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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 30

The Path That Must Be Chosen

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 6, 2013 15:38 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

-> RTS Page for Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 30

CXC Only

Renya 30 pg 01 ========================================================
Chapter 30
The Path That Must Be Chosen

Renya 30 pg 02 ========================================================


Renya 30 pg 03 ========================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
Come on, keep at it just for a bit longer.

You sure say something so demanding without hesitation, Shiori-san....

=last panel
So, that is ...


Renya 30 pg 04 ========================================================
=panel 1
I don't want this. We've come so far.

Even though I still want to live.

=last panel
Water Boy!

Renya 30 pg 05 ========================================================
=panel 1
I'm doing it, but you should know even knightmares aren't omnipotent!

=panel 2
No, we can't let this be!

Not when we have come this far... right...!?

=last panel
Everyone is wishing for her survival.

In that case, I believe you will take up my offer.

Renya 30 pg 06 ========================================================
=panel 1
But, what about Shiori's will....

Aah, so, you are worried about the death of her mind, just like Talia's case.

=last panel
That is certainly a possibility.

Renya 30 pg 07 ========================================================
=panel 1
As she just might end up like this man.

=last panel
Renya-san! I already told you to bring the fight somewhere far!

Then, you help me too!

Renya 30 pg 08 ========================================================
=panel 1
I can't help it then.

=panel 2
To have the Knight of One as your opponent isn't exactly desirable, but...

=panel 3

do you wish to be annihilated here?

=last panel
As if!

Renya 30 pg 09 ========================================================
=panel 1
If anyone blocks our way,

we will simply overcome them, no matter who they are!

=last panel
We will protect our friend, Shiori!

Renya 30 pg 10-11 ========================================================
=panel 1

This looks like it's going to become a wonderful combined attack.

=last panel

Renya 30 pg 12 ========================================================
=panel 1
C-C-C-C-C-C-C-C-Christopher! Smash them! Those liars! The enemies of B-B-B-B-Britanniaaaa!

=panel 2

=last panel

Renya 30 pg 13 ========================================================

Kyukin (NOTE: not sure what kind of SFX these two are)

Renya 30 pg 14 ========================================================
no trans

Renya 30 pg 15 ========================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
What a monster!

After all those attacks....

=panel 3+last


Is the Knight of One an immortal!?

Renya 30 pg 16 ========================================================
=panel 1+2
In this case, // I assume you will become our ally, C.C.

=panel 3
Stop with the dull jokes.

More importantly, what will you do now? There's not much time left until the next attack.

=panel 4

=last panel

Renya 30 pg 17 ========================================================
=panel 1
If you seek life...

=panel 2

=panel 3
I'll bring Shiori to where Dash is.

In order to turn her into a knightmare.

=panel 4

=last panel

Or so I would like to response, but you won't do.

Renya 30 pg 18 ========================================================
=panel 1

You despise Dash-sama... not to mention, strongly.

=panel 2
No, that is fine.

=panel 3
He will find it amusing.

If it's him, I'm sure.

=panel 4
Uh, how many people can come along!?

We will come along too! We've already decided that we would cross the sea to Britannia together!

=last panel
Princess, about this matter.

I believe it is best to bid her farewell here.

Renya 30 pg 19 ========================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
I... I just feel the need to voice my objection....

=panel 3
Lord Weinberg, do you not feel the same as us?

If you mean to leave her be, then I have no intention listening to you.

=panel 4+last
Princess, I am sure that you are aware that there are things you must accomplish right now.

When Shiori-dono have returned, don't you think you need to create a place in Britannia? A place where we all belong?

That is....

Renya 30 pg 20 ========================================================
=panel 1

the Imperial Princess will undertake a different course of action, yes?

=panel 2
Which way should I go?

=panel 3
Doesn't Dash want this stone?

If I go with you guys, you just might be able to get this....

=panel 4
Do you feel like giving that as a present?

Not at all.

=last panel
Then, you don't have to come.

Renya 30 pg 21 ========================================================
=panel 2
Why? Why don't you try to take it by force!?

What are you guys planning!?

=panel 3

=last panel
Anji-san, like hell we can leave Shiori to guys like them!

But, Young Master!

Renya 30 pg 22 ========================================================
=panel 1
You don't need to worry, Renya.

=panel 2
I can imagine why Dash won't take it by force.

And that is?

=panel 3
He's a romanticist.

That is.

=panel 4

What the hell?

=last panel

Renya 30 pg 23 ========================================================
=panel 1
Hold it there.

We're not done talking yet.

=panel 2


=panel 3
In case Lord Soresi has no loyalty to you,

there is a person that has been staying in touch with me. I would really like Princess to meet him. // He is...

Renya 30 pg 24 ========================================================
=last panel

He's revived already!?

Renya 30 pg 25 ========================================================
=panel 1
We're gonna lose the time to get Shiori out of here!

Not quite, if it's about buying time...!

=panel 3
W-what now!?

=last panel
More soldiers!?

Renya 30 pg 26 ========================================================
=panel 2

=last panel


Renya 30 pg 27 ========================================================
=panel 1+2
Re- // retreat!

=panel 3
W-we're saved?

Renya 30 pg 28 ========================================================
=last panel
They came from that side, I see!

Great timing!

Renya 30 pg 29 ========================================================
=panel 1
Is everyone...


=panel 2
Wh-who is this?

=last panel

Renya 30 pg 30-31 ========================================================
=panel 1
Princess, there is a land that your parents once held in Britannia.

They are the loyal ones who have been protecting the masterless people of the land.

=last panel
Their name is...

the Merlin Knights Order.

Renya 30 pg 32 ========================================================
=panel 1
An ally...

=panel 2
Of ours?

=last panel
And I am the princess's younger brother-in-law...

Niels li Britannia.

(RANT: Otouto getto-daze!)

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