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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Chrome Shelled Regios 16c

Blue Spring Carnival (Latter Part)

+ posted by natural-log as translation on Dec 26, 2013 11:05 | Go to Chrome Shelled Regios

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pg 137 ===========================================================
=panel 1
last episode. III
Blue Spring Carnival (Latter Part)



=panel 2

It's over if they find us!!

=panel 3+4
W- // wait, // did the contaminoids really...

Just come!! // Otherwise---

=panel 6

pg 138 ===========================================================
I knew there were still students who haven't evacuated yet...

We shall guide you to safety. // Follow us please.

last episode. III
Blue Spring Carnival (Latter Part)

pg 139 ===========================================================
=panel 2
Aaah, damn it. // My watch broke.

Quite some time has passed since midnight, huh....

=panel 3
Hey, Nina. // We already checked most of this residential area, didn't we?

Shouldn't we go and join with the 1st Platoon already?

=panel 5
....We still have the neighboring district to check.

It would be bad if there were still students who have yet to evacuate.

=panel 6
I promised "to protect everyone".

I can't afford to break that promise, can I?

=panel 7
She's actually taking the promise she made in the heat of the moment seriously...

...Okay, // do whatever you see fit then.

=panel 8+9
Aah----- (text)

I just wish Felli was around at a time like this---- // AH.

=last panel

...It's meaningless to rely on someone who isn't here. // Let's just do whatever we can.

pg 140 ===========================================================
=panel 1
...In actuality, I feel that doing a makeshift joint with the 1st Platoon will only hinder their coordination.

This would mean we are disobeying the President's order, but.... the safety of the students is more important.

=panel 2

=panel 3
If we can hold out until dawn...

If we can protect the students...

=panel 4
That guy will take care of the rest and mow down all of the contaminoids.

=panel 6
Argh, honestly.

Now even I am relying on someone who isn't here.

=panel 7
What's wrong, Nina?


Let's make haste and proceed to the next district.

pg 141 ===========================================================
Captain! To your right!

pg 142 ===========================================================
=bottom r panel


pg 143 ===========================================================
=panel 1
You okay, Nina!?


=panel 2
You saved me.

=panel 3

=panel 4
Since your psy-terminal has reached here, that means Layfon, who is at the mature class battle site, shouldn't be too far from here.

....Yes, // I think he should be done soon over there...

=panel 5

=panel 6
---I am sorry.

=panel 7
While it was my brother's orders, // the fact that we did not tell you anything...

has caused you unnecessary worries.

=last panel


pg 144 ===========================================================
=panel 1
You and Layfon were thinking and troubled about it. // Then as the result,

you two decided that this is the best way, didn't you?

=panel 2
So, don't apologize.

=panel 3

=panel 4
Are you not angry?

I am angry, obviously!!

Make up your mind.

=panel 5
What I understand with my mind is different from what I understand with my heart!!

Gyaaaasu (bold text)

Goodness... (text)

...What a difficult person you are. // Please don't use a maiden's heart at a time like this.

=panel 6
...By the way, are you informing Layfon about the situation here?

? Yes.

Then tell him that the larva class were already exterminated by us alone.

=last panel
Why would I tell him such a lie...?

Letting him worry about us infuriates me!!

How much of a child are you?
You're such a... (text inside)

pg 145 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Eei, shut up! // If we make that soft-hearted guy worry about the city, it will only make him give the enemy openings!!

Above being unable to help him in combat, I won't stand to slow him down!

=panel 2
Haa---- (text 1)

Let's go, Sharnid!! (text 2)

My goodness....

=panel 3
...What a hopeless person.

=panel 4
...Felli, // just now---

Captain! // There's a reading of a non-military artist student just beyond that point!

=panel 5
What!? // Guide the way!!

Furthermore, there are multiple readings of contaminoids near the location----

Let's hurry!!

=panel 7
It's here, right!!

=last panel

pg 146 ===========================================================
=panel 3

=panel 4

=last panel
Step back, missy!!

pg 147 ===========================================================
no trans

pg 148 ===========================================================
=panel 1

=last panel
Not bad, Captain!


pg 149 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Captain, fighting alone any further is dangerous. // You must withdraw at once!

=panel 2
I kn...

=panel 4


=panel 5
Just a graze!!

=panel 6
Damn it, I can't even withdraw.

There are // 4... 3 left.

=last panel
I can't lose until I destroy them.

pg 150 ===========================================================
=panel 2

=panel 3

=panel 5

=panel 7


=last panel



pg 151 ===========================================================
=panel 2

=panel 3

=panel 4
This is bad,

very bad,

I'm going down.

=panel 5
I promised.

=panel 6

to protect...

=panel 7

=panel 8-last
Now that I think about it,

for her, a cotton candy.

I promised.

pg 152 ===========================================================

pg 153 ===========================================================
=panel 1
You did....

=panel 2


=panel 3
Captain, you have to get away!!

=panel 4
I can't...

My body won't move.

If I'm showered in that...

I'll need months for a full recovery, // huh?

=panel 5

if everyone is safe, // I guess it doesn't mat- // ter.

pg 154 ===========================================================
=panel 3


=panel 4
I have returned.

=panel 5+last

What is this... you came back quite early.

pg 155 ===========================================================
=panel 1
The mature class... Did you defeat it?

Yes, after confirming the cease of its life response, // I hurried back to Zuellni right away.

=panel 2
I see...

This guy really---

=panel 3
Then, we have to.... // take care of the larva class quickly...

=panel 4

=panel 5
It's alright.

=panel 6
In the vicinity of this city,

there's not a single living contaminoid anymore.

pg 156 ===========================================================
=panel 3
I see...

=panel 6
You really are...


=panel 7

=panel 8
the threat of contaminoids came to pass. // There were no victims among the students, and the culture festival was able to be carried out without any problems.

=last panel
However, I, as always, was reminded of my own incompetence----

Mmm.... (bubble)

pg 157 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Huh? You were still here after all.

Nina, aren't you going to the festival? // I'm about to go now...

=panel 2
Mm, I'm planning to go, but... // Writing a letter is harder than I thought, so...

A letter?

=panel 3
Aah----- (handwritten bubble)

To my home... // To my Father... // I thought I should report to them about my life in this city...

=panel 4
And // I was supposed to have many things to say, but...

Uu----- (text)

When I try to actually put them into writing, I just can't do it.

=panel 5
On the contrary, I have come to realize that I am still immature. // Then, I get depressed all by myself.

What an ordeal.

=panel 7
Well, isn't that fine? // It's not like you have to show off.

It just means you have experienced so many things that you can't put them into words, right?

=panel 8
Even if the letter turned out messy,

I think it's more like you to write down your honest feelings.

pg 158 ===========================================================
=panel 1

and everyone in the family,

how are you faring over there?

=panel 2+3
I am doing fine here.

I am still far from being a military artist you wished me to be // as well as too immature.

=panel 4
I fail and get depressed everytime...

=panel 5 - last
Even so, here in Zuellni, I have people who are kind enough to support someone like me.

My friends, // senpai,

and my comrades in the platoon---

Thanks to them, I can somehow bring myself to go on.

pg 159 ===========================================================
=panel 1
Right now,

I still can't even protect a single young girl, but...

=panel 2+3

=panel 4+5
so that I can protect---- // the people I love and everyone in this city,

=outside panel
I will become stronger----

pg 160 ===========================================================
I'm going!

The End

pg 161 ===========================================================
=left part
Regios the manga edition. With this, the final volume comes to a close.
It'd be nice if these guys spent their bustling school life like this everyday.
So, I had them let me draw this with that idea in mind. It was fun!

Thank you very much for reading until the end!

Oct 2011 Miyuu

@Special Thanks@
Yamada Low-san

Editor K-hara-san

Amagi Shuusuke-sensei

pg 162 ===========================================================
Dragon Comics Age
Koukaku no Regios 3

Original Work: Amagi Shuusuke
Art: Miyuu

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#1. by The1 ()
Posted on Dec 26, 2013
1 and GOOOOOOOO!!!!

Done~ Congratulations on another completed title, natural^^
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