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Chrome Shelled Regios 15

Hardheads Chain

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 10, 2013 15:21 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 15

pg 077 ==================================================
=panel 1
Hardheads Chain

Hey, you listening to me, Harley?


Kilik Theron (box)
Third Year of Alchemy Dept.
Shares the same research room with Harley.
Superb at dite maintenance.

=panel 2

All you've been doing recently is the platoon's maintenance. Are you done with your assignment? // The one we need to submit this weekend.
Anna-senpai's one. (text)

=panel 3
Eh!? That one was for this week!? // Oh crap, I haven't even started yet!!

=panel 4
Well, you see. // Ever since Layfon joined the platoon, things have changed a lot. // The desired dites also have changed, so the dite tuning has been difficult.

Where did I put the document? (text)

Thanks to that, I've been having work worth doing and enjoying it too much.....

=panel 5
Aah, whatever! I'll do it tomorrow! // I'm going to the training facility!

I've warned you. (text)

=panel 6+last
Anyway, I have to improve the hardness of Nina's dite. // I also need to make a dite that could cope with Layfon's kei. // And then...

Hm~ Hm~ (text)

Then, everyone agrees with this, right?

pg 078 ==================================================
=panel 1
Very well... we'll give Harley free time....

Hardheads Chain

=panel 2
What kind of free time!?

So, he's here....

pg 079 ==================================================
=panel 1
You're so mean, Nina!!

=panel 2
When did it come to this!?



This is the conclusion from our thorough discussion.

=panel 3
What discussion? // I don't remember anyone telling me about thi...

Here we have the detailed account and receipts of this month's expenses.

=panel 4
The expenditure of the allocated budget for the 17th Platoon, 30% of it went to training supplies and equipments. // 10% went to misc. expenses.

And so, the remaining 60% must have went to dite research.

=last panel
You.... you do know about the monthly budget, yes...?
How do you explain this shameless money-wasting, I wonder?

Uuu... But...

pg 080 ==================================================
=panel 1
But, but, but.... I wanted to experiment and stuff...!! // So, I tried to just do it and thought it'd be fine if I show the receipts!!

Enough buts!! (text)

Don't turn defiant so readily!!

=panel 2
It is good that you are passionate about the research, but I can't turn a blind eye on this matter!!


Therefore, with the exception for emergency maintenance, you are suspended from your duties as a platoon member until further notice!! // You're suspended!!


=panel 3
I think that's a bit harsh....

If you violate your orders, I will destroy that boiler suit of yours, be prepared!!

Identity Break (handwritten)

H-how cruel can you be....!!

Is that cruel?

=panel 4
I did all that because I want to be useful for the platoon!

Excuse me~e (handwritten)

But that still doesn't mean you can do whatever you want.... // ....Hm?

=last panel
Nina-chan, there you are~

You seem busy, but can I have some of your time please~?

Celina Bean
Fifth Year of Alchemy Dept.
The leader of Nina's dorm.

pg 081 ==================================================
=panel 1
Dorm leader! What is the matter?

Someone from Captain's dorm. (handwritten)

Well, you see~~ // Today, I can't return to the dorm because I have to stay over at the research room~~

=panel 2
So, I came here to ask you to take care of my pet, Stephen.

=panel 3 (NOTE: In case you forgot, Menbou means cotton swab)

No!! Menbou is way cuter!!

Huh, whoa, Captain's face turned purple again!!

It looked like you were arguing, what happened?

Blah blah yadda yadda (handwritten)

=panel 4

The dite major sure has many guys like this, don't you think...?

=panel 5
Driven by interest, no goal, and wasteful with materials... // They certainly have no planning ability~

Troublesome, isn't it? (handwritten)

=last panel
Ooh, I'm pretty sure I've heard that a certain research room is also very wasteful~~?

Really? The pharmacy major is doing a good job protecting the standard, you know~

They are doing well with the sponsoring medical dept. too~~

pg 082 ==================================================
=panel 1
...Celina Bean-senpai...a fifth year student, was it?

Instead of making real medicine, you are making weird drugs and cause trouble, or so I heard.

=panel 2
Oh my, that was merely at the level of practical joke, you know~~?

Certainly different from Harley-kun who doesn't even keep the receipts of his personal research.

=panel 3

Both of you, please calm down....

=panel 4
I don't really want to say this, but a researcher with such conservative thinking? I'm not sure how to respond to that~~! // I'm pretty sure new technology can be born thanks to various experiments even it means piling up expenses.

Oh dear, did you not know that the city's resources are limited~~? // This city doesn't have the luxury to waste any resources. It has been more than 2 years, yet you still don't understand that~~?

=last panel
Thanks to Harley-kun's wasteful spending, the price of research materials inflated. // We may end up having to economize things even more now~~~
Ahh, what scary thought.

We won't!
You're exaggerating! (handwritten)

If push comes to shove, we can just import from another city anyway!

pg 083 ==================================================
=panel 1
....Hee.... // So, you are...

the type who would abandon your current girlfriend if she has lost her charm, // and then move on to another younger and cuter girl, huh?

=panel 3
Nina, my stomach hurts.

What's with this bride-vs-mother-in-law conflict? (handwritten)

Fancy that, mine as well.

=panel 4
Uh, um. // Celina-san, if you could leave it at that....

Oh my~, and here I was thinking of helping Nina-chan.

=panel 5
And I did all that for the good of the platoon!

Ugh. (handwritten)

This kind of treatment is too muuuch!!

=panel 6
W-well, I understand that you are passionate about your research, Harley. // And I'm also grateful for your concern, Celina-san.

Which side are you on, Nina/Nina-chan!? (that combined shout bubble)

Wow, the scene of carnage. (handwritten)


=last panel


pg 084 ==================================================
=panel 1
There's a receipt for snacks mixed in in his formal receipts, by the way.


Uwaaaah (handwritten)
I'm going back to my real home~~~ (handwritten)

=panel 2
So, the mother-in-law came out the winner from this Alchemy dept.'s bride-vs-mother-in-law conflict.

The husband must give a follow up to both sides.

Who are you calling the husband!? (handwritten)

Don't just make a soap opera out of this!

=panel 3
But, what do we do now? // It doesn't look like we can ask him to do the maintenance for some time now.

My, what a pickle~

This lady is scary.

=last panel
Captain, I think you should apologize first....

Then, he will never learn!

I will never do that no matter what!!

pg 085 ==================================================
=panel 1
Besides, it's not like we are in need of dite maintenance anytime soon...

=panel 2

=panel 3
I'm sorry, Nina-chan.... // Looks like my practical joke that I applied when I woke you up is working.

??? (NOTE: can't really read what's on the bottle... "Shikushiku Z"?)


=panel 5
And so, that's why you came to my place.

=panel 6
I heard Layfon had imposed on you quite a few times.... (NOTE: a possible name typo? I've a feeling it should be Harley here. Then again, I haven't read the novel. ヽ(´ー `)ノ)

My apologies.... (handwritten, Nina)

Escort (handwritten, Layfon)

...I don't really mind about that.

Just what have you guys been doing?

=last panel
Hey you, weren't you his childhood friend? // He may be an idiot who can't even read moods, but you do know how stubborn and maniacal he is when it comes to alchemy, don't you?

It is certainly as you say...

Talking like this when the person isn't here...

pg 086 ==================================================
=panel 1
Well, Harley's inept skill is also what caused this....

=panel 2
....Hey, how do you use this usually?

How.... // I just normally...

Crude usage, // reliance on strength, // no regard to efficiency. // ...This is just plain horrible.

=panel 3
This proves that you don't take your kei capacity and the dite's durability into account. // With this idiotic kind of use, what will you do if you broke it in the middle of a battle?

=panel 4
I can't feel the characteristic of someone with class. // I heard that you came from a noble household in your home city, but you don't have the slightest grace! // Much less femininity!!

A demon....

=last panel
Whatever should I say to anyone who use dites like this. // Even someone like Harley getting angry over this is understandable.

Uh, um, Kilik-san....

Ah, Captain....

Oh... I'm alright....

pg 087 ==================================================
=panel 1
I'm just going... to buy some food for Stephen....!!


=panel 2
Aargh, what am I going to do now...?

Just observing. (Sharnid handwrriten)

Still here. (Celina handwritten)

Oooi, the captain was running while crying just now, what happened?

=panel 3
Long story short... (handwritten)

I think our only choice is to bring Harley-senpai with us now.

Still, if Nina, the key character, is in that condition...

I suppose so... // Those two have been together since forever after all~~

=panel 4
Rather than being childhood friends, they seem more like a family, don't you think? // I'm sure it's hard for them to apologize to each other even when they're quarreling.

=panel 5
I see... (handwritten)
A family... huh...?

Aah... (Felli handwritten)

=panel 6
I see, // we need a middleman then.

Go for it!


Oh my, that won't be necessary~~

=panel 7

We are talking about Nina-chan, after all.

=last panel
There's no way their quarrel can last long~~

pg 088 ==================================================
=panel 1
Certainly... // I left everything about dites to Harley.

So, I suppose I began to take him for granted.

=panel 2
But, that still can't justify Harley's wrongdoings....

U----mu (handwritten)

Then again, I can't deny either that I said too much...

=panel 3
....Well, I will go apologize when things have settled down....

=panel 7
....What are you doing in a place like this?

...You too, Nina... // What about your training?

It is... uh, right! // Break time! It's break time!

I-is that so.

=last panel
*Peek* (Nina SFX)

pg 089 ==================================================
=panel 1
Don't peek!!

Dite research even out here, I see. // Do not forget that you are still prohibited from developing anything.

I know that! // I still want my boiler suit in one piece!

=panel 2
I know you've always been like that since forever, but stop pointing out about every single thing that other people do!!

What did you say!? // That is because you are always acting... on your own...

=panel 3
Besides, even if I'm under suspension, I'm free to do anything at my own expenses!!

You.... Are you even reflecting on your wrongdoing!?

I seriously am sorry for embezzling the platoon's budget!!

=panel 4
But, I became the mechanic for the 17th platoon because I like it! // And I'm researching because I want the platoon to get stronger.

No matter what you say, there's no changing that!

=last panel
You... // are such a stubborn one, you know that?

Could say the same to you, Nina.

pg 090 ==================================================
=panel 1
If that is the case!! // ...Why don't you rely on us more?

You do know that we are the ones who use your dites, don't you? // There are many things we can do together!!

=panel 2

=panel 4
....Then, put more care when you're using your dite.

GUH.... // W-when you plan to make something, tell us before you make it!! // You always make weird things all the time!!

=panel 5
So you say, but you were the one who happily swung around those weird things and broke them!!


They broke because they were too fragile! (bubble, handwritten)

That's because of your beastly strength! (bubble, handwritten)

They made up already.

....Does that really count as "already made up"?
They're arguing quite intensely. (handwritten)

=panel 6
Ah! They have started getting physical with their cheeks!!

Break, break!!

=panel 7
Shortly after, Harley's suspension was lifted, but--------

=panel 8
Are those the ones that Kilik tuned?

Aah, yes.

=panel 9
If you feel uncomfortable with them, I'll fix them right away!

Well.... it is nothing too noticeable.
No problem. (handwritten)

Well you see, (handwritten inside)
a slight error in the measurement could...

I had him tune my dite too. // Kilik-san sure is skilled at this.

=last panel
Please don't look for me.

He ran away from home again for some reason. (box)

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