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Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 31

In My Name

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 6, 2013 15:40 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

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CXC Only

Renya 31 pg 01 ================================================
Chapter 31 In My Name

Younger brother?

Renya 31 pg 02-03 ================================================
=panel 1
Yes, elder sister.

=panel 2
Chapter 31
In My Name

I have been waiting for the day we finally meet.

Renya 31 pg 04 ================================================
=panel 1
Niels-sama would be

Princess's younger brother from a different mother.

=panel 2
So, this guy's got the right to succeed the throne too?

No, that is...

=last panel
My mother is but a humble servant.

We do not wish for such an appalling status.

Renya 31 pg 05 ================================================
=panel 1

I've told you to stop calling me that, I believe?

=panel 2
Isn't it better to ask these guys instead of that Soresi in the first place?

=panel 3
We had our own circumstances.

And the clan have been incarcerated.

=panel 4
Lord Soresi boasts the most influence as a candidate for the throne.

We could only obey him.

=panel 5
However, now that he has revealed his ambition, we can no longer stay silent.

=last panel
In any case, Niels-san?

You can just call me Niels.

Renya 31 pg 06 ================================================
=panel 1
Then, Niels.

We now have to split into two groups.

=panel 2
I will proceed together with you,

but that is in order to secure a place for Shiori and the others to return.

=panel 3
Will you lend us a hand?

Renya 31 pg 07 ================================================
=panel 1
Such is the raison d'etre


of mine and the Merlin Knights'.

=panel 2+3
Okay then. // Let's clean up the remaining problem...

=last panel
Right, this is also to let them depart ahead.

Renya 31 pg 08 ================================================
=panel 2
No, I can't allow that.

Only I-I-I-I am worthy for the throooone.

Renya 31 pg 09 ================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
Throw your spears!

Renya 31 pg 10 ================================================
=panel 1

=last panel

Renya 31 pg 11 ================================================
=panel 1
Even if he does possess a super regeneration ability, it doesn't mean that the Knight of One is an "immortal."

=panel 2
It's nothing personal,

but I'm gonna...!

=panel 3

Renya 31 pg 12 ================================================
=panel 1
It's not like he truly means to kill us.

He's merely trying to protect Britannia.

=last panel
But, Princess....!

In the end, it all boils down to a fight!

Renya 31 pg 13 ================================================
=panel 1
But, Shiori got injured because of that!

That IS why!

=panel 2
We do not seek further pointless bloodshed.

Would you please let us through, // Knight of One, Christopher Chamberlain?

Renya 31 pg 14 ================================================
=panel 3
He stopped!

That monster is....

=panel 5
D-d-d-duh-do-don't lie!

=last panel
If you pass this place, then just for what sake I've...!

Renya 31 pg 15 ================================================
=panel 1
For what sake I've had...

that heretic to turn my brother into a knightmare!

=panel 2
I even tricked and poisoned my brother ...So...

What else is there for if it's not for ruling Britannia with my brother's strength and my knowledge!

=last panel
To save this chaotic world, to save, to save...

Renya 31 pg 16 ================================================
=panel 1
T-t-t-t-to saaaaaaaaave-save-save-save-save!

=panel 2

=last panel

Renya 31 pg 17 ================================================
=panel 1
Knight of One, please!

=panel 2
In the name of Claire li Britannia!

=last panel
I-I-I-I-I-I'm the one who want to pleaaaad!

Renya 31 pg 18 ================================================
no trans

Renya 31 pg 19 ================================================
=panel 2
Y-y-y-yes your highness....

=last panel
What on earth....

He still has his will?

Renya 31 pg 20 ================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
Why, brother!

Why do you even exist in this world!?

=panel 3
Did you know? You've always been an eyesore!

Again and again, I was always getting compared to you in whatever I do.

It made me feel so miserable.

Always, always!

Renya 31 pg 21 ================================================
Just when I thought I can finally control your wretched self...!

Why now....!

Renya 31 pg 22 ================================================
More than you thought...

It appears his position as the Knight of One weighed heavier.

Renya 31 pg 23 ================================================
=panel 3
I see, Damian.

=panel 4
You had to protect yourself with lies no matter what.


Renya 31 pg 24 ================================================

I must face Dash as well.

Renya 31 pg 25 ================================================
=panel 2
Mmm, thinking about it again...

=panel 3
Are you worrying about it again? Being indecisive has its limit, Renya-san.

Young master, you were the one who said that fighting him won't solve anything, weren't you?

=last panel
I do not mind either way.

As long as I can protect the Princess.

Renya 31 pg 26 ================================================
=panel 1
Nah, let's go with what we have decided earlier.

It'd be problematic for that guy if Futaba's group came along.

=panel 2
D-do not use us as an excuse!

Oi, is this really the time for some leisure talk?

=panel 3
Now, to confirm once again.

The ones who will go with Niels are...

=last panel
Me and Renya.

Lord Weinberg.

Futaba-san's group.

Renya 31 pg 27 ================================================
=panel 1
The one who will go to Dash's place.

=panel 2
Shiori, me, Anji-san,


and C.C.-san.

=last panel
Is that clear?

Renya 31 pg 28 ================================================
I see, C.C. is coming too.


Renya 31 pg 29 ================================================
=panel 1
But, Dash-sama.

Are you really going to help the young girl called Shiori?

=panel 2
Is that not okay?

I-it's not that.

It's just that there's danger that the girl may use the power of a knightmare to cause harm to Dash-sama.

=panel 3
I would warmly welcome that.

If she actually has that much power.

=last panel

Renya 31 pg 30 ================================================
=panel 1
Aah, speaking of which...

=panel 2
What became of the Knight of One?

=panel 3
He appears to be following Claire the imperial princess.

=panel 4
I see, he's a nice addition to their combat capability.

What of his wounds...?

=last panel
According to Pavlova's report, he couldn't recover his lost body part.


Renya 31 pg 31 ================================================
=panel 1
I thought it might have been him. (note: bold "might have been him.")

It would seem I was wrong.

=panel 2
Pleasant rest,


=panel 3
What a terrible night.

Renya 31 pg 32 ================================================
It is making me remember about the past....

Chapter 31 END

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