 2013 08:22 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 26

Renya 26 pg 01 =========================================
Chapter 26 The Cursed Arm Does Not Seek for More Death

Renya 26 pg 02 =========================================
>Panel 1


>Panel 2
I said I can't eat anymore~

You need to pay more attention, Anji-san~

Munya munya

Hic (text)

Ahahaha (text)

>Last Panel

Renya 26 pg 03 =========================================
>Panel 1
The ones coming with us to the mainland...

are C.C.-dono and the puppet princess only.

>Panel 2
As for the rest...

>Panel 3
When Barbaros-sama and Victoria-sama have returned...

>Last Panel

Renya 26 pg 04 =========================================
>Last Panel
Guess this is what they call full defense...

Renya 26 pg 05 =========================================
>Panel 1
Worry not.

>Panel 2
It's just a warm-up.

Renya 26 pg 06 =========================================
>Panel 2
Her attack....

>Panel 3
Is it really alright to look away?

>Last Panel
Wind Shower

Renya 26 pg 07 =========================================
>Last Panel
If your moves work the same as Mesh's, then...

Renya 26 pg 08 =========================================
>Panel 1 (NOTE: Palm of raging fire of conviction)

>Panel 2
By Mesh, you mean the Knightmare?

Even if that's the case, you can't possibly match this speed.

>Panel 3+Last
Surpassing... the speed of sound.

Renya 26 pg 09 =========================================
>Panel 2

>panel 3
Wind Stream

>last Panel

Renya 26 pg 10 =========================================
>Panel 1

>panel 3

>Last Panel
Yes, I must tell you this.

To respect the successor of the distinguished Weinberg family.

Renya 26 pg 11 =========================================
>Panel 1
You see, your siblings...

begged for their lives so desperately....

>Panel 2
...D-Don't tell me, you....

>Panel 3
Hoo, you catch on quickly.

That's right, I am Barbaros, Barbaros the executioner.

>Last Panel

Renya 26 pg 12-13 =========================================
>Panel 1

>Last Panel
Yes, gather every last bit of your strength!

Then I can savor the joy of execution!

Renya 26 pg 14 =========================================
>Panel 2
Aah, this is the greatest!

To defeat the one who stands up against me!

>Panel 3


>Last Panel
I can truly feel it

That I'm the strongest!

Renya 26 pg 15 =========================================
>Panel 1
Double Burning Smasher!

>Panel 2
Are you throwing your life away!? That move is not fast enough!

Then, this is my answer!

>Panel 3
Anomaly Tempest

>last Panel
If I need speed...

Renya 26 pg 16 =========================================
>Panel 1
Then I already have it in me.

>panel 2
He split his sword!? And he's attacking both sides....

Damn... the Gigant Armor's gaps....

>Panel 3
Two Swords....

Renya 26 pg 17 =========================================
>Panel 2
What is that sound?


>Panel 3
Th-that's... // probably Wein-chan's Double Burning Smasher Two Swords.



I think it's such a long and redundant name, though.

Renya 26 pg 18 =========================================
>Panel 1
Actually, he's been practicing that move so he can fight against Knightmares.

Is that so?

>Panel 2
Then, I'll end this battle swiftly, // as there is another target to be punished now.

>Panel 3

But, you'll be the one to lose.

>Last Panel
You said it, Renya...

Renya 26 pg 19 =========================================
>Panel 2

>Panel 3
I see... It's the same as Geass.

Renya, your strange power is progressing onto the next stage, I see.

>last Panel

Renya 26 pg 20 =========================================
>Panel 1
To defeat Dash, to take over Britannia, to create a place where we belong....

>Panel 3
For all that, even if I have to use the power from hell....

Renya 26 pg 21 =========================================
Makahadoma Shou
(NOTE: The Palm of Mahapadma. Mahapadma is apparently related to Hinduism and Buddhism(?) That's all I know, I'm afraid)

Renya 26 pg 22 =========================================
>Panel 2

>Panel 3


>panel 4


Renya 26 pg 23 =========================================

I can't move...

Renya 26 pg 24 =========================================
>Panel 1
I-it's cold, my body heat is... no, it's not just mine.

The surroundings' temperature, is he absorbing the surroundings' energy!?

>Panel 2
It's that arm!

>Last Panel
A-at this rate, I'll....

Renya 26 pg 25 =========================================
>Panel 3
My body feels lighter?

>Panel 4
That should be enough, yeah?


>Last Panel

Renya 26 pg 26 =========================================
no trans

Renya 26 pg 27 =========================================
>Panel 1
Impressive, Weinberg, you have my praise.

But you can't make another move now, if you do....

>Panel 2


>Panel 3
Is this...

Is this what a Knight of the Round should be doing!?

>Last Panel
In the end, all we need is results.

Someone who keeps babbling about honor and family can never understand this responsibility.

Renya 26 pg 28 =========================================
>Panel 1
Wh-what's going on...?

Umm... we got tricked?

>Panel 2
See now!?

Stop thrashing!

What did I tell you!?

>Panel 3
Stop this, Lord Barbaros!

We do not wish for violence!

>Panel 4
Save your voice.

They wouldn't do something like this if they intended to talk peacefully.

>Last Panel

Renya 26 pg 29 =========================================
>Panel 1
Do you understand now?

Puppet imperial princess.

>Panel 3
Suddenly hosting a party like that, I knew something is going on.

Anji-san, you really need to pay more attention!

>Panel 4
Karim! You keep eating and drinking nonstop yourself!


Renya 26 pg 30 =========================================
>Panel 2

>Panel 3
...I see, you have released your power.

>Last Panel

So, clean this up quickly, Wein-chan.

Renya 26 pg 31 =========================================
>Panel 2

What is this power...!?

>Panel 3
If you do not protect the royal family!

>Last Panel

Renya 26 pg 32 =========================================
Then what good are the Knights of the Round!?

Renya 26 pg 33 =========================================
>Panel 2

>Last Panel

Renya 26 pg 34 =========================================
Why are you coming after me!?

(NOTE: The name of the Japanese god of fire and lightning. His name translates to, well, "the great god of fire and lightning".)

Renya 26 pg 35 =========================================
>Panel 1
Renya, he's...

>panel 2
So, you've gained command

over the way of your curse.

>Panel 3
What a monster.

>Last Panel
But, Renya just might be able to fight them.

To fight those devils....

Chapter 26 END

(RANT: Spare the cute girl, spare NOT the ugly guy.)

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