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Chrome Shelled Regios 13

Summer Night Grown

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Aug 5, 2013 21:27 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 13

Pg 057 ===================================
>Panel 1
Summer Night Grown

Zo hot~~

>Panel 2
What's wrong with the heat today? // This training facility is pretty much a sauna now.

Felli-senpai's eating ice cream. (text)

Phew. (text)

I just turned on the A.C. // Bear with it just for a bit more.

>Panel 3
It's not like the city went into a summer zone, right?

Right, // this sudden rise in temperature is rare...

Is it because the trajectory of this city has been irregular lately? (text)

>Panel 4
Gaaah, like hell we can train in this shitty heat!! I say we go swim in the lake!! // What!? No swimsuits!? If you've got none... Just use shellfish!!

Calm down!! (Text)

We can't swim yet!! Don't escape reality!!

Besides, the shell will come off right a-

Shaddup, boiler suit!!

>Last Panel
Then do something about this, Captain!

Gyaa (Text)
Gyaa (Text)

He called me boiler suit... (Text)

I said to wait until the cooler starts working, did I not!?

Aah, thanks to the heat, everyone is getting hot-headed...

Pg 058 ===================================
>Panel 1
Then, why don't we hold a test of courage?

Summer Night Grown

>Last Panel
....We.... already feel all cool now....

Pg 059 ===================================
>Panel 1

>Panel 2
We're going in!?

Yes. (text)
I've gotten the permission.
And the key, too. (text)

>Panel 3
Eli-san... was it? // I never thought you have this kind of friend.

She is just my classmate.

Felli-san, that's mean....

>Last Panel
Didn't we explore some ruins together before?

You mean intruding other people's property?

A-anyway, can you kindly give us the details why we were called here?

Aah--- (text)

Pg 060 ===================================
>Panel 2
Woah, a monster statue!!

The interior really sets the mood.

Some decades ago, the students of Architecture Dept. made this annex of the Training Facility.... or so I heard.

>Panel 3
Training Facility....? The design is rather too elaborate for one.

Right.... Those who used this facility complained, "It's super hard to train here." Then, more complains came one after another which quickly led to the closing of this building.

D-did they not notice that before actually building this...?
The Architecture Dept. (text inside)

>Panel 4
And then, this building would be neglected for a long time. // ...During that time, various ghost stories and rumors about this building would pop up.... // Particularly the recent rumor, it said people's voices can be heard during the midnight.

Are you sure it isn't just some delinquents broke into the building?

>Panel 5
Yes... I'm also thinking that as a possibility.


>Panel 6
Actually, my club, the occult club, is planning to have a tour event here next time.

T-the occult?

It's a club that publishes mystery book and tours around abandoned buildings.

>Panel 6
But there's no military arts students in the club.... // If we happen to run into some delinquents in the middle of the tour...

I see... // That's why we're inspecting the site beforehand.

>Last Panel
Aah, it's the club that has been making that mystery book, huh? // Sounds fun, let's help them, Nina!

Waa...! (text)
A-as expected of the senpais of Felli-san, my best friend...!!

That's good and all but... (text)
Your best friend is poking your side.

Pg 061 ===================================
>Panel 1
By the way, did you not ask for help from the city police?

Right... (text)
That I did... // But...

>Panel 2
E-e-excuse me!!

>Panel 3
T-those men....!! They! Our promised land.... They are desecrating our holy land!!

I beseech thee.... Be our light that will exorcise that darkness! Please protect us from those ancestral spirits.... P-p-p-p-plea-

TL: The delinquents are gathering at the building we use for our club activities, please look into it and drive them away. (box)

(I can't read the outside-panel text)

>Panel 4
They politely turned me away...

Talk about neglecting your duties... (text)

Be thankful they did not bring you to a hospital.

>Panel 5
Okay, // we'll investigate with Felli's psychokinesis right away...

Hey, hey, we're also kinda doing a test of courage, you know? // Let's have a bit of fun.

>Panel 6
That's right, // our opponents may be spirits instead of delinquents.

I want to go home fast...

Is the investigation is just an excuse for this test of courage!!?



>Last Panel

Hahaha, // just gotta have a girl's scream here....

Pg 062 ===================================
>Panel 2
Scary scary scary


>Panel 3

P-please, no, don't leave me aloooone!

I am quite okay, though.

>Panel 4
As usual, you are calm....

How not cute. (text)

Eh? // I do think this is creepy, you know?

That's what I mean.

>Last Panel
Fufu... // Now then, should I tell you the rumors of this building?

Ooh. (text)

W-what kind of ghost stories....!?

Pg 063 ===================================
>Panel 1
Although the interior design was unpopular at that time.... // there were some people charmed by its beauty and used the building everyday.


>Panel 2
One day, a uselessly jutted out ornament pierced through someone's gut.

Another day, the chandelier fell and crushed the ones beneath it.

Yet another day, someone slipped on the polished marble and split his head.

For unknown reasons, accidents kept happening during every training that no one would use the building anymore....!!

Well, you know.... those accidents were bound to happen, weren't they!!?

>Panel 3
And so, they say the souls of the young people who lost their lives are still bound to this land...

Uh... (text)
It's still not scary even when you're pushing it.
You should bring that to the Architecture Dept. (text)

>Panel 4


>Panel 5
So-something fell.... wha... // An animal's head?


>Panel 6
It's just a part of the statue. // The vibration of our loud voices may have hit the weaker part of the statue, perhaps?

O-ooh, it's man-made, huh...?

>Last Panel
But this just might be a spirit's doing!

Right.... // But... spirits or whatever, they were originally military artists of Zuellni, right?

Pg 064 ===================================
>Panel 1
When it comes down to it, // we should be able to turn the table on them, yes?

To all ghosts here, ruuuun!!

>Panel 2

>Panel 3
Sure is spacious, we've been walking quite a lot now.

We still have the upper floor.

>Panel 4
The floor is rather fragile in this area, so please be careful.

>Panel 5
...Still, why did you choose this building? You even have to go so much trouble like this.

I am sure you can find another object that have a history, if you look for it.

>Last Panel
Let's see... // I...

...Believe that ghosts exist. // Alive or dead, I believe the fact that they're our senpai doesn't change.

Pg 065 ===================================
>Panel 1
If there are some ruffians who disturb those senpai's quiet sleep....

we, the kouhai, can't let that slide, can we?

>Panel 2
...Well... even if our club has gotten permission, we may bother them sometimes. // So, I suppose our late senpai may think that we are the same as those delinquents....

>Panel 3
Besides, they don't even understand the value of this splendid abandoned building. It is very rude of them to carelessly enter this building.

Impossible to make by human hands.... the harmony of the nature-made rust, mold, and moss that can only be made by the flow of time. // Aaah... how wonderful....!!

That sounds like her real motive!!

Hey, I think you should not move around too much.

>Panel 5

>Last Panel
The floor....!

Pg 066 ===================================
>Panel 2+3
Nice, Nina!!
Ooh. (text)

....Or not really.

>Panel 4
You guys okay!?

The floor actually caved in....


>Last Panel
I got... too excited...☆

N...no, the ☆ doesn't really help you here!!

Pg 067 ===================================
>Panel 1
I just tripped over a puddle, so I'm fine.
I'm all dirty though.

Man, she's tough.

>Panel 2
Who was it...!!? Who threw away an empty can in a place like this....!!?

I tripped over it!! (text)

It's perfectly horrorific over heeeeere!!

>Panel 3
This area is pretty much more littered than the other areas....

Captain! We should stop the blood!!

>Panel 4
Just now....I felt like I heard a moan....

>Panel 5
A human shadow...!?

Your wound!! (text)

>Panel 6
It was just for a moment, but I saw a long-haired girl-----

Please wait! (text)

Don't tell me.... // it isn't delinquents but really...

>Panel 7
Hey, hey... (text)

What is this voice...!?

>Last Panel

Is it from here....!?

Pg 068 ===================================
>Panel 1
Okay, another 50 situps!

Hey you, don't slack off!

>Panel 2
Haa (text)
Haa (text)

Listen up, fools, we absolutely can't lose to that bi...


>Panel 3
She's all bloody!! (text inside)

I am a human!!

>Last Panel
W-what on earth are you doing here...?



Pg 069 ===================================
>Panel 1
You're... our abominable arch-enemy, Nina Antalk!!

>Panel 2
Abominable...? // Ah! (text) // Come to think of it, I met you somewhere----


>Panel 3
That's right.... We are those who have experienced hardships through the hands of Nina Antalk!! // To exact revenge upon you who are getting cocky just because you're a Platoon Captain,

We formed an alliance and has been training here everyday!!


>Panel 4
Y-you are those ruffians who made a ruckus in Meishen's cake shop...!? // And you are the shoplifter who got caught by the 14th Platoon!?
And among some other things!!

Right on!!

>Panel 5
Nobody will see us here and the training equipments are nicely lined up here!!

Hahaha (text)
Hahaha (text)
Hahaha (text)

Absolutely ideal for a secret training!!

>Last Panel
Uhh... you guys are embarrassed if other people see you training seriously?


I-it's not like that's totally the case, you idiot!!
Don't get us wrong, you hear!?

Pg 070 ===================================
>Panel 1
Th-then, you guys must be the trespassers.... // and the ones who littered all over the place!!

Don't you feel that you're being rude to those who built the building and to the spirits that are resting here!!?

>Panel 2
What spirits!? Are you stupid!!?

There's no way they exist!!

But, you guys were screaming "ghooooost" just now.

>Panel 3
I-if you make fun of spirits, // you'll get a divine punishment!!

Hahaha, divine punishment, she said!

Come and get us if they can!

>Panel 4
There's no meaning for us, the living, to mind the dead!

>Panel 5
You went over the line, honestly...

>Last Panel
Shall I punish all of you personally....?

Your target is me, right? // If you have the time to ridicule the dead, then come at me now!!

Pg 071 ===================================
>Panel 1
Nina Antalk...! // You never change.... Always getting in people's ways....!!

>Panel 2
Come at me...!!

>Panel 3
Prepare yourself....

>Panel 4
....NOT, like hell we can take on the whole 17th Platoon, iiiidiot!!

RETREEEAT!! (text)


Your dad is sensitive to cold!!

Wooo!! (text)

Th...they ran away like always!!


>Panel 5
F-father is not sensitive to cold!!
He has good blood flow.

What's wrong with being sensitive to cold!!

Uh... don't we have to chase after them!?

Girls care more about those, huh!!? (text)

>Panel 6

A scream!?

>Last Panel
Wha.... don't tell me, they... // really got punished by heav--

Pg 072 ===================================
>Panel 1


Scary. (text)

GYAAAA. (text)

WAAAA. (text)

....Ah. (bubble)

What's this hole doing heeeere!?

>Panel 2
I'm sure they won't go near this place anymore.

>Panel 3
Thanks to you the club's event went smoothly. // Thank you very much.
The upper floor is dangerous so it's closed from entry. (text)

N-not at all, we didn't do any in particular... // Rather we're like the reason why they...

>Panel 4
But, those guys don't look like they're giving up. // Won't they come after you again, Captain?


But worry not, Layfon.

>Panel 5
When they appear before me again, // it is time... to settle... the fight...!!

Secret opponent (text, NOTE: can't really read)
Rivals appear (text)
Enemies standing in your way (text)

Wow, she looks happy.

Captain, you're creepy. (Felli text)

This is a development every hot-blooded idiot loves after all.

>Panel 6
...Now that I remember... that particular shadow seemed different from those guys...

Thank you. // I can have some peace now.

>Last Panel
...Just now... Did anyone just walk pass...?

Eh? // There's no other presence than us, though.

....Hahahaha... Of course, it was... just my imagination... wasn't it....?

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