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Chokotto Hime 8

Looking for the carefree dog’s home

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 13, 2010 01:14 | Go to Chokotto Hime

-> RTS Page for Chokotto Hime 8

Reserved for otakami
*Raws acquired from MangaHelpers.


Page 66

Chapter 8: Looking for the carefree dog’s home

Right Panel

Since my cold’s gone,
Let’s go look for your owner.

She has nice fur, so I think she should at least be someone’s pet.

Left Panel

Compared to…

A stray who won’t be able to survive this way!
SFX = rustle rustle

Page 67

Being Careless is not good

Right Panel

I wonder which area I should start looking at…
SFX = alert
Maybe I should go from where I found Hime?

Wan-chan! I found a new toy! Let's play!

SFX = scratch scratch scratch scratch

Left Panel

SFX = wave wave

SFX = satisfied
The dog buried the toy and had fun by himself.

The toy is gone.
What am I going to do? I really want to play...

SFX = move move
Is it okay to go home?

Page 68

Right Panel
Dried Food

Lost Dog

This flier!
Isn't this that dog...

Paper: lost dog

What's this... I think there's a worn-out mummy in front of me...

Left Panel
Too Heavy

Excuse me, this flier...

...wait, Tomoki?! (we're in the same class)

What's wrong, you two? You look like worn-out mummies.
Oh, and this flier...

Our dog hasn't come home...
You wanna help?
SFX = miserable
This is bad, they're implying something!

Page 69

Right Panel
A New Hiding Place


What does this mean, Nabe?!
SFX = shock
Wait, calm down and listen to [it cuts of]
Don't tell me you stole her?!

You've got it wrong, my cat...
No matter how cute he is, you know that's a crime right?!
No, listen... my cat...
You're not raising any cats!!!

I started raising one. She's right here with...
See, you're lying!
SFX = wave wave

Left Panel
Doting Parents

So you were taking care of our dog...

Sorry for not being able to bring it back to you.
No, we're sorry for taking it out on you...

But, you're raising a cat!
Yeah, she's called Hime.
Uwah, she's really cute!

But she's not as cute as ours.

Page 70

Right Panel

You two have been in chorus since I bumped into you guys.
We're twins, that's why!

When this puppy was abandoned, Tomoki picked her up.
Then I thought of her name.

That's why we both think she's cute.
SFX = hug
I see... so that's why!

Bitch! Don't just hug her like that!
Why not? Can't you even just stay a little quiet?!
Getting along is an understatement.

Left Panel
Being a Little Formal

I got it. Here.


It's... it's not like I want to hug her or anything...
SFX = waver waver
Wait- what are you saying now? You're not being honest!
He's being honest in a sense.
He just wants to hide it.

Page 71

Right Panel


Is your name "Cookie"?

SFX = lick lick lick
Oh, I'm right! Hime's happy too because you're happy!

I'm happy,
it hurts a little.
SFX = lick lick lick lick

Left Panel

That's right, Cookie comes over here a lot, right?
Is this where you live?

SFX = happy
(I'm right again!)
You had to leave the house before, huh?
Hime likes over there! (it's cramped)

SFX = wave wave
SFX = shock

Cookie's not going there anymore...
I wonder if it's really the best idea for him to leave?

Page 72

Right Panel

Cookie, come here.

You're so cute!

It looks like
it's a good home.
I feel like...

I don't want to lose either!
SFX = touch
What are you doing in front of everyone?

Left Panel

My cat looks hungry, so I'm going ahead.
Thank you, Nabe.
You guys take care.

Nabe, this is for thanks.
Take it.
SFX = slip
What are you saying? You don't need to thank me. We're friends right? Don't be so...

(It's just her pictures)
SFX = waver waver
At this time, the boy didn't know how scary the seriousness of the doting parents yet.

Page 73

This must have happened When the lost dog poster for Cookie was made.
I'm telling you, it's not this Cookie's fault!!!
What are you saying?! This Cookie is cute and looks more gentler than Cooki!
Are you an idiot?! Cookie's cuter---
You're the idiot!!!
SFX = tap tap
Arrow: the dogs who might be Cookie
[Lit: "all the candidates" but that wouldn't make sense if it was left like that]

-------------CHAPTER 8 END-------------

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