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Translations: One Piece 927 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

After School Dice Club 3

Marrakech, The One Carpet Merchant

+ posted by Niffer as translation on Dec 20, 2015 00:19 | Go to After School Dice Club

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This translation is for WaterFlame Scanlations

[P.g 55]

Not fair, Class Rep!!

Explain yourself right now!!

SFX: dun dun duuun!


What are you doing in a place like this when you just told us to go home?!


I wasn’t being unfair! This is my part time job.

Part time?


If you get permission from the school you’re allowed to have a part-time job after 6pm!


You two better go home now, you’re in violation of the school rules!

[P.g 56]

Not fair ~!

Why? It makes sense doesn’t it?


Hey now, it’s fine, Midori-chan.


Don’t be so harsh.

After all, your friends have come all this way.


They’re not… They’re just my classmates.


So then you two, a twist of fate must have brought you to my shop.

Why don’t you stay and play something?


By play… what do we play?


What else do you in a game shop but play games?!


By game…

Eh? // You mean…

[P.g 57]

Everything here…

…is a game?!


Don’t tell me

You came in here without knowing?


This is a specialty board game shop.

Most of them are German, but there are other European board games as well.


Games from Europe!?


That sounds really interesting!

They’re very interesting. Want to try one?

Yeah! I do!!

[P.g 58]

Wai… Manager!!

Ok, let’s see…

Let’s try this one.




Come play with us, Class Rep!

Oh yeah, Midori-chan! This is one you like, isn’t it?

No thank you!


Oh well. Just the 3 of us then.


ST: cloth…

[P.g 59]

An important part of playing board games is your imagination.


The game is set in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh, and the board represents its marketplace.

The aim of this game is to become the best carpet merchant in Marrakesh.



Carpet merchant…?


Ok. Shall I explain how to play?

First of all…

[P.g 60]

1 or 4, 1 or 4…




SFX: bam!



Move forward 3 then… You stopped on my carpet so you need to pay me 3 dirhem.


You shouldn’t recklessly move your piece.

Text: Dirhem: A Moroccan currency. The coins used in the game Marrakech.

You have to think about your risk and your return.


Hey, you’re way too good at this Manager.

SFX: pout

We’re only beginners, go easy on us!


It’s Takayashiki-san isn’t it.

[P.g 61]

It’s my policy to play seriously no matter what.


Especially when it comes to games.

SFX: ba-dumb

I have never once ‘gone easy’ on someone.


It doesn’t matter if they’re children or high school girls,

There is no mercy.




Now, Takekasa-san right?

It’s your turn. Decide where you’ll move Omar-san.



[P.g 62]

What’s wrong? Hurry up!!



SFX: squeak




Oh, give me a break!

Can’t you tell the manager’s just joking around?!


Hey, you’ll be fine. Roll the die.



Hey, Midori-chan, that’s against the rules.

SFX: jump

[P.g 63]

Interfering in others’ games is generally forbidden.

That’s one of Dice Club’s house rules.


Don’t tell me…

That you’d break the rules… would you?


Hmph… I suppose.


SFX: spin







I’ve really… never played a game like this before…

I dunno how to play… at all……

[P.g 64]

So ya see… erm…




I understand.


Manager, let me join the game.


I’ll be on her team.

SFX: pat


I can’t give advice to other players, but consulting within the same team should be fine.




[P.g 65]

Your ability to find loopholes is as amazing as always…


Th-Thank you very much Ono-san.

It’s fine. // When you pull a face like that…


B-But even if you help me now, it might be too late.

Manager-san is far in the lead…


You’re right…

These are certainly tough conditions…


But your carpet arrangement’s not bad.

The match hasn’t been decided yet.



Don’t worry. I’ll make you the No.1 carpet merchant in Marrakesh!

[P.g 66]

No fair, Class Rep!!

Help me too!!


You’re a rival merchant. Work it out yourself.



The rules for this game are simple, but in order to win you need to be able to predict how the game will develop.

Where you should lay your carpets, how your opponent will move, where your opponent is trying to lead you.


Think about your future earnings more than how much you’re spending.

A chance is sure to come around.


Here, the die.

[P.g 67]

So, what will you do, Midori-chan?


I guess it’s come to this, manager.


O-Ono-san, that’s the manager’s…

The only thing we can do is take a risk here.

[P.g 68]

B-but if we step on one…


….4, 5, 6…

7 dirhem?!


It’s a bit daunting that we’d have to pay the manager 7 dirhem…

We’ll definitely lose if we land on one.


However… We can pull this off with a 3 or 4.


If we don’t try then the manager will win either way.

We have to risk it.


I’m counting on your roll Takekasa-san.


You can do it Miki-chan!



O-ok then. Here I go…

SFX: squeeze

[P.g 69]

SFX: ta-da!



Wooow!! // Amazing, Miki-chan!!

You did it Takekasa-san!


Now what will you do, manager?

[P.g 70]

No matter which way he goes…

Anything less than 4 is 11 dirhem…!!


Well, manager?






2…!! Which means…


[P.g 71]

A perfect comeback!!

We did it~~~!!

[P.g 72]

You’re so amazing, Ono-san!!

This means we won?!


It’s all thanks to you , Takekasa-san <3


H-hey you two, no fair!!


Me too~~~

SFX: glomp

No way, you’re the enemy!


What? Meanies~!!



So she does

have friends.

[P.g 73]

That was so much fun~!


That… was the first time I’ve ever played a game like that…

I might want to try some more…

Yeah, yeah.


Hey Class Rep! Is it ok if we play there again?


Well, the manager did invite you back… I’ll let it slide this time.




Seeing as though you’ll be walking around late at night,

But as class president, it’s my duty to report this to the school.

What?! // Wh..why~?!

[P.g 74]

Because… if you want to come and play again.


It won’t be a violation of school rules if it’s not a school day…

I suppose…




Wh-what? I don’t care either way, ok?

But, if you’re interested…


Yeah! Let’s play more~~~



Don’ cling onto me!

Ehh, why not?


By the way, when you get really nervous, your Kyoto-ben comes back!

N-no, it does not!

Ehhh~~ But it did just now!

[P.g 75]

I guess


I might just find, the world has a lot more fun things…

…that I don’t yet know about.

[P.g 76]

I want to know more!

Game Small Talk
By Koji Maruta


Game Data
2-6 Players 6+ Years
Approximate time: 30 mins
Publisher: Gigamic (France)
Creator: Dominique Ehrhard.

Set in the carpet market (a souq) of the city of Marrakesh in Morocco, everyone is moving the single carpet merchant Omar. This is a game where you must strategically place your small carpets so that when the other players step on them they have to pay you money.
You take turns deciding which direction Omar will go and then roll the die to determine how far he moves. You can only place carpets around Omar, but if he lands on an opponent’s carpet you must pay them for every carpet they have. Making it a heated money exchanging game. In-experienced people might think “I will try not to step on other’s carpets”, but this is a very negative way of thinking. The attraction of this game is that once you get used to it you will realise that even if you’re paying a little money to other players, you’re mostly enlarging your position in the hope that it earns you more money in the long run.
First published in 2007, the German company Zoch who was charmed by this game, had a country only release calling it “Suleika”. It was a finalist for a number of awards in 2008, making it gain popularity and value.

The carpets all laid out make it super pretty!

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