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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Chrome Shelled Regios 16b

Blue Spring Carnival (Middle Part)

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Dec 19, 2013 12:12 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

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pg 117 ===========================================================
=panel 3

=panel 4
Here she is.

=panel 5
Hello, Antalk-kun, // I'm glad we can now cut the meeting short.

=panel 6

So, the tremor earlier was....

last episode II
Blue Spring Carnival (Middle Part)

=last panel

pg 118 ===========================================================
Contaminoids... // Looks like the city's leg stumbled upon a nest of contaminoid larvae.

last episode II
Blue Spring Carnival (Middle Part)

pg 119 ===========================================================
=panel 1
The swarm is climbing the seventh leg and approaching the outer layer of the city.

They are estimated to reach the outer district in roughly an hour.

=panel 2
We are leaving the evacuation of the students to the city police, but due to time slot and the preparation for the culture festival, they are short on personnel.

We, too, must deal with this posthaste...

=panel 3
...How could this be?

We went through the same situation before, but...

=panel 4
All platoons will begin the counter attack.

Yes sir....

Antalk, your platoon should hurry too.

=panel 5
Right... // I must protect Zuellni!

=panel 6
President! // Where is Felli?

I have to gather my platoon members first....

pg 120 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Felli is not here.

=panel 2

Layfon as well.

=panel 4
Uhm... // what do you mean?

=panel 5
This morning, // a shadow of what is assumed to be a mature contaminoid has been spotted on this city's route.

I had those two go to subjugate it right now.

pg 121 ===========================================================
=panel 2
...What is the meaning of this?

Above that the city is under attack by contaminoid larvae right now, the mature type has appeared as well, is that it? // I have not heard anything from those two!

=panel 3
...I didn't tell this to even Vance.

=panel 4
There was one shadow of the mature type.

If we leave it be, it is likely that we will come into contact with it tomorrow morning.

pg 122 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Of course, we must keep this a secret from the students, they are in a festive mood due to the culture festival after all. // I wanted to hold reserve of people who can act to their utmost.

As those two received a top secret mission, they had no freedom whether to tell you or not.

=panel 2
Still, I would never have thought that the larva class would appear at the same time.

President! // I...!

They are...! // Members of the 17th Platoon!

If we knew about this....!

=panel 3
You would accompany them?

=panel 4
But, what can you accomplish there?

Guh. (floating text)

=last panel
Layfon is about the only human in this city who can match the mature class, such is the reality.

Felli's support is also essential. // However, conversely, anything other than being a support will only make her a hindrance in his fight.

pg 123 ===========================================================
=panel 2
...In other words, // the 17th Platoon will just get in the way, I take it?

=panel 3
ONLY when it comes to facing the mature class.

=panel 4
But, when facing against the larva class, you and Sharnid are valuable combat resources.

It really helped that you two stayed behind.

=last panel



pg 124 ===========================================================
=panel 1
I have the duty to protect every single human living in this city.

No matter the means, // I believe I have taken the best measure to reach that objective.

=panel 2
It seems to me that you are insistent on protecting Zuellni "with your own hands".

I do not have as much leeway as you to harbor such conceit.

=panel 3
...What... are you implying by that?

That sounded as if I-----

Captain of the 17th Platoon, Nina Antalk-kun.

=panel 4
Until Felli and Layfon-kun return, you are to enter the 1st Platoon command and exterminate the contaminoids.

This is an order from me as the student council president.

=last panel
That is all from me.



pg 125 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Let's go, Nina.

=panel 2

President, // when is the expected return of those two?

=panel 3
At dawn at the latest....

Well, I believe Felli will contact us through her psy-terminal a few hours before that.

=panel 4
I see. (handwritten inside)
If it's just holding out overnight, we should be able to manage somehow.


Well then, let's impose ourselves on Chief Military Arts Vance, shall we?

=last panel
R-release me, Sharnid! // I still have things to-

pg 126 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Hey, // wait!

=panel 2
Hey, // Sharnid!!

Do you not feel anything after being told off like that!!?

=panel 3
Such words...


=panel 4

Of course you'll get mad.

Being told that you'll just get in the way, // and you can't even deny it.

=panel 6
....You see.

=last panel
I left my home and met Zuellni the Electronic Fairy here in this city. // I had the feeling of wanting to protect for the first time---

I thought to myself that I have found something that I want to do...

pg 127 ===========================================================
=panel 1
That to protect her is my mission.

I then formed the platoon... // I intended to put all my effort into many things to get stronger.

=panel 2

all of that might have simply been for my self-satisfaction.

=panel 3
What I wanted to protect was not "Zuellni", // but "the mission to protect Zuellni", so I thought.


Don't take the president's words seriously.

=panel 4
Right now, it's pointless to worry about all that.

Let's do something about those larva class first, okay?

=last panel

you are right...

Hey! Where are you going!!?

pg 128 ===========================================================
=panel 2

I'm telling you that all civilian students have to hurry to the shelter!!

=panel 3
Like I said!! My friend went to the outer district, so I have to pick her up there!

And I'm telling you, that is our job, the city police's!!

Lies!! Aren't you guys really short-handed right now!?

=panel 4
What is wrong?

Ah, Nina-san!

=panel 5
The contaminoids are attacking, so the police officer told us to evacuate!

But Meishen went to the outer district for the culture festival preparation and hasn't come back.

I don't know if this info has reached there, so I'm heading there, but they told us to evacuate, then-

C- // calm down....

=panel 6
I don't know where my friend went!

My classmate too!

Why isn't there a broadcast from the Student Council!?

Can we really go on with the festival!?

There's no one who can go and confirm it!

=last panel
Well shit, I get it. // Because of the festival preparation, the students are still loitering around even this late at night.

It appears the evacuation notice came late as well....

pg 129 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Anyway, let's leave this place to the police. // We have to hurry and join the 1st Platoon.

Ah, // right.

=panel 2

=panel 4
No... // It is as Sharnid said, we must only think about exterminating the contaminoids for now....

Even if I helped them here, // it is not like the contaminoids threat will come to pass, and that won't be helping them too.

=panel 5
It will be just like what the president said.

Being conceited, just for my own satisfaction.

=panel 6
I just have to carry out my mission. // Think nothing but exterminating the contaminoids...

=last panel

so in the end, I haven't grown up since that time, have I?

pg 130 ===========================================================
=panel 1
What have I gained from this city?

=panel 2
Shut up, you jerk!

=panel 4
Why can't I go help my own friends!?

You want me to stay quiet and watch my friends get eaten by contaminoids!?

=panel 5
You- // What are you...

Miss Captain! // The student is fighting with the police officer~!!

=last panel
I have to stop them....

Nina! // I already told you, just leave that to the police. // We've got our own things to do.

pg 131 ===========================================================
=panel 1
That is true, // but...


=panel 2
Anna-senpai! // ...That wound?

Ha---- (floating text)

Ha---- (floating text)

Ah, this is // nothing serious.

=panel 3
I hit myself during the tremor, so...
I'm fine. (floating text)

More importantly, we're in a state of chaos because of the evacuation order and I can't guide the students.

=panel 4
When I asked someone.... // Kyah!


=panel 5
Cut this out!! // This isn't the time to...

Shut up!!

=panel 6
Somebody stop them!!

=panel 7

=panel 8

=panel 9
I (box)

Hey, // Nina!

=last panel
Everyone, calm down!!

pg 132 ===========================================================
=panel 1
I am the captain of the 17th Platoon, Nina Antalk!!

We will now head out to exterminate the contaminoids!

=panel 2+last
Rest assured!

There is no need to fear those larva class as all platoons are working together! // We shall protect everyone here and all your friends!!

....That idiot....

pg 133 ===========================================================
=panel 1
I know everyone here spent all their time preparing without any sleep!

Get some rest in the shelter while you have the chance!

=panel 2+3+4
Not to worry, // everything will be over tomorrow morning.

You won't find a shadow of contaminoids when you wake up from your good night sleep.

Just forget about what is happening now, and immerse yourself in the festival preparation again.

=panel 5
And then, // let us make this the best festival ever, shall we!?

=panel 7
What do we do?

Let's go---


=last panel
Now, everyone! Follow the officer's instructions and evacuate please.

She handled that nicely. (floating text)

pg 134 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Sorry about that. // Let's go, Sharnid.


=panel 2
Aren't you suited to be in the 14th Platoon?


Miss Captain! // Antalk-san!

=panel 4
Please be careful!

D--don't be reckless, okay!

=panel 5
Aah, // thank you.

We'll be right back!!

=panel 7

=last panel
You sure promised them something big, huh, Nina?


Won't that Miss Reporter write shit if you can't keep your promise?

pg 135 ===========================================================
=panel 2
Whether what I feel for Zuellni is real or not, // I am still not sure yet.

....And the action that I took earlier may have been for my self-satisfaction.

=panel 3

=panel 4
Still, // these feelings of wanting to protect...

my friends and comrades that I met in this city is definitely real. // No matter what they say, I can be proud that this is something that I obtained here, something that is mine alone.

=last panel
That's why,

I think I will fight for them now.

pg 136 ===========================================================
=panel 1

=panel 2
Nice, nice, that totally smells like youth.

If you wanna move people, that works much better than a justification like "For the city!", y'know that?

=panel 3
...Do I really appear that embarrassing...?


=panel 4
Well, you can just be confident and include Zuellni missy in your "friend list", don'cha think?

=panel 6
...You actually said some "youthful" line yourself.

Hahaha, guess I got influenced by a certain someone.

=last panel

Let's go.

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