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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 29

At the End of Lies

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 6, 2013 15:37 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 29

CXC Only

Renya 29 pg cover ===================================================
Upon landing on the territory of Britannia, the ones that stood before Renya's team
almost immediately are a giant that has lost his self and a manipulative "big liar."
Fighting back, getting injured, Renya now has to make a big decision...!
Furthermore, who are these unfamiliar knights that appeared before them!?
And then, discovering the mysteries. Just who is Dash?
His journey and the "power" he's burdened with, just what are they----?

Renya 29 pg 01 ===================================================
Chapter 29 At the End of Lies

Renya 29 pg 02-03 ===================================================
Chapter 29 At the End of Lies

Renya 29 pg 04 ===================================================

Chapter 29 At the End of Lies
Chapter 30 The Path That Must Be Chosen
Chapter 31 In My Name
Chapter 32 Haltia's Solace
Chapter 33 Forest's Wish
Chapter 34 Where One Belongs

Renya 29 pg 05 ===================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
What is power?

=panel 3
Ha? What the heck are you talking about?

Renya 29 pg 06 ===================================================
=panel 1
Hoo, this is....

=panel 2
Is he....

taking away the surrounding's heat?

=panel 3
Now, it won't matter...

no matter how big my enemy is!

=panel 4
Oh, it does matter.

Renya 29 pg 07 ===================================================
no trans

Renya 29 pg 08 ===================================================
=panel 1

=panel 3
Renya, I won't allow you to be defeated on your own accord!

=panel 4
And you should stop saying selfish stuff.

At any rate, this sure is troublesome.

=last panel
Even with Renya's power,

that giant is outside the power's effective range.

Renya 29 pg 09 ===================================================
=panel 1
Yes, quite so.

=panel 2
You may be able to freeze an arm or a leg,

but you can't freeze the whole body. // Now, let's stop the quarrel and become friends, shall we?

Renya 29 pg 10 ===================================================
=panel 1
There's no way I can believe a liar like you!

Hey, Karim!

=panel 2
People who spout sweet words right off the bat are no good!

That was the same case with Aaron!

=panel 3
Oho, Karim-kun, let me ask you then.

What is power?

=last panel
Power is...

Renya 29 pg 11 ===================================================
=panel 1
Something like this, right!?

Renya 29 pg 12 ===================================================
=last panel
He stopped it!?

Renya 29 pg 13 ===================================================
=panel 1
No way!!

=panel 2

=panel 3
It appears I put the question incorrectly.

What is needed isn't "the power to fight," but "the power to rule."

=last panel
You there, smart-looking one. // Do you understand?

Renya 29 pg 14 ===================================================
=panel 1
....You meant to say that power is information?

Indeed, it is!

=panel 2
Those who take hold of information rule! Information call upon victory!

To hide the truth as long as possible is the best plan!

=panel 3+4
Is that...

your reason to deceive us!?

Renya 29 pg 15 ===================================================
=panel 1
A decoy!?

=panel 2


=panel 3
Now, the most powerful card has fallen into my hands!

Let's join hands, shall we!

=last panel
Hey, you...

It's Damian.

Damian Chamberlain.

Renya 29 pg 16 ===================================================
=panel 1
You don't have friends, do you?

=panel 2

=panel 3
So, he doesn't want any friends, but subordinates instead, right?

I guess he's telling lies because he's not confident with his real self....

=panel 4

That rather hurts.

=last panel
Aren't you a sad one...


Renya 29 pg 17 ===================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2+3
It's useless trying to create an opening by making me angry.

Do you understand the situation? The imperial princess is in my // HANDS?!

=panel 4 (RANT: I'm very tempted to word this in a certain Sayaka way.)
Too bad.

It wasn't Claire, it's Shiori.

Renya 29 pg 18 ===================================================
=panel 1
It must have been quite obvious...

That Renya and the others were trying to create an opening by enraging you.

=panel 2
Now then, let's begin the negotiation with swords, Mr. Damian.

=panel 3
The liars...

are trying to negotiate...!?

=panel 4
! No!

Renya 29 pg 19 ===================================================
=panel 1
You lied...!

You deceived meee!

=panel 2

Renya 29 pg 20 ===================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2

=panel 3


Renya 29 pg 21 ===================================================
=panel 1
Damian! Why you!

The only one who may tell lies and deceive others...

=panel 2
Is me! The ruler!

It looks like all of you need to be disciplined thoroughly.

=panel 3
He's, could it be...

He may be living together in this island with his younger brother, but the younger one is a knightmare. // His sense of judgment must have been warped....

=last panel

Renya 29 pg 22 ===================================================
=panel 2

=panel 3
Damn you...

=last panel
The bleeding won't stop!

Ah.... Ah....

At this rate, she will...

Renya 29 pg 23 ===================================================
=panel 1+2

A... // Am I going to die?

=panel 3
Don't talk!

=panel 4
We've come so far.

Britannia... is right in front of...

Renya 29 pg 24 ===================================================
=panel 1
Renya-san! Bring the fight somewhere far from here!

Easier said than done!

=panel 3+last

Renya 29 pg 25 ===================================================
=panel 1
This bastard...!

He's too big....!

Renya 29 pg 26 ===================================================
=panel 1
I...I don't... want to die yet...

I want to be together... with everyone...

=panel 2
It will be alright, Shiori!

=panel 3
C.C., can't you save her with your witch power that you used to save Renya?

I can only contract with a limited number of people.

=panel 4

Renya 29 pg 27 ===================================================
=panel 2

This is...

Renya 29 pg 28 ===================================================
=panel 1
If it's just blood flow,



I can do something about it.

=panel 2

=panel 3
But, at this rate, she'll eventually...

=panel 4
Okay, I'll go bring a doctor!

This isn't a condition where we can rely on such a thing. There's only one way to save her.

Renya 29 pg 29 ===================================================
=panel 1
! Don't tell me...

=panel 2
Yes, she can only be saved by becoming a knightmare through the power of Dash-sama.

Renya 29 pg 30 ===================================================
no trans

Renya 29 pg 31 ===================================================
=panel 1

To think that you would come here...

=panel 2
It has been a while, Water Boy.

=panel 3
Thanks to Renya keeping Christopher occupied,

I managed to land safely.

=panel 4

a knightmare too.

=last panel
Indeed, so, what will you do?

If it is necessary, I can contact Dash-sama....

Renya 29 pg 32 ===================================================
=panel 1
No need for that!

=panel 3



Renya 29 pg 33 ===================================================
=panel 1
A lightning knightmare....!?


=panel 2



=last panel

Renya 29 pg 34 ===================================================
=panel 1+2
I do not seek meaningless conflicts.

I would like to return the favor for having saved Water Boy.

=last panel
The young girl doesn't have much time left.

Renya 29 pg 35 ===================================================
=panel 1
Now, you will have to decide.



Make her into a knightmare,

=panel 3
or let her die as it is.

Chapter 29 END

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