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Translations: Gintama 609 (2) , One Piece 842 by cnet128

Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya 32

Haltia's Solace

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 6, 2013 15:41 | Go to Code Geass: Shikkoku no Renya

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CXC Only

Renya 32 pg 01 =================================================
Chapter 32 Haltia's Solace

Renya 32 pg 02 =================================================
no trans

Renya 32 pg 03 =================================================
=panel 3
If you are so worried, why don't you just go with them?

I'm also worried about what kinds of traps that Dash has prepared.

=last panel
No, there won't be any traps.

Renya 32 pg 04 =================================================
=panel 1
I don't think

he'd do something like that.

=panel 2
You would believe

in your enemy?

=panel 3
Well, I guess you could say that.

Strange stories, I know.

=panel 4
Young Master!! // Young Master! Make sure you don't eat anything weird!

Also, don't forget your practice! And then, things that you should wash--------

=last panel
Shut up, will you!

I know, just depart already!

Renya 32 pg 05 =================================================
=panel 1
They are much younger than I had thought.

Not at all.

=panel 2
They are just trying to enjoy no matter what the situation.

Are you knightmares always serious at all times?

=panel 4
Well, with Dash,

I guess you can't really afford to be carefree.....

Renya 32 pg 06 =================================================
=panel 1
That man is always

searching for something....

Renya 32 pg 07 =================================================
=panel 2
Snow again...

=panel 3
Is this the only food I can eat....?

=panel 4
Oh no!

Father! Father!

Renya 32 pg 08 =================================================
=panel 1
No! Don't!

=panel 3
It's okay now.

Please don't worry.

=last panel

This is the fifth one this month, you know?

Renya 32 pg 09 =================================================
=panel 1
You sure say some strange things, father.

You were the one who told me to treat people with kindness.

I meant that it's the responsibility of someone with social status like us, but...

=panel 2
I can't?


=panel 3
Aah, okay, okay, I understand.

=last panel
I am Haltia! // What is your name?

Renya 32 pg 10 =================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
My name...

=last panel
Good grief.

Renya 32 pg 11 =================================================
=panel 1
At this rate, it might be better to build an orphanage.

However, Totto-sama.

It is easier to deceive the bishop if they are together with Haltia-sama.

=panel 2
I know.

Still, to pick up an orphan during the meeting, we won't last if this goes on.

=panel 3
Because Haltia-sama is kind.

=panel 4

=panel 5
So, where should we take the kid we just picked up this time?

About that, it appears he is the "Forest."

=last panel

Renya 32 pg 12 =================================================
=panel 2
He is a well-known criminal even in this vicinity.

He came to be known as "forest" because he ran from one forest to another.

=panel 3
I don't think he has a proper name.

Renya 32 pg 13 =================================================
=panel 1
I knew it.

You look lovely if you show your face more.

=panel 2
A dangerous child.

=panel 3
Are the villagers hostile to him?

All he did was stealing.

=panel 4
While he has never murdered anyone, he has piled up quite a lot of resentment from everyone.

I imagine we can't even take him in as a servant.

=last panel
Then, he has nowhere to go.

Renya 32 pg 14 =================================================
=panel 1
Totto-sama, we should chase him out before Haltia-sama realized.

No, it's the opposite.

=panel 2
And by that, you mean...

=panel 3
I'll give charity to that uneducated lowborn orphan and guide him to the right path.

I would like notify my people in my territory that this is charity.

=panel 4
Now I see, we are going to turn him into a tool to deceive the bishops.


=last panel
Till the day my sworn friend, Carl, rises to the throne again.

We'll let everyone think that the charitable Totto is an ally of the bishops.

Renya 32 pg 15 =================================================
=panel 1
My, // it suits you nicely.

=panel 3
Uh, um...

Maybe you were some high class noble.

=panel 4

can have this?

=last panel
Isn't that obvious, Forest?

Renya 32 pg 16 =================================================
=panel 1

You are called that, I heard? // Father told me.

=panel 2

=panel 3
Best regards,


=last panel


Renya 32 pg 17 =================================================
=panel 1
How is Forest doing since then?



I am about to teach him about etiquette, but he's excellent.

=panel 2
Hearing words of praise from you sure is unusual, Totto-sama.

No, it's just the fact.

=panel 3
He is a good-natured one.

I say he's quite a nice pick.

Renya 32 pg 18 =================================================
=panel 1
Hey, he's the guy, right?

Is this okay?

It's okay, let's get him.

=panel 2

=panel 3
Hey, Forest!

You have some nerve walking in broad daylight, thief!

=last panel
But, for everything that I've stolen, Totto-sama has...

He already paid everything so it doesn't matter anymore now?

Don't screw with us!

Renya 32 pg 19 =================================================
=panel 2
This might be something you stole too.

No, that is Haltia's...

=panel 3
Haltia? You're calling her just by her name!?

To think he's living together with her, we can't let this go!

Renya 32 pg 20 =================================================
no trans

Renya 32 pg 21 =================================================
=panel 1
Why you....


=panel 2
What are you doing!?

=panel 3

=last panel


Renya 32 pg 22 =================================================
=panel 1
These guys did....

Uh, we can explain, um...

=last panel
Make up now!

Renya 32 pg 23 =================================================
=panel 1
You are going to be friends from here on.

So, make up!

=panel 2
Does that mean we are also your friends, Ojou-sama....?

Of course.

=panel 4
Okay, we understand!

=last panel

Renya 32 pg 24 =================================================
=panel 1
I am here, Father is here.

The people from the mansion and the village are also all here.

This is the place where you belong.

=panel 2
A place where I belong?

=last panel

Renya 32 pg 25 =================================================
no trans

Renya 32 pg 26 =================================================
=panel 3
Oh, you are... I see, you are the rumored Forest-kun.

=last panel
Uh.... yeah.

Renya 32 pg 27 =================================================
=panel 1
Pardon me, Autti-sama.

I have yet to teach him how to speak properly.

Not at all.

=panel 2
This is quite something. The problem child is actually listening to what people say.

Praiseworthy, Lord Totto.

=panel 3
Not at all, I am

merely trying to follow your teaching.

=panel 4
Now, if you will excuse me.

=last panel
I wish you well, sir bishop.

Renya 32 pg 28 =================================================
=panel 1+2


=panel 4

he can run an errand like that too, huh?

=last panel
U-uh, it's master's...

Renya 32 pg 29 =================================================
=panel 1+2
However, // we can't do anything about you being a lowborn!


=last panel

Renya 32 pg 30 =================================================
=panel 2+3
I praise you for knowing that things that are attached to horse armor have value. // But, a thief will always be a thief.

=panel 4

can't live in that house anymore.

=last panel
I-I'm sorry! I'm sorry!

It's too late for apologies!

Renya 32 pg 31 =================================================
=panel 1


=panel 3
As I said, it's too late for apologies. So, what will you do?

Yes, you just have to do good deeds.

=last panel
I want you tell me about

who, when, and where Lord Totto is meeting.

Renya 32 pg 32 =================================================
=panel 2+3
I will come to the estate every week. // You will tell me then.

Also, I trust that you can keep quiet about our little talk here?

=last panel


Renya 32 pg 33 =================================================
=panel 1+2
Rest easy, // this is for the sake of Lord Totto,

and also Haltia, your savior.

=last panel

Renya 32 pg 34 =================================================
Forest sure is late...

Chapter 32 END

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