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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 28

The Ambition's Visage

+ posted by natural-log as translation on May 14, 2013 17:24 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

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CXC only

Renya 28 pg 01 ==========================================
Chapter 28 - The Ambition's Visage

Renya 28 pg 02 ==========================================
>Panel 2
Is this one of the Lord Soresi's subordinate!? Or Dash's!?

That doesn't matter right now!

>Panel 3
Take this! And this!

>Last Panel
Double Burning Smasher!

Renya 28 pg 03 ==========================================
Oh, great job!

Renya 28 pg 04 ==========================================
>Panel 1

>Last Panel

Renya 28 pg 05 ==========================================

Then, this guy is....!

A knightmare!

Renya 28 pg 06 ==========================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
If that's a knightmare, then with this...!

>Last Panel

Renya 28 pg 07 ==========================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2

Looks like we've got no choice but to suck and freeze him.

>Panel 3

>Panel 5
Is Claire the imperial princess here?

>Last Panel

Renya 28 pg 08 ==========================================
>Panel 1
I wish to talk.

My name is Dewey Chapman.

>Last Panel
So, he approached Renya and the others after all.

Indeed, what course of action should we take? Right now, we can still assemble an infiltration team and....

Renya 28 pg 09 ==========================================
>Panel 1
Do you think you can win? Against those monsters?

At least, I myself am not confident that I can.

>Panel 2
But, at this rate....

>Panel 3
Right now, securing the stone takes precedence. // That stone that Renya has.

Yes, Milady. (NOTE: Originally "Yes, Milord.")

Renya 28 pg 10 ==========================================
>Panel 1
With this,

will you believe me?



>Panel 2

Now we know he listens to your orders, at least.

>Panel 3
I am glad that we can reach an understanding.

>Last Panel
And? What is your aims here?

Renya 28 pg 11 ==========================================
>Panel 1
How about this?

Won't you consider to rule Britannia together with me?

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
This is no treason, it's loyalty. // Now that you have disembarked, what are you going to do?

>Panel 4+last
It isn't just Lord Soresi.

I'm sure there are many elements that are targeting you. // As long as the rightful heir to the throne, Claire Li Britannia, is here.

Renya 28 pg 12 ==========================================
>Panel 1
"Why don't we just take over the nation" is what you are trying to say?

>Panel 2
Isn't that great, Renya? He has the same thing in mind with you.

>Panel 3
Oho, then we can cut the story short.

Before that...

>Panel 4
"Tell us about that monster," I'm guessing?

>Last Panel
And about why the monster only takes orders from you.

Do tell us about that as well.

Renya 28 pg 13 ==========================================
>Panel 1
Very well, let me tell you the truth.

Because we need to be friends.

>Panel 2
I don't know when the monster was born.

The first time I met him was here, on this island.

>Panel 3
It was when the southern countries invaded this land. The monster fought alone.

To protect Britannia.

>Panel 4
I, too, led an army, fought together, and won the battle splendidly.

>Last Panel
But, Britannia didn't response to our meritorious deed .

On the contrary....

Renya 28 pg 14 ==========================================
>Panel 1


>Panel 2
W-what are you doing!?

Its power is a threat to our nation!

The emperor has given his words to obliterate it!

>Panel 3
Fools! He's a hero who protected the nation together with us!

>Last Panel

What do you think you're doing!?

Renya 28 pg 15 ==========================================
>Panel 1
I can no longer talk to you ingrates as my equals!

>Panel 2
You dare to disobey the emperor's order!?

>Panel 3

Renya 28 pg 16 ==========================================
>Panel 2

>Panel 3
You are alive, eh?

Thank goodness.

>Panel 4+last
Afterwards, the previous emperor died, but we, who disobeyed the emperor's orders, had no place to return.

On this land, we continued to guard Britannia while waiting for the day the royal family would rise.

Renya 28 pg 17 ==========================================
>Panel 1
Yep, yep, I know how you feel to serve with no rewards.

Is that directed to me?

>Panel 2
So, you've been fighting for yourself so that someone would listen to you, huh?

Maybe so.

>Panel 3
So, what? No matter how you put it,

this is just a talk about wanting to seize power, isn't it?

If you were in the same position, I'm sure you'd be the one who wants that the most.

>Panel 4

Even if I appear like this, I am still one of the long-standing Sumeragi clan. Britannia is nothing but...

Now, now.

>Last Panel
Is he

a knightmare?

Renya 28 pg 18 ==========================================
>Panel 2
But that would mean Dash is involved in this.

What do you have to say, uhh....

>Panel 2

It's Dewey Chapman, Renya-kun.

>Panel 3
For the two previous questions, the answer is "I don't know."

He's already like that when I met him.

Renya 28 pg 19 ==========================================
>Panel 1
More importantly, shall we discuss about our future?

Our wonderful future.

>panel 2
That is not wonderful.

>Last Panel


Renya 28 pg 20 ==========================================
>Panel 1
That guy...

He has regained consciousness!

>Panel 2
I....I won't fight for now.

But, I want to tell you. T-to join hands with that man is not wonderful.

>Panel 3
He is?

Mmm, how should I put it....

He's a knightmare.

>Last Panel
Your name... what did you call yourself again?

Renya 28 pg 21 ==========================================
>Panel 1
Dewey Chapman, was it?


>Panel 2
That is a lie.


>Panel 3
He is Damian.

Damian Chamberlain.

>Last Panel

Renya 28 pg 22 ==========================================
>panel 1
You are...!

Then, that monster is...!

>Panel 2
It's running wildly following his one and only instinct, to protect the country. I think that's a plausible conjecture.

What are you guys talking about?

Renya 28 pg 23 ==========================================
>Panel 2

Renya 28 pg 24 ==========================================
>Panel 1
So, it all comes down to this!

>Panel 2
I am truly sorry for lying.

I didn't want Lord Weinberg to be suspicious of me.

>Panel 3
Certainly unpleasant, to hear you use my name for your excuses.

I apologize. In return, I shall reveal the truth.

>Last Panel
He is my younger brother.

His name is Christopher Chamberlain.

Renya 28 pg 25 ==========================================
>Panel 1
The man who was the Knight of One of Aurelien the previous emperor.

>Panel 2
When the one who administered the Knights of the Round passed away,

we became scattered.

>Panel 3
The Knight of One.

>Last Panel
If Christopher didn't become like that,

we, the Knights of the Round, might have been able to stand unified. Then, even the throne succession struggle won't be....

Renya 28 pg 26 ==========================================
>Panel 2
This must be


>Panel 3
I have spoken of the truth!

Now, won't you join hands with us?

>Last Panel
Wait, wait, wait! You think we can trust someone who's been lying non-stop!?

Besides, how did your brother become a knightmare!?

Renya 28 pg 27 ==========================================
>Panel 1
I don't know.

>Panel 2
So, he says.

>Panel 3
That is....

>Panel 4

>Last Panel
Fine, I confess.

I lied, I know why.

Seriously, you~!

Renya 28 pg 28 ==========================================
>Panel 1
Ooh? You are going to fight us?

Will there be a future for you if you do that?

>Panel 2
You're freaking irritating!

You know that!?

Renya 28 pg 29 ==========================================
>Panel 1
How should we response to this, Dash-sama?

>Panel 2
If we make a move here, we will have Lord Soresi among some other things to mind.... // Now, whatever should we do?

>Panel 3

allow me to make the move.

>Panel 4
Aah, that would be a great help.

>Last Panel
I have to check the construction of the blast furnace after all.

Renya 28 pg 30 ==========================================
>Panel 1

if Renya managed to win against Christopher...

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
I would love to have a talk with him again, fufu....

>Last Panel
Perhaps, I am expecting it to happen. It has been a century since I felt something like this.

Code Geass - Shikkoku no Renya Volume 5 END

Renya 28 pg 31 ==========================================
no trans

Renya 28 pg 32 ==========================================
Kadokawa Comics Ace
Code Geass - Shikkoku no Renya (5)

Takuma Tomomasa

Original Script
Taniguchi Gorou
1st ed. Sep 09 2012

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