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Chokotto Hime 9

Doting Parents x 2

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 13, 2010 17:35 | Go to Chokotto Hime

-> RTS Page for Chokotto Hime 9

Reserved for otakami
*Raws acquired from MangaHelpers.


Page 74

Chapter 9: Doting Parents x 2
My friends Tomoki and Riyu started raising a dog.

Right Panel
And there’s one thing I found out.
(You’ve got mail! You’ve got mail!)

I figured I should send you Cookie’s pictures. You might want to look at them

Left Panel


The doting parent actually wants to show off.
Ah, is it okay if I meet you right now?
(My folder’s full)
It- it can’t be helped, then.

Page 75

Right Panel

You think this is okay? My house is pretty close anyway.
A carry bag’s pretty bulky, and I really don’t want to stand out since it’s pretty eye-catching.
Box: (left) Nii-chan’s house (right) Twins’ house

Ehe~ it’s so warm! I’m so happy being so close!
SFX = clank clank

What’s this, what’s this?! It’s making funny sounds!
SFX = clank clank clank

Hime! Calm down or I might drop you!
SFX = kya
SFX = shock

Left Panel
Someone Oversleeps

I came.

This is Cookie’s smell!
Hey, let’s play!

SFX = lick lick lick lick lick

(heavy) (heavy)
Hime isn’t food!!!

Page 76

Right Panel

Cookie, are you sleepy?
Then let’s sleep together!

Wow! Is this where you sleep?
(it looks so comfy!)

Is there anything hard under this?

SFX = taadaa

Left Panel
Collecting Mannerism

What’s that, Hime?
(look! Look!)
Ah! That’s my pencil.

I’ve been looking for this!
Where did you find this?

My socks!
My bra!
I thought I lost this!!!

Page 77

Right Panel

Don’t keep anything that pleases you!


Well, it’s that.
That’s right, it’s that.
What’s that?

Left Panel

Are you sure it’s okay to train him?
It’s fine. We’re pretty strict.
She can even do tricks.
Cookie, sit!



Okay, do it after 3 more minutes!!!
You’re not strict at all.

Page 78


Right Panel
That’s right, Nabe. Is it okay if I pet Hime?
Go ahead.

Riyu! You’re going to cheat on a cat?!
Why not? I’m just gonna pet her a little bit.
She might be scared the first time, but she’ll get used to it.

Hello, Hime. I’m Ryuu.
Ri-yu. Riyu!

SFX = lick lick lick lick

Left Panel
Wah, she fell asleep!
I call that her “sitting barrel pose.” She does that when she’s worried about something.
Side: Giving information

But it’s pretty rare for her to like someone she’s only met.
Really? Yay!

Riyu-chan’s body is warm.
She has a very nice smell and I get a really nice feeling from her.

I’ve become friends with the big puppy, Riyu-chan.
Box: ear Box: ear

Page 79

Right Panel
A Fitting Opinion

You wanna pet her too?
I’ll pass. I don’t like cats anyway.
There’s this eerie feeling I get.

I care to disagree.
Well, compared to dogs, cats have this gloomy face when you approach them. Sorry but I don’t really want to.
Cats are moody.

I care to disagree.
Well, it’s still better to raise dogs.

I care to disagree.
Nabe, your face turned into something amazing.

Left Panel
A Little Eerie Feeling


What’s this? This person is really scary…
(Just pet her. Come on!)

Ah! Hime!

My paw…

Page 80

Right Panel

Fo… for this to happen… cats really are no good!
You’re such a kidder! See, you’ve turned red already!

The hell?!
Then which side do you like better?!
Well, cats are cute too…
I guess I don’t care whether I’m in the cat or dog side…
(Cookie’s special!)

I can tell what you’re thinking too, since we’re twins!
Just because we’re twins doesn’t mean we think the same. That’s gross.

What’s that?! It’s because we’re twins that we’re here right now!!! That we’re together right now!!!
I’m on Tomoki’s side.

Left Panel
Going Home

SFX = nya nya
Just shut up and eat!

Cats really are no good!

This one here isn’t that mean.
She has this side too.

Maybe I should send him some pictures too.
SFX = click
Right now, the boy standing near the starting line.

-------------CHAPTER 9 END-------------

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