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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

LovePlus Rinko Days 1

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 14, 2010 07:28 | Go to LovePlus Rinko Days

-> RTS Page for LovePlus Rinko Days 1

Reserved for Simple-Scans

*Raws acquired from Raw-Paradise
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Page 3

Side: Seo Kouji’s first serialization in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine!
[1]The heck?

[2]You're weak.

[3]That is...
[5]how Kobayakawa Rinko and I met.

Page 5

The first time we met was during the season when cherry blossoms were blooming.

Page 6

[1]Ah, ah.

[2]Soon after I moved, I’ve already had a terrible time.
[3]She suddenly barged in and beat me to pieces.
[4]But she does have a cute face, that girl.

[5]Wait, if I'm not mistaken... that's the same uniform of the school I’m enrolling at.

Page 7

[1]Oh, there's a park close to the station.

[2]Plus, the roadside is full of sakura trees!
[3]You really get that starting-a-new-life vibe.

Page 8


[2]That's right, I was buying dinner!
[3]I completely forgot!
[4]Ah... but I've completely used up all my money at the game center...
[5]I guess I’m having cup ramen tonight…
[9]Where's my place again? (I got lost)

Page 9

[Name Plate] 201 AIKAWA
[1]Yeah... I'm fine. I gave my transfer notification today.
[2]Yeah, I start school tomorrow.
[3]More importantly, are you there already?
[4]If I'm not mistaken... it should be morning there...
[6]I told you I'm fine.
[7]I'm eating my meals properly. (Yeah, like fish.)

[8]Okay. Okay.
[9]Okay. Just say hi to dad for me.
[10]Good night.

Page 10

SFX = click

SFX= cheer
[2]I'm finally living alone!!!
[3]I don't have to follow their rules anymore!
[4]It's like a dream!

[5]A new city...
[6]a new place...
[7]And then... a new school.

Page 11

[1]I feel like... my new life is going to be great!
[School Name]Towano High School
[2]It's nice to meet all of you.
[3]I'm Aikawa Wataru.
[5]he looks cute.
[6]You think?
[7]What's this... a transfer kid? And a guy at that...
[8]Well then, Aikawa-kun. Please use the open seat at the back.

Page 12

[1]Hey transfer.
[2]Nice to meet ya!
[3]I'm Naruto.

[5]It's nice to meet you.

[6]Just ask me for anything you don't know.
[7]Especially if you wanna know some info about the girls. The seat to my right is always open.
[9]You better stop asking, Aikawa!
[10]That guy's info is never right!
[11]Besides, it's not like he's gonna tell you anything you haven't heard about!
[12]Shut up, guys!
[13]I'm just secretive, you know!
[14]Liar! The truth is you don't know anything!
[15]I do know something!!!

Page 13

[1]Okay, let me tell you a recent info I got.
[2]This is just a secret, but...
[3]Yesterday, Yacchan and her boyfriend had a big fight because he was cheating on her, right?

[4]Eh--- no way! Sensei, is that for real?!
[7]Why do you know?!
[8]Izumikawa-sensei, you poor thing! You should just break up with him!

[9]Hehehe! The truth is... my older brother is Yacchan's boyfriend's friend's cousin's text buddy!
[10]Isn't that almost everyone?
[11] On the contrary, it’s good that you even found connections to the teacher.*
*Not completely sure. I’ll get back to this as soon as I get some more information~ any help would be appreciated as well.
[12]Everyone's getting along nicely...
[13]If it's this class, then maybe I can get used to this place sooner...

Page 14

[1]Ah, I'm hungry!
[2]Let's go get menra, Aikawa! Menra!
SFX = stand

[4]If it's menra... then it's ramen of course!
[5]Reka is curry!
[6]Katsukare* is rekatsuka, obviously!!!
*pork cutlets with curry sauce
[7]Even if you say “obviously”...
[8]Come on, let’s go! The cafeteria here runs out of food easily.

[9]Ah, sorry.
[10]Izumikawa-sensei needs me for a bit.
[11]What the? You should have said so in the first place!
[12]Excuse me!

Page 15

[2]She's really pretty.

[3]I wonder what year she is?
[4]She has a racket with her. Is she in the tennis club?
[Sign]Faculty Room
[7]Sensei needs me!!!
SFX = slide

Page 16

[1]Do you like to read,
SFX = munch munch

[3]Excuse me?
[4]What are you talking about? (asking so suddenly...)

[5]The truth is...
[6]wesh wish wo wuwesh...
[Note: She's speaking nonsense]
SFX = munch munch
[7]Uhm... please decide whether you're going to eat or talk.
[8]Sorry, sorry!
SFX = gulp gulp
SFX = clack
[9]The truth is...

Page 17

SFX = slide
[1]Having only one 2nd year library representative isn’t enough.
[2]Do you think you can help out?

[3]No matter how in need that representative is... why would she ask a transfer student so suddenly to help out?
[4]Plus, it’s on the very day I transferred...
SFX = clank clank

Page 18

[2]They've got a pretty nice library in here...

[3]But... there's that noisy sound... and it's pretty cold here too.
[4]Even though it's noon, I feel like a ghost can come out any time.
[6]Excuse me!
[7]Please keep quiet in the library.
SFX = shock
[8]Is there
SFX = close
[9]anything you need?

Page 19

[1]Ah... Starting today, I'm going to be a 2nd year library representative. I'm Aikawa Wataru.
[2]Are you Kobayakawa-san?
[3]1st year Ichiki Shiori.
[4]Pleased to meet you.

[5]Hm? I thought that Kobayakawa girl is on duty today?
[6]She's always skipping, so I'm filling in.

[7]Ah... I see...
[8]More importanly, senpai. Since she’s on duty today, do you think you can call her?
[9]She should be at the courtyard right now.
[10]Eh... if you know where she is, why don't you go by yourself?

Page 20

[1]I don't want to get involved
[2]with someone like her.
[3]Ah... I see...

[4]Ah, ah.
[5]I've become a first year girl's lackey.
[6]Wait a minute- which girl is Kobayakawa?
[7]I don't know anyone so I don't know who to look for...
[8]What's up with Kobayakawa?!
[9]I called her out, but she just ignored me. Can you believe it?!
[10]I know, right?! She pisses me off!
[11]Ever since the entrance ceremony, she's always been like that, you know?
[12]If she hates school that much, she'll be better off if she doesn't go!

Page 21

[1]Uh... excuse me!
[2]By Kobayakawa... do you mean the library representative?
[4]Yeah, that's right...
[5]Do you know where she is right now?
[6]She's over there reading a book on the bench.

SFX = rustle rustle
[7]Even if you talk to her, I think she'll just ignore you.

[8]That Kobayakawa girl's really being hated...
[9]What kind of a person is she?

Page 22

SFX= step
[1]Ah... uhm...


Page 23

[2]You're the girl who beat me at the game center yesterday!
[3]You're Kobayakawa?!

[4]Do you need something?
[5]If you're looking for followers, I don't have any.

[6]Like anyone's gonna have followers!
[7]You... you're on duty at the library today, right?
[8]You're causing trouble for Ichiki-san, so hurry up and go back!
[9]Huh? What's that got to do with you?

Page 24

[1]It has something to do with me!
[2]Aikawa Wataru. 2nd year.
[3]Starting today, I'm going to be a library representative.

[4]If you want to quit as a library representative, why don't you just tell a teacher?
[6]It's not like I really want to quit...
[9]What's up with her?!

Page 25

[2]Kobayakawa, the first year?
[3]I know her. She's got the looks, but she has a really bad mouth.
[4]The same answer for everyone, huh...

[5]What's this... you're interested in that kind of girl?
SFX = clack
[6]That's not it!
[7]I'm library representative, and we've got duty the same day. That's all.

[8]What should I do?
[9]How can I get her to go without forcing her...
[10]Isn't it just plain impossible?
[11]It's better if you don't involve yourself with that kind of person anyway.
[12]That's being irresponsible...

Page 26

[1]On a more important note, have you decided on a club?
[2]If you haven't yet, join the tennis club! It's pretty fun!

[3]Tennis, huh?
[4]I haven't played that before.
[5]That's fine! That's fine! I suck anyway!
[6]Besides, our tennis club has a lot of cute girls.
[8]We hang out for fun sometimes so even a transfer kid like you can make friends with a girl in no time!
[10]Are you serious?
[11]Yeah, I'm serious! I'm serious!

Page 27

[1]That's right... that girl might be in the tennis club too.
[2]Maybe I can meet her if I join...

[3]What do you think?
[4]You should be wanting to join now, right?

[6]Well... let me think about it a bit more.
[7]I have library duty today so I'm going!
[8]But if I think about it, if I join...
[9]I have to buy the tennis equipment, but I don't have the money.
[10]You better hurry if you want to join!
[11]We're hanging out tomorrow morning!

Page 28

[1]Wow... it's already dark.
[2]Since I bought a lot of things, it ended up getting this late.
[3]Living alone is unexpectedly hard...
[4]Plus, there are a lot of things that happened today.
[5]I'm going straight to bed when I get home...

Page 29

[1]How the hell can I wait?!
SFX = chatter chatter
[2]Uwahh... a fight?
[3]He must be something to pick a fight downtown…

[4]You're too insistent!
[5]Isn't it your fault?!
[6]What did you say, you brat?!

[7]Ko- Kobayakawa?!

Page 30


[2]Are you
[3]this brat's boyfriend?

[5]Boyfriend is kinda...
SFX = panic
[7]That's impossible, of course.
[8]That guy's got nothing to do with me.

Page 31

[1]I- I am her boyfriend...
[2]Did she... do anything to you?!


[4]That girl did something to piss me off.
[5]Are you going to take responsibility?
SFX = step

Page 32

SFX = daaa
[1]Run away, Kobayakawa!
[3]Wait a sec!
[4]Who's gonna run away?!
[5]Have some of this!*
*This isn’t the actual Japanese wording, but this is the best way I could phrase it without confusing people.

Page 33


[No text]

Page 35

[2]Where are we going?!
[3]It doesn't matter where! Anyway, run!!!
[4]Geesh, let go!
[5]It hurts!

[6]So... were you gonna go one-on-one with that guy?
[8]When you go home all beaten up, you're not gonna have any excuse...
[9]So... what's your plan?

Page 36

[1]Kick him.

[3]That guy was too insistent! It's just self defense.
[4]I'm a helpless girl, you know?
[5]You could've not run away and fought
[6]since you're a guy!
[8]If I do that, then the police are gonna get involved!
[9]You're the one to say that! You were scared!
[10]Well... I'm not gonna deny that.

Page 37


[3]You know... you care about other people too much.
[4]You could've run away by yourself back then, right?
[5]I guess...
[7]didn't you do that?
[9]Even if you ask that...

Page 38

[1]I don't know.
[2]I just notice,
[3]I guess.

[5]What's that?
[6]You're not making sense.

[8]Leaving that topic aside, aren't you at fault for hanging around there at this hour?
[9]Your family’s gonna get worried, you know!
[10]They don’t really worry about me.
[11]How can they not do that?!

Page 39

[1]Just shut up.
[2]Do you even have the right to ask that?
[3]You're hanging around this late while holding canned mackerels!
[4]I'm fine.
[5]There's no one waiting for me at home anyway.

[7]My dad got transferred overseas and my mom went with him.
[8]The son who was left behind is going to live alone starting today.

[9]So that's why you were hanging around alone.
[10]Because it's lonely when you get home.
[11]Tha... that's not it!
[12]Besides, living alone has a lot of difficulties...

Page 40

[1]It's not like they're gonna disappear if I'm away from them.
[2]No matter where we are, a family is a family.

[3]So I'm not lonely or anything like that...
[4]My family...
[5]Eh... I didn't know my place was pretty close.

Page 41

[1]Wait a sec, okay. I'm gonna get the money my dad gave me to compensate for the canned mackerels.
[2]Ah... no, you don't need to...

[4]Besides, I'm tired. I'm going to bed when I get home.
[5]Well... see ya!


Page 42

[1]“See ya,” huh...

Page 43


[1]Well then...
SFX = slide

[2]I guess I'm gonna do my best as library representative again today...

Page 44

[1]Oh, Kobayakawa...
[2]what are you doing here?
[3]It's my duty as library representative.
[4]Got a problem with that?

[5]There's really no problem...

[6]I wonder if she actually
[7]wanted to do her job this one time?
[8]She's not being honest, but
[9]this isn't bad either.

Page 45

[1]Uhh... you know, if you're gonna stand there like that, I'm going to get distracted.
[2]Ah, sorry.
[3]So maybe I should go read a book too?
[4]Do you have any recomendations? (something you...)

[5]Why don't you go read a textbook or something?

Chapter 2 to be published in Betsu Maga Issue # 7 out on June 9!!!

--------------------LovePlus Rinko Days Chapter 1--------------------

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#1. by gumin/zx ()
Posted on Apr 14, 2010
lol Thankyou!!

I hoped you will translated chapter 2 too. ^ ^

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