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After School Dice Club 1

A World You Don’t Know

+ posted by Niffer as translation on Dec 17, 2015 00:08 | Go to After School Dice Club

-> RTS Page for After School Dice Club 1

Translated for Waterflame Translations.

You can read this manga here!

After School Dice Club Chapter 1
Translated by Niffer

[P.g 01] - Cover

After School Dice Club


[P.g 02]

After School Dice Club 1

[P.g 03]


What is this?! Why is…

Text: Chapter 1: A World You Don’t Know


This tori* so huge?!

*Red gates, normally at entrances to Shinto shrines.

[P.g 04]

Text: Chapter 1: A World You Don’t Know

[P.g 05]

Good morning~!


Ugh! First period is physics?! // Sonobe’s classes are always so boring.


Ooh that dumpling looks super tasty.

Really? I’ll bring one for you next time!


SFX: shaka shaka

[P.g 06]

A morning like any other.


This is the noisiest time of the day until homeroom starts.


Hurry up… Is the teacher not commin’?




Class rep…





When school’s finished we’re all going to do karaoke.

A get-together with all the girls from class.

[P.g 07]

Do you want to come along?

Hey, Takekasa-san, you don’ really talk much do ya? // But ya like to sing, right?

I mean, you’re always listenin’ to stuff.


Erm… I…






I have plans today…


Why is everyone else so laid back?

[P.g 08]

There’s no way I can sing in front of others.

How do you even start to sing? What do you sing?


Ahh, I’m famished!

You wanna have lunch together?



Ever since I was little,

I’ve noticed…


That I hate everythin’ that everyone else likes.

I’ve no interest in other’s interests.


SFX: Bing bong bang bong~

[P.g 09]

SFX: breath


I normally come to the Kamogawa River,

And take a deep breath.


I hate big crowds.

That’s it. I normally go home along the river.


That old lady is always there, thinkin’ about somethin’.

[P.g 10]

How much more can I take,

Before I get used to all that?


SFX: screech




SFX: su-click su-click



Ahhh~~~ Watch out! Watch out!

Move it! Move it~~~!

[P.g 11]

[P.g 12]




SFX: bloop


Oh..oh no…

Wh- what do I do?


I need to call…


SFX: splutter

SFX: jump


… // Fuwa- I’m alive…


[P.g 13]

SFX: jolt


Hehehe, Sorry about that.

You ok?



Am I ok…? How about you?


Well this isn’t good. Not good at all. The breaks are completely bust.

I should’ve been more careful with a cheap rental.

[P.g 14]

Sorry for making you keep guard.

It-It’s fine! // No… one’s comin’ right now, so hurry!

Ah! Even my panties are soaked. // Gonna have to take ‘em off.





What do I do?!



Please wait a minute!!


What’s this? A student?

Ermm… well…

You see… erm…


Wah- What… What do I do?

SFX: tap tap


Sorry to make you wait

SFX: poke

[P.g 15]

So… you just moved here? …3 months ago?

Yeah! School starts tomorrow so I thought I’d do some sightseeing! // This is Kyoto after all.


Er…erm… Well, that was a disaster wasn’t it?

I’m not wearing any panties so it’s super breezy down there.


But, you know. No one was hurt, and the clothes I just bought were in a bag so they didn’t get wet. // I’d say we were pretty lucky!

Even though you fell in the river?!


I got to meet you because of it!

[P.g 16]

I’m Aya Takayashiki.

Nice to meet ya!





I’m…Miki Takekasa…

It’s… nice to meet you…


So you a high schooler Miki-chan? What year?

Erm… first year.

Really?! No way! Me too!



Hey, you up to anything now?

Why don’t you show me around?!

Eh? // Erm… well… I’m not doin’ anythin’ but…


I don’t really get out much, so I don’t know anythin’ about Kyoto…

Ohh, really…


Well then…

[P.g 17]

SFX: Squeak hisss


SFX: bu~


Ok // let’s go!!

Eh… wha… // Where are we going…?!


Somewhere~ I don’t know~ // Where our feet go. Where we want to go. Let’s just try it…

B… But we can’t!! // Won’t we get lost if we just go wherever?!




Hey, great idea Miki!!

SFX: point

SFX: jump

[P.g 18]

Let’s go get lost!




SFX: za~~

SFX: caw

SFX: la la la~


Erm… Takayashiki-san…

[P.g 19]

We’ve… made our way into what looks like a sacred mountain… We’ll be ok… right?



Miki-chan! Look! Look!




What is this? A Jizo*?

*Jizo is a Buddhist deity entrusted with protecting the souls of children. Small statues of him are common in Japan.


SFX: ka-cha



Hey… Takayashiki, shouldn’t we be headin’ back soon…

Ah, ducks!

Coz, you see…

She’s got baby ducks! Ducklings!! They’re sooo cuuute!



[P.g 20]

Just listen!!


Wh…What have you been doin’?

We’re… lost, right? We didn’t bring a map…


Wh... why are we just wonderin’ around?

We really are gonna get lost… // Uh




SFX: pat


There, there.

Don’t cry.

[P.g 21]

You hate this, don’t you Miki-chan?



Do I hate…?






Hey? Where do you think we’re going?

We… We’re not goin’ anywhere…



Exactly Miki-chan!

And that’s ok!

SFX: squeeze


You need to have a goal in order to get lost.


[P.g 22]

For example, you have appointment, or there’s a shop you want to go to…

It doesn’t matter what, but you have a goal, and if you don’t reach that goal, you’re lost… right?


So we can’t possibly be lost.


Because we don’t have any goal!!


Is… is that really true?


It’s the truth Miki-chan.


You see we’re not actually lost, we’re pretending to be lost.

Pretendin’ to be lost?


Yep. We’re just playing pretend. // We’re just playing, so Miki-chan, you don’t need to worry about getting home.

[P.g 23]

A road, a scenery you don’t know.

The sounds, the colors, the smells.

Let’s take it all in and have some fun.

[P.g 24]

Some fun…


Shall we go then?








[P.g 25]




Amazing! What is it?!?!

[P.g 26]

I think… it might be an old aqueduct...

Ohh. Really?

Yeah, I saw it in a textbook once…


Takayashiki-san. L-Look!


[P.g 27]

So pretty…


I didn’t know any of this was here. // I’ve always lived in Kyoto but…


Hee hee hee. Is that right, Miki-chan?



You’ll find, the world has a lot more fun things…

…that you don’t yet know about.

[P.g 28]

Hah, I sound like an old lady.





I don’t normally enjoy the things around me…



I suddenly found myself thinkin’…

Maybe that’s not the case…


After all…

I was laughin’ back then.

[P.g 29]

And then…

Another morning like any other.


I was supposed to find a world full of fun things.



There’s no way I could do somethin’ like that

On my own


Ok everyone.

Take your seats!!

[P.g 30]

Ok. We have a new transfer student today.


SFX: clatter


Please write your name on the board.

Yes ma’am.


No way!

[P.g 31]





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