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Chokotto Hime 12

Fun Sleepover (Part 2)

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 19, 2010 14:23 | Go to Chokotto Hime

-> RTS Page for Chokotto Hime 12

Page 96

Right Panel

SFX = rustle rustle
SFX = nyaa nyaa
Ah, it’s morning. If I don’t wake up anytime soon,
Hime’s breakfast…

If I…
don’t do it…

But there’s this…
Good smell…

Left Panel

Morning! I gave the cat her food.
We should eat too.

Wash your face so we can eat.

Chapter 12: Fun Sleepover (Part 2)

Page 97

Right Panel
After Meal

What should we do today?
I’m going to take a nap.

Doesn’t this place look warm?
Let’s sleep here.

SFX = rustle rustle rustle

SFX = Kyaaa!
SFX = roll

Left Panel
For Food

SFX = rustle rustle
(where can we…)
Hime, what about this?

SFX = ahhh

SFX = furious


Page 98

Right Panel
Love Mania Part 2

You can’t go in there.

I’m still sleepy…
I’m fine here.

Hime, come here too.
SFX = pat pat pat

SFX = squeeze
SFX = Kyaa
SFX = kyaa

Left Panel
Rest Room

SFX = nyaaa
SFX = clank
SFX = snap

I was already falling asleep but this thing is making noise!!!
SFX = nyaa nyaa
You you can’t do that, Shiro-chan! Nii-chan will get mad!
SFX = Ah!

SFX = Ahhhhhh
SFX = clank

SFX = rustle rustle clank clank
SFX = Uwahhhh

Page 99

Right Panel
Versus Cookie

What are you doing?!
Line up so I can tell you what you did wrong!!!

Cookie! You can’t do that kind of thing!

I’m telling you that the toilet isn’t a place you can play on!
SFX = bam
Are you listening?

Arrow: impossible to listen
Inside bubbe: poisonous atmosphere

Left Panel
Versus Shiroko

You can handle Shiroko, right?
Got it. Leave it to me.

You can’t go messing things up, Shiroko.
SFX = hug

Bad kittens deserve to be punished!
SFX = pick pick pick
SFX = angry
SFX = shocked

Is this okay?
I’ll do it.

Page 100

Right Panel
Versus Shiroko

SFX = angry
(What are you trying to pull?)

SFX = Ah!
Did I say it too loud?
You can’t do that, Shiroko…?
(toned voice lower)
SFX = angry
(Shut up! What’s up with you?)

If that doesn’t work…
(Y-) you can’t do that, Shiroko~~~
(really soft voice)

SFX = angry
(Don’t touch me!!!)

You can’t do that, Shiroko~
(soft voice)
SFX = Bwahahahaha
I want to hit him.

Left Panel
Versus Hime

SFX – shock

You can’t do those kinds of things! You did a bad thing!
I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again!
SFX = shake shake

SFX = shake
Low pose.

SFX = hug

Page 101

Right Panel

I’m finally done cleaning the toilet.
Tomoki should get here soon.
Nabe-nii! Look!

Isn’t this amazing? I wonder when it’ll drop?
SFX = relaxed
Stop! That dog is trained!

Cookie! Nabe, are you here? I’m back!
SFX = pop

Left Panel
Once is once

What are you doing to our dog?!
SFX = angry
Sorry, but it’s not me.
It’s me.

You bastard! I won’t forgive you for doing that to someone else’s dog!
SFX = angry
You got it wrong, Tomoki. This is a simple…

An- anyway, I’ll take off the oranges.
Wait, before that!

SFX = click

Page 102

Right Panel

This guy is my neighbor, Ookawa Youta.
What’s up!

SFX = turn
He didn’t have any bad intentions, so just let it go.
That’s right.

(Tch) Since you’re Nabe’s friend, then it’s good. I’ll forgive you.
I’m Sagashita Tomoki.
Nice to meet you.

SFX = swish

Left Panel

He doesn’t
Have any bad intentions!!!

Here, take the oranges! Take them!
SFX = throw
SFX = turn

I’ve never seen Tomoki that angry! What’re you gonna do?!
(Aha) Sorry.
It’s just that Tomoki-san…

And Shiroko are similar.

-------------CHAPTER 12 END-------------


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