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Lucky Star 27

Party Night

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 13, 2010 20:03 | Go to Lucky Star

-> RTS Page for Lucky Star 27

Double-check translation before putting it on your scanlation. I will not be responsible if any mistakes are made. The numbering of this Lucky Star chapter is based not on the actual page number from the tank I got this from. I number it in a way where in the start of a new chapter, the page number goes back to 1. But to make life easier (and to confuse you for a bit), I also added the page number for the raws found here on MangaHelpers.

Please do report any mistranslations to me. I'm learning the language and I would be very happy to correct my mistakes.


Normal Text. (small/handwritten text).
Read from right to left and start from the right panel as well.

Page 1 [Page 12 on the uploaded raw on Mangahelpers]

Episode 27
Party Night

Left Panel
Testing One's Luck

This year's almost over, huh.
When it's already December, you always think the year's gone by so fast already.

Are you going to help out at your shrine this year too? (as shrine maidens)
(Pretty much.)
Yeah. Come and draw your fortune again, okay?

You know, when you get "bad luck" on your fortune, it's like...
you get this really bad feeling, but...

when you draw "really good luck," it feels like you've already spent all the year's luck, right?
(well, that's why people say average luck is the best.)

Page 2 [Page 13 on the uploaded raw on Mangahelpers]

Right Panel
What I got

Closing Ceremony.

Okay! I'm going to give all of you an early Christmas present.
I'm returning your report cards!

(Kona-chan, how did you do?)

Sensei, I don't want this kind of present! (is it okay to give it back?)
Presents are given based on effort in my school of Santa.
(Reflect on it.)

Left Panel
Too much is...

We were talking about Santa Claus before.

Yuki-chan, up to when did you believe that there was a Santa Claus?
(I get this feeling that you're a true believer like me.)
I also believed in Santa Claus.

When I was little, I tried to send a letter of gratitude to Santa and did some research...
But I didn't learn anything much from asking my mom and dad, so I tried researching farther...

I learned of the people "Santa Claus" was based on and when I saw the phrase "the origin of Santa"... (my dreams were shattered in an instant)
(the curious inquiry became a tragedy!)

Page 3
[Page 14 on the uploaded raw on Mangahelpers]

Right Panel
In that case...

I'm hungry. Maybe I should eat some cup ramen...

This three minute wait...
(is it ready yet?)
feels reaaally long.

I'll use this to kill time for today.

And then your noodles get all soggy, right?
Yeah! The broth for my cup yakisoba dried up!
(You guys...)

Left Panel

Christmas Eve
I know she said she's going to be home late, but this is too late!!!

I can't let her make this a habit. I need to confront her about things like this every once in a while. (as the man of the house, I'm the only one who can do it.)
I'm home!
Konata! Come here for a minute.

What time do you think---
Merry Christmas! This is your present from me.
(since I worked again this year)

It must've been cold outside at this hour. Do you want some hot tea to drink?
(Daddy's so happy, I could die.)
Yaay! I want some! I want some!

Page 4 [Page 15 on the uploaded raw on Mangahelpers]

Right Panel
Super Express Christmas Eve

Yoo! Yui-neesan's here!
arrow: drunk
Eek. Nee-san, you smell like alcohol!
(it's dangerous to drink and drive!)

Listen to this. Even though it's Christmas eve, my husband's not here! (our plans for tonight are...)
Nee-san, come over to your parents' house instead of our house sometimes.
(Not following the law is bad)

Ah, hello? Yui? It's me (your husband). I was going to sneak in and surprise you, but the door's locked.
Are you at your parents' house? At Izumi-san's house? I'm heading over---

I'm coming home! I'm coming home right now!!! I'm coming home at full speed!!! (I'll run every stop light on the way!!!)
No, you really shouldn't break the law...
(I'll take you home)

Left Panel
Different Plans on Christmas Eve

I've got some free time. Maybe I should go online for a bit.

Oh, Sensei's online.

[Panel 4] "Sensei, let's go wild until the sun comes up."

------------------------------LUCKY STAR 27 ------------------------------

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