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Chrome Shelled Regios 16a

Blue Spring Carnival [Former]

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Nov 30, 2013 09:49 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

-> RTS Page for Chrome Shelled Regios 16a

pg 093 ==================================================
=panel 1+2+3 (TRIVIA: I'm guessing that "Blue Spring" is directly translated from "青春/seishun" which means youth/ springtime of youth/ adolescent)
Fuah.... (handwritten)


last episode. I
Blue Spring Carnival [Former]

=panel 4


=panel 5
Good morning.

Sure is rare we can meet on the way to school. // The dorm you live in is in the opposite direction, isn't it?

Well.... yes, that's right.

=panel 6
I had some business this morning.... // I went out to send a letter to my childhood friend in my hometown.

A letter?

=panel 7
Yes, it's nothing important though. // Like I'm eating properly and in good health. If I don't make a report every now and then, she'll get worried, so....

Is that not a good thing?

Eh...Uh... Well, yes.

=panel 8+last
By the way, senpai, have you wrote a letter to your home----- // ....Ah!
I'm sorry...! (handwritten)

....Don't be, // it is fine.

pg 094 ==================================================
=panel 1
A letter.... is it? // If I were to send one now, will everyone----

....will Father // read it?

=last panel
last episode. I
Blue Spring Carnival [Former]

pg 095 ==================================================
=panel 1
----I see, // it wasn't a mistake after all.

=panel 2
What a problem... // It just had to happen when everyone is in a festive mood.

=panel 3
Well.... // We have no other way than to deal with this without letting any civilian students know.

=panel 4
Of course, you are going to help as well, Felli.

....I had thought that you would say that.

=panel 5
A situation is a situation, I can't help it. // I will pass on the message to the captain and the other members.

Aah, that won't be necessary.

=panel 7
Felli, about this matter... // I would like you

and "him" only to take this mission.

pg 096 ==================================================
=panel 1+2
Nina-chaaan, // a bit to the right, to the right~

=panel 4
Does the signboard look fine?

Yes, thank you~~ you're a great help~~

=panel 5
I'm sorry for having you help us with the culture festival when you're busy with your training~~

I don't mind, // the other platoon members were hunted down by other classes and there is not a soul in the Training Facility.

=last panel
It has been a while since we had a grand event, after all. // No matter what major they're from, they're all in high spirits, making refreshment booths, stages, etc.

Haha. (handwritten)
There is no helping it. // Celina-san, your dept's is doing... a drink bar, isn't it?

pg 097 ==================================================
=panel 1
Yes, // it is a bit unique though.


=panel 2
Mu, // you are the delinquent from the other day.
Fancy meeting you here.

Geh, Nina Antalk!?

=panel 2
Where are you going...?

Celina-san (sign on her head)

You promised to become a tester for our product, didn't you...?

=panel 3
I was asked to taste! That doesn't mean I've become a guinea pig to test some suspicious drugs!!

Dearie me, breaking a promise, are we~? // Then, I suppose it is fine to let the student council and the academy police know what you have done until now~~?


She is threatening him...!!
What did they make him drink...? (handwritten inside)

=panel 4
Let's make a note NOT to get near Celina-san's shop...

In haste (handwritten)


=panel 5+last
Antalk-san! // Helping the pharmacy dept.?

Ah, // Anna-senpa---- // I mean, Anna-SENSEI.

....!? // W-what is the matter....!?

pg 098 ==================================================
=panel 1
I'm sorry, // I'm still not used to getting called "sensei" just yet....

Uwaaaa, this lady has not changed at all!!

=panel 2
Hey, Sensei! Are you slacking off!?

We can't make any progress if you're not here, Sensei!

=panel 3
Come here! (handwritten)

U-uh, I'm // going to have a science experiment class together with my students! // You should come too, Antalk-san!

=panel 4+5
Gee---- (handwritten)

...Then again, // I guess that's not entirely true.

=panel 6+7
By the way, Nina-chan. // I heard from Reu-chan that they're going to do something too, is it alright for you not to go there?

What happened in the short moment I took my eyes off them....?

=last panel
So, my class is doing something too, huh...?

Let's take a peek for now. (handwritten)

pg 099 ==================================================
=panel 2
Ah, Nina, did you come here to help?

=panel 3
Wh...what is with that outfit, Reu...?

You'll hand out the pamphlet, thank you!! (handwritten)

It's been decided that our class is going to do a maid cafe.

....When did it come to that....?

=panel 4
That said, we're short on hands because people went to their circles or clubs.

We borrowed people from outside class, though.

=panel 5
Now that you mention it, I see unfamiliar faces here and there....

=panel 6

=last panel

pg 100 ==================================================
=panel 1

His normal outfit (handwritten)

Nina, I knew you wouldn't know it's me without my cap.

=panel 2
I'm not wearing it because I like it! // I was asked to help, but when I came here, they made me wear this!

UWAA---AHN (cry)

Your underwear, people can see your underwear. (handwritten)

=panel 3
Reu... Since I'm not participating, I do not have any say in this, but... // Um, if possible... could you do something about this....

O-or maybe I can wear the outfit for him...


=panel 4
In order to answer the customers' needs, it is necessary to cover as many maid attributes as possible.

Even within those, the appearance isn't the main point if you are to truly become a shemale maid. // Right now, the demand for shemale maids is high, and above all, they can become a highly topical advertisement...!!

=panel 5
This is serious business.

A business woman's... eyes...!!

=last panel
...So she said, // do your best, Harley.

Just like that!!? (handwritten)


pg 101 ==================================================
=panel 1
But still, it sure is rare to see you so eager like this, Reu.

Reu~ where should I put these? (handwritten)

The sixth year students haven't finished yet so, put them over there. (handwritten)

...Well, // when you've decided to do something, it's more fun to go all the way, isn't it?

=panel 2+3
I // might join the Student Council next year, that's why...

Eh. (handwritten)

=panel 4

Reu~, what about this? What should I do with this---? (handwritten)

More importantly, take care of the billboard first--- (handwritten)

Maybe, just maybe. // As an attendant of my friend.

=panel 5
Even so, I thought it might be not so bad...

Being an organizer like this, or maybe studying about management.

=panel 6
Ah! // I'm totally aware that managing a refreshment booth is absolutely different than managing a whole city! Okay!?

I know, I know.

She is blushing. (handwritten)

=panel 7
Hey, you over there, don't leave any stuff on the table--- (handwritten)

I see how it is now...

Reu has been thinking about this.

=last panel
I must help with something as well.

Then, I will go handing out the pam-// PHLUT!

Kya--- (handwritten)


pg 102 ==================================================
=panel 1
HELLOOO!! // Monthly Look'n here!!

Hearing that the rumored maid-san is here, I have come to interview!!

=panel 2
Oh, she came at the right time.
The advertisement media, I mean. (handwritten, Reu)

Hyu---- (handwritten, Miffi)

May I have your cooperation for the culture festival pamphlets of our Monthly Look'n issue (unofficial), pleeease?

Mi...Micchan... // Y-y-you're being rude to senpai.

=panel 3
What the heck are talking about!!? // We have to investigate the inside of the shop that may become your cake shop's rival!!

Depending on the enemy's strength.... you may have to drastically cut off parts of your waitress outfit, Mei-chan!


I can hear just about everything, by the way. (handwritten, Nina)

I'm sorry. (handwritten, Nakki)

=panel 4
There, Harley-kun. // Go and pose in front of the camera for a bit.

Ugh, // so cute...!!

Uwaaaah, nooooo. // I don't wanna be exposed to the whole academyyyyy!!

=last panel
Sigh----- (handwritten)

Good grief.... what the heck are you doing?

Ah, Kilik!! // Help me!! I don't wanna be a mai....

pg 103 ==================================================
=panel 1
Compromising by wearing such cheap-looking clothing...

And you call yourself a mechanic!!?

=panel 2
I can't have my fellow researcher be shown to the world when he's wearing such low quality clothing.

Eeh--------- (handwritten)

But, with the available budget, this is the best we could get.

Enemies on all sides. (handwritten)

Kilik, you're commenting on the wrong thing. // I'm pretty sure there's something else that should be pointed out, right?

=panel 3
Hah, hah! // What a childish thinking, young man!!

=last panel
Even without expensive materials.... // you can just be creative with what you have!

The 14th Platoon enters the scene!!


pg 104 ==================================================
=panel 1
Even our lame-looking members!!

=panel 2
With a little make up!

=panel 3
Behold the sight!!

=panel 4
Ooh------ (bold text)

Sh...Shin-senpai, // What are you doing?

Ooh, Nina!

=panel 5
Just some advertising, y'know.

In this festival, our platoon will be borrowing the arena for an event battle.

You should come and watch too.

=last panel
"The Jet Black Trident VS The Messengers of Light" // Mess of light... I mean "Messengers of Light", who are these guys...?

The newbies that I chose myself. // Cool name, huh?

pg 105 ==================================================
=panel 1
What do you mean by cool!?


=panel 2
I heard that I could participate in a practice exhibition, but why do I have to wear such an embarrassing costume!?

=panel 3
Ooh, it has been a while, Leo.

That is one amazing outfit. (handwritten)

Ah, Nina-senpai!! // Please take a look, the costume looks like it would invite moths to gather around!

It's been a while! (handwritten)


=panel 4
Really.... you understand nothing, young man!! // As a platoon member, being watched by spectators is also in the job description!!

Getting all embarrassed over something like this? Absurd!! // On the contrary, to learn stimulation is what makes one a true military artist!!


=panel 5

=last panel
Senpai, don't tell me, did you gather new recruits so you can drag them into your questionable hobby?

Leo, come over here. (handwritten)

Don't talk badly about other people.
There's some truth in that, though. (handwritten)

So, it is true...

pg 106 ==================================================
=panel 1
Since we have the chance, I thought it'd be good to recruit newbies with aptitude, even the ones without any experience.

Although the stage is scripted to some degree, you can basically do whatever you want during the combat part.

If it goes well, they can get used to appearing on a stage and they may turn out useful as platoon members in the future.

=panel 2
Hoh... (handwritten)
I see... // you have thought this through properly.
That was rude of me. (handwritten)

Eyes of respect. (handwritten)

Heh... // It's nothing much...

=panel 3
Well, since that's the case, I'd be really happy if you could pass this numbered ticket to Felli-chan.

Eyes of disdain. (handwritten)

=panel 4
You guys too! I'll be counting on you to cheer for the 14th Platoon!!

OOH---- (bold text)

Haa--- (handwritten)
....I will go and hand out the pamphlets....

=last panel

is doing their utmost to do whatever they can.

pg 107 ==================================================
=panel 1+2
Compared to them...

Excuse me----

Yes, // what is....

=panel 3
Y-y-you scared me.

If it isn't Eli.

Ufufu... (Handwritten, near Eli)

Umm, do you happen to know where Felli-san went?

=panel 4
No.... I haven't met her today since there is no training today.
I am sorry I can't be of help. (handwritten)

Is that so... I wanted to invite her to join our event staff.

What event are you holding, Eli?

=panel 5
I'm doing a ghost house together with my friends from the circle.

I know it'd be a masterpiece this time! // Please visit us, Nina-san.

=last panel
Even though everyone is walking down their own paths...

pg 108 ==================================================
=panel 1
What about me?

=panel 4


=panel 5

=panel 6
Yo, // Antalk, so you came today!

=last panel
What is the matter?

Well, I'm stumped here. // Everybody took a day off to prepare for the culture festival.

pg 109 ==================================================
=panel 1
Well, I can see why they are feeling merry....
Haha... (handwritten)

Aah, // I just noticed, Alseif also took a day off, huh?

=panel 2
That rascal, a newly hired 1st year and he's already acting like this. // You should tell him about this too.

Sorryyy~ (handwritten, Layfon)

That guy....

Getting all excited... (handwritten, Nina)

=panel 3
So yeah, since we can't get anything done today, you can call it a day.

Here, fresh-from-the-oven pamphlets.

=panel 4
You should take it easy every now and then.
See ya. (handwritten)

...Is everyone other than me feeling all excited...?

=panel 5

=panel 6
I suppose // I am being too impatient.

=last panel
I train everyday. // And my strength is improving steadily.

And the platoon's unity.... should also be improving compared to before.

We do what must be done and move forward, but...

But why...

pg 110 ==================================================
=panel 1

do I feel like I am the only left alone?

=panel 2
Senpai, have you wrote a letter to your home-----

=last panel
As I am now, have I matured enough

to be able to convey my words through letters, I wonder?

pg 111 ==================================================
=panel 2

=panel 3
What's wrong? Are you feeling down as well?

=panel 4
Some engine problems, perhaps...?

Look, this is the culture festival pamphlet. You like this kind of thing, right? // Take a look at this and cheer up!

=panel 5
Should I contact the chief engineer...?

=last panel

pg 112 ==================================================
=panel 1+2
Aah, // that is a confectionery called cotton candy.

It is fluffy and looks like a cloud.

Sweet and tasty too....

=panel 3
....You want it?
You can't eat, though.... (handwritten)

=panel 4
No choice then.

I think Meishen's shop is adding these as a freebie. // I shall get it for you.

=panel 6
...Thank goodness, // she looks fine now.

=last panel
That's right, as long as this girl is happy,

that alone is enough for me.

pg 113 ==================================================
=last panel

What's wr...

pg 114 ==================================================
no trans

pg 115 ==================================================
=panel 1

What.... // What was that trembling....!?

=panel 2
Just what is....

=panel 4

=panel 5
She really is scared...

I wasn't imagining things that she has been acting strange from earlier.

=last panel
...Don't tell me.

Can it be... // Can it be...

pg 116 ==================================================

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