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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

11eyes 1

Red Night

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 18, 2010 18:02 | Go to 11eyes

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Page 05

[1] Why-
[2] Haa
[3] Haa
[4] Haa
[5] Why did this have to happen?!
[6] !!!
[7] Uwahhh!!!

Page 06

[1] ?!

Page 7

Chapter 1
Red Night

Page 9

[1] How long ago was it
[2] That I believed that this world
[3] Was perfect?

Page 10

[1] This world has a lot of
[2] Sad and painful things.
[3] But…
[4] Those things are compensated,
[5] And the balance is preserved.

[6] That kind of perfect harmony
[7] Is something that I believed existed in this world.
[8] That’s right… until that day…
[9] Ah! Kakeru-kun!
[10] You’re really here!

Page 11

[1] You weren’t there,
[2] So I thought you went home already.
[3] You worried me, you know?
[4] Ah, sorry, Yuka.
[5] What are you doing?
[6] Looking at the…
[7] Moon.

Page 12

[1] Oh, Kakeru!
[2] Yuka was looking for you!
[3] ---wait, you’re already together!
[Float] Oooh?
[4] Thank you, Tadashi-kun.
[5] Kakeru-kun was at the rooftop.
[6] Oh? I see.
[7] What were you doing at the rooftop?
[8] Nothing.
[9] So cold!
[10] Why just to me?!
[11] Ah!
[12] Don’t tell me you…
[13] Did you do something that turned your world into a dazzling pink?
[Float] Wooow
[14] You can’t do that, Kakeru!
[15] During those times, you should take pictures and send them to me!
[16] That’s what best friends do, right?
[17] Buoooh!

Page 13

[1] Geesh. You idiot…
[2] You don’t know delicacy at all…
[3] I can see the stars…
[4] Kaori, you biiitch!
[5] You!!!
[6] You think it’s okay to hit me with a bag? You want me to---
[7] What? Would it be better if I use a dictionary?
[8] I’ll die with that!
[9] Do you really want me to die?
[10] I guess that impact
[11] made your brain function a little better.
[12] You’re not saying stupid things anymore, you know?
[13] Ouch!

Page 14

[1] Sorry, this guy just doesn’t know delicacy.
[2] I don’t want to hear that from a girl who hits with bags.
[3] Really?
[4] Do you really want me to use a dictionary that badly?
[5] Eek!
[6] By the way, Yuka~
[7] Do you want to go to the city today?
[8] Oh, that sounds nice.
[9] I’m thinking of going there anyway.
[10] So let’s go together!
[11] Ah…
[12] Uhmm…
[13] Sorry, I’ll pass for today.

Page 15

[1] I see. Got it.
[2] Sorry.
[3] It’s fine, it’s fine.
[4] Eh? Seriously?
[5] Do you guys not want to hang out lately?
[6] Hey!
[7] It hurts!
[8] Geesh! You really can’t read the situation, can you?
[9] Come on, let’s go.
[10] There’s no need to mind this guy.
[11] Enjoy your time together!
[12] Hey, Kaori! Let go!

Page 16

[1] Kakeru-kun…
[2] What are you going to do now?
[3] Eh…
[4] Ah… let’s see…
[5] You want to go to the city?
[6] Or do you want to come by my house?
[7] No, I’ll pass for today.
[8] I see…
[9] I don’t feel like doing anything.
[10] Lately, that lazy feeling I get has gotten stronger.

Page 17

[1] My sister, Satsuki Kukuri, died five years ago.
[2] That day…
[3] She was lying in water flowing red.
[4] The moment I saw my sister covered in blood
[5] Something inside of me
[6] broke.
[7] No matter how radiant something is, it will someday disappear.
[8] Whatever feelings you have, they will someday disappear.
[9] It made me realize
[10] That this world is not perfect at all.
[11] A world without my sister---
[12] Thinking of a future without her,
[13] Living without her,
[14] For her to lose to death,
[15] In stagnation, breathing in idleness was the only thing I did.

Page 18

[1] The person who saved me from that
[2] is my childhood friend, Yuka, and the Minase household.
[3] They took care of the me who wanted to leave this world,
[4] even though they won’t really get anything from me.
[5] That’s what I thought, but…
[6] Even though I couldn’t give them anything back,
[7] they still stood beside me.
[8] I only wait for everyday simply to pass time
[9] Because I know that I can’t even change one thing and cannot do anything.
[10] In the end, I even prevent Yuka from going out and having fun.
[11] My heart is burdened with this faint feeling of guilt.
[12] Kakeru-kun?

Page 19

[1] Are you okay?
[2] Ah.
[3] Yeah. Sorry about that.
[4] I don’t want to worry Yuka.
[5] It’s nothing.
[6] I’m oka---
[7] “I’m okay.”
[8] I was about to say those words about that time, when suddenly...
[9] that happened.
[10] Wha---?
[11] Kya!

Page 20

[1] What the?!
[2] !!!

Page 21

[1] Everything turned red.
[2] The sunset that filled the city was covered in red.
[3] Everything was covered in an ominous red.
[4] What on earth…
[5] Shit! My phone won’t go through.
[6] What's going on?

Page 22

[1] What’s…
[2] This…
[3] Nooo!!!
[4] Yuka!
[5] Kakeru-kun!
[6] Kakeru-kun!
[7] An obviously broken world…
[8] I’ve never seen this before.
[9] Uwahhh!!!

Page 23

[1] A… black moon?!
[2] The world covered in red and everything turned into shadow,
[3] Drawing you into the darkness,
[4] It’s like… the red night…
[5] Red...
[6] The color of blood...
[7] Tch!
[8] Let’s go check your house for the mean time.
[9] I have a bad feeling about this.
[10] I have to take Yuka to a safe place…
[11] Kakeru-kun…

Page 24

[1] Mom?!
[2] Dad?!
[3] Kakeru-kun!
[4] Mom and dad aren’t here…
[5] Even though they should be at home by this time!
[6] That’s right, when we were going home…
[7] No one was passing by.
[8] .........
[9] Don’t tell me…
[10] Besides us,
[11] There’s no one else in this town?!
[12] Eh?

Page 25

[1] Evening came,
[2] but we didn’t see anyone going home…
[3] That shouldn’t be possible, right?
[4] That’s true…
[5] But that’s---
[6] That’s…
[7] I don’t understand!
[8] Kakeru-kun…
[9] Yuka…
[10] Hi…
[11] Uwahhh!!!
[12] Don’t worry, don’t worry.
[13] This is messed up.

Page 26

[1] Hi…
[2] Hick…
[3] …
[4] Even though I said not to worry…
[5] if I don’t do anything right now…
[6] What should I do…
[7] Wha…t’s that…

Page 27

[1] Kakeru-kun! Where are you going?
[2] Kakeru-kun…
[3] What’s… that?

Page 28

[1] Wha…
[2] A… monst…er?

Page 29

[1] Kakeru-kun!
[2] Ugh. What the hell is that?!
[3] Nothing’s making any sense!
[4] Kakeru-kun!
[5] Kakeru-kun!
[6] Are we going to get finished without knowing anything?!

Page 30

[1] Ug…
[2] Eh?

Page 31

[1] H… huh?
[2] We’re… back?
[3] Kakeru-kun!
[4] People! There are people!
[5] Thank goodness…
[6] We’ve come back!
[7] Haa…
[8] We’re saved…
[9] It’s working again…

Page 32

[1] Hey, what’s up?
[2] Tadashi?!
[3] Are you interested in the girls’ evaluation records?
[4] Let me get…
[5] Huh?
[6] That’s not it! Where are you right now?
[7] Oh? So you’re planning on heading over to Ayana’s?
[8] Did nothing really happen?
[9] Huh?
[10] What do you mean?
[11] Well… the sky turned red, you know…
[12] What are you talking about?
[13] Something from a game?

Page 33

[1] That’s not it!
[2] Hey, hey. Calm down for a bit.
[3] You’re not acting like yourself.
[4] Did something happen?
[5] Tadashi didn’t see that…?
[6] Hey, Kakeru?
[7] Ka-ke-ru-kuuun?
[8] Don’t tell me… it’s an illusion?

Page 34

[1] !!!
[2] Wh…y…

Page 35

[1] It’s been a few days since that.
[2] Ever since the town went back to the way it was, it has always been as usual.
[3] Whaat~ today’s a no too?
[4] There you go again.
[5] The same classroom.
[6] The idiot’s just too pushy
[7] Can you pull yourself together?
[8] The same classmates…
[9] The only thing that’s different…
[10] Is the black moon.
[11] It seems like only Yuka and I can see that black moon.
[12] We’re forced to accept the fact that
[13] That “red night” actually happened.
[14] Ah, it’s Saiko-sensei.

Page 36

[1] Oh, isn’t it Minase?
[2] And… the eye-patch boy…
[3] It’s Kakeru. Satsuki Kakeru.
[4] Oh! Right, right.
[5] It’s Satsuki! I remember.
[6] I recognize your eye patch,
[7] But I don’t remember your name.
[8] Is there anything wrong with your eye?
[9] No, I’ve had this since birth.

Page 37

[1] Ohh.
[2] Isn’t it inconvenient to only see with your left eye?
[3] Because I was born with this,
[4] I’m used to it already.
[5] It’s not inconvenient or anything like that.
[6] I see… so that’s how it is.
[7] I was born with my right eye a different color,
[8] and I can’t see with it.
[9] Seems like it’s a disease where the eyes differ in color.
[10] There’s no vision in my right eye, but aside from that, there’s nothing really wrong with it.
[11] It doesn’t really affect how I live.
[12] But I guess people will still find this unsettling,
[13] And they’ll fill me with questions and look at me with disgust. That’s why I wore an eye-patch.
[14] Fuuun.
[15] It looks cool, that eye-patch of yours.
[16] You’ve got good taste.
[17] Oh, you’re blushing!
[18] You’re unexpectedly cute.

Page 38

[1] Next time, why don’t you go to the infirmary?
[2] What do you mean?
[3] What do you think I mean?
[4] Geesh, Sensei! What are you saying?!
[5] Yuka, do you know what it means?
[6] Eh?!
[7] Uh… uhm…
[8] Uyu~
[9] Ha ha ha!
[10] I’m joking! Joking!
[11] ?
[12] Well, just be careful on your way home.
[13] Ah~ I wonder where can I find a good guy out there?

Page 39

[1] That “red night” has been on my mind.
[2] I haven’t been able to think about my sister lately.
[3] Thanks to that, all the gloomy thoughts I have of her was pulled out,
[4] But talk about irony…
[5] Hmm…

Page 40

[1] This is reality, but at the same time, it’s not.
[2] The red night…
[3] It won’t process in my head how this world turned like that
[4] I kept it a secret from Yuka,
[5] and I went to see the same places that we saw then.
[6] But the red night didn’t leave a single trace.
[7] Maybe because both worlds aren’t overlapping that nothing is happening.
[8] If that’s the condition, then
[9] We just don’t have to go near those places, but…

Page 41

[1] If this scenery isn’t really harmful,
[2] I wonder if we’ll just get used to it?
[3] I wonder if that red night
[4] Will ever happen again?
[5] I wonder when I started thinking so easy going like that?

Page 42

[1] The red night!!!
[2] Yuka!
[3] Don’t tell me…
[4] Tch…
[5] This quickly…!
[6] Shit!

Page 43

[1] Yuka!
[2] Kakeru-kun!
[3] It’s…
[4] That night is happening again!
[5] What are we going to do…
[6] Let’s go somewhere safe for the meantime.
[7] I think that when the right time comes, we’ll be able to go back.
[8] This time, it’s different from the previous time. If we manage to hold on, we’ll be able to go back at some point.
[9] You’re… you’re right…
[10] What?!
[11] Kya!

Page 44

[1] Chills ran down through my spine
[2] as my instincts rang like bells and alarmed me that there's going to be danger.

Page 45

[1] Haa
[2] If we don’t run, we’ll die---
[3] Haa
[4] I have that feeling.
[5] Why… why did this have to happen?!
[6] Haa
[7] Haa
[8] Kakeru-kun…
[9] Wai…
[10] Haa…
[11] Yuka! Are you okay?!
[12] Shit!
[13] Ah!

Page 46

[1] Yuka!!!
[2] Uwahhh!!!

Page 47

[1] Wha---[2]

Page 48

[1] Are you two okay?

Chapter 1// End

---------------------------11eyes CHAPTER 1---------------------------

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