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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

After School Dice Club 2

The Class President’s Secret

+ posted by Niffer as translation on Dec 17, 2015 00:11 | Go to After School Dice Club

-> RTS Page for After School Dice Club 2

Translated for Waterflame Scanlations.

Read Chapter 2 online here!

After School Dice Club Chapter 2
Translated by Niffer

[P.g 36]

Isn’t this

absolutely wonderful?!

Chapter 2: The Class President’s Secret



I’m as surprised as you are. // I can’t believe we’re in the same class.


I know right~

And this is a co-ed school so I’m sure love will blossom soon!



Hey Miki-chan, do you have any plans for after school?

Let’s go to a café! Celebrate our reunion!!



Let’s do it.

[P.g 37]

Chapter 2: The Class President’s Secret



[P.g 38]

It’s nice to meet you. // Sorry for interrupting you while you’re eating.

I’m the class president, Midori Ono. // It’s a pleasure.


I know~ You’re the person everyone listens to.

It’s nice to meet ya, class pres!


The teacher asked me to show you around.

Would you mind coming with me after school?


Ah… well… Miki-chan and I were gonna get some tea.

SFX: hehe


How about tomorrow?

[P.g 39]


SFX: jump


Not only am I running group activities, but it’s the school rules that I prioritise my duties over personal activities.

It is one of my duties as class president to show new transfer students around the school. // It should be obvious to you how important it is to know about this school. // I cannot accept you postponing this in order to go gallivanting off.


You shall accompany me today after school!!

SFX: decisive victory


B-B-But… I have a… promise…

It…it’s fine Takayashiki!


You’ll come back right?

I’ll wait here until you’re finished.

[P.g 40]


SFX: sob sob


SFX: grab


Even if we’re apart we’ll always be friends!!

SFX: squeeze



SFX: sigh

You’re making such a fuss.


It’s fine if Takekasa-san also wants to come too.



We can do that?

There’s nowhere that says a classmate can’t come, so why not?


And here I was thinking you were a scary person.

Don’t touch me.


SFX: bolt

You really are scary…

Well if that’s settled, I’ll see you after school.

[P.g 41]

After school


The Science Room


The Art Room


The Gym


The Music Room

[P.g 42]

…And this is the library.

Well that’s all the important places done.


Do you have any questions?



Why don’t you speak Kyoto-ben*?

*The local dialect for the Kyoto region.


Don’t you have any questions about the school?

No, I’m fine with that.


Then does that mean you’re from Kanto*?

*The East of Japan, including Tokyo.


I was born and raised in Kyoto.


Okaaay, then why?


Because Kyoto-ben has a lot of ambiguous phrases.


[P.g 43]

They make little sense logically.

So I prefer to speak in standard Japanese.


Is that better?

Eh? Ah…



The class pres’s really interesting Miki-chan.

If you don’t have any more questions then I’m leaving.


Eh? You’re leaving?

Why don’t you come have tea with us?!


Takayashiki-san, the student handbook, article 13 states…

[P.g 44]

... That it is forbidden for students to be in cafes, arcades and other amusement centers after 6pm on a weekday.



And 6pm is…

Only 30 minutes away!!!!


Exactly. The two of you might as well enjoy yourselves before heading home.




We were tricked~~~!!!!

[P.g 45]

I can’t believe the class pres would play such a mean trick!!!!

SFX: thump

She’s such a meanie!

Even though they obviously came.





SFX: squeak


Oooh! Tasty!

I love sweet green tea flavored stuff!


I dunno if she’s a bad person or not.

But she’s amazin’ at studyin’.


The first class president is picked based on their grades rather than an election.

Ohhh, so the class pres’s at the top?

Yep. It’s just a rumor but I heard she’s only ever got full marks in science.


[P.g 46]

Wow… I’ve only never gotten more than 60%.


B-but that’s completely beside the point Miki-chan!

She’s still a meanie!

Ye… yeah I suppose so.


Get down!

SFX: bang


Wh-what’s wrong?

Shhh // Look at that!



[P.g 47]

Where do you suppose she’s goin’? It’s already gone 6.

That’s the shopping district? Right?


What if?!?!


There’s no way…

No, no, Miki-chan, it’s…

[P.g 48]

A scandal!

SFX: clatter


Hey… Takayashiki-san?!

What are you doing Miki-chan!!

Come on, let’s go!!


SFX: peek


Why a back street residential area?


[P.g 49]

What if?!


4… 5…

It stopped!


O-ok… Let’s go Miki-chan!



SFX: glance

[P.g 50]

[P.g 51]



What is this place? It’s amazing!


SFX: clatter


I can’t read it.

What language…?

[P.g 52]

It’s German.


Most of the games here are German.



To The Dice Club.

SFX: thump thump thump





H-hey, calm down…


Manager! Didn’t I tell you not to go out the front?!



[P.g 53]



SFX: clatter


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