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Youkai Ningen 2

I’m Meeeltiiiing!

+ posted by Niffer as translation on Dec 8, 2015 23:24 | Go to Youkai Ningen

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Youkai Ningen – Chapter 2
Translator: Niffer

Page 1

Chapter 2: I’m Meeeltiiiing!

Within this closed-in atmosphere // this intense bad feeling // is undermining our humanity…

Youkai Ningen

By Shinya Nobunaka

Page 2

(Down right hand side) The man melted when he was stabbed with the injection. This is what we have to do to survive in this place.

I was in a strange place when I opened my eyes.

Where I met a girl called Kitazawa…


We were ordered to melt, to kill a man.

Page 3

I didn’t understand what was going on.

I had the feeling that someone had brought us here to observe us, to ridicule and laugh at us.

SFX: whip

Page 4

Youkai Ningen

Takahashi Koutaro: High school Student. Brought to this abandoned building while at school, possible by some nightmare.

Kitazawa Ai: Female high school student? Was unconscious next to Takahashi when he woke up.

Page 5


I got the blood out.

Hey, are you ok?

Touyama: Assigned as Takahashi and Kitazawa’s first target. He melted, and died.

Injection: Inside is some kind of mixture that melts people and turns them into gloopy jello.

Page 6

Choker: Filled with the same mixture as the injection. When they are no longer needed, they will be injected with it.

Cell phone: In Takahashi’s possession. When it rings an order will display from an unknown person.


What should we do now?

We can’t afford to sit still for long.

How about we look around a bit?

We might… find something.

Page 7

We walked around and around inside the building.

We were exhausted, but at least there was light and water around the place.

The fruit of our labor was a rough sketch of the building that we found.

There are no stairs nor windows.

I feel like a prison would have been better.


Page 8

I wonder… if the elevator will move.

SFX: click click

Of course it wasn’t going to move.

Page 9

Kitazawa looks tired.

That’s right. I really don’t know anything about her.

Page 10

She’s wearing a school uniform, which means she must be a student.

Perhaps I should ask her about herself…


Shall we keep looking?

Ah // No.

Why don’t we find somewhere to rest?...

That’s it.

Let’s just rest a bit.

Page 11

We only need to worry about how we’re going to survive.

If we do… I’m sure… I’m sure that…

I think this is the best bed.

More or less.

Ok. I’m going to sleep over there.

I don’t…

Page 12

I don’t mind if you sleep on the bed.



I didn’t mean it like that!!

I got it. I got it.

I didn’t mean it like, ok?!

SFX: glare

Page 13

Page 14

Quickly get to sleep!!

Stop thinking about such stupid stuff!!


SFX: jolt


…going to happen us?

We // killed someone.

Page 15

That // couldn’t be helped.

Yeah // it couldn’t be helped…

What should we tell…

…our friends and family?

We can’t go back to living our normal lives…

Page 16

We can’t live normally anymore…

SFX: ba-dump!!


SFX: jolt

Page 17

Eh?! Wh-what’s wrong…?!

Sorry… Goin’ toilet.

SFX: wobble




SFX: wheeze wheeze

I feel sick every time I think about it.

I had to touch so much of it [bold]

Page 18

What the hell did I do.



SFX: jolt




What’s that sound?

It’s not… Kitazawa-san.



Then it’s…?


Page 19




It’s coming from the elevator.

What do I do? Should I go look…?!

Page 20



It’s coming from inside the elevator.



Is… someone there?!

There’s no way help would have come.

Then maybe it’s…?!

SFX: kashirk

Page 21






Page 22





Page 23

What the hell.

I don’t understand. // Who could have…?!

That’s it. // If someone else were here they’d be “the same” as us.

If they were told to jump someone and kill them just like we did… // If that’s true then…

Page 24

Page 25

SFX: rooaaar

Page 26

A choker!

A needle!

Oh shit!

Page 27

Page 28


SFX: jolt

Page 29

Get away // from him, right now.




…are you here…?



Page 30

SFX: thwak

Page 31


Page 32


SFX: gasp gasp gasp

Give it back…

Don’t touch it!!!


Page 33




SFX: dash

Page 34

Help me! Help me!

I’m meeeltiiiing!


SFX: sploch

Ah // hhh





Page 35

SFX: splurch

Page 36


I did it again…

Kitazawa-san // that was…

Good job.

Please put the melted body into the box.

Please put the melted body into the box.

Page 37

I repeat.

Please put the melted body into the box.

Shut up.

Shut up!

How long do you think you can control us?

Don’t underestimate us…

Page 38

(Text on right) To melt or be melted. Fight against the fear. Can they get free of this hell?!

We will get out of here!

And we’re going to find you! // You hear me?!

To be Continued.

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