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Translations: One Piece 824 by cnet128 , Bleach 671 by cnet128 , Gintama 585 (2)

Oni Dere 96

Wandering Thoughts

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 22, 2010 05:20 | Go to Oni Dere

-> RTS Page for Oni Dere 96

Reserved for CXC Scans and Sexyboi Scanlations.
Do not use without my permission.

Page 01

Chapter 96: Wandering Thoughts

Crystal na Yousuke

Oni Dere

Who will the goddess of love smile at?

Saya and the other's sweet and sour love stories! Find out what happens on the latest volume, on sale now!

Page 02

[Paper] Student Council x Onigashirashu

[1] ......
[2] Tadashi-kun...

[3] I...
[4] love you...
[Band] President

Page 03

[SIDE] Saki-chan is in troubled mode. Is her legs getting plump the cause, or....???
[1] If only I can say what I feel!
[2] Should I disguise myself? Or waste my efforts?
[Float] I'm not Saki. I'm Kurosaki.
[3] And on top of that, I kissed some random guy...
[4] Why did this happen?!

[5] Muchiko's troubled.
[Float] Sigh...
[6] Has her legs become plump again?

[7] Muchiko, don't give up!
[8] Eh?! Wh- why do you kn...
[9] It's okay even if it's become plump again!
[10] You'll live!
[11] What are you talking about?! Wait, don't say plump!!!
[12] Muchiko-san.
[13] I told you not to call me that!!!

Page 04

[1] Huh? Ah... then...
[2] Kuro... saki?
[3] Ah! Shhh!
[4] Wai- wait! Let's talk outside!
[Float] *It's too small to read...
[5] Don't call me Kurosaki in front of people!

[6] So your alias is "Kurosaki," and then...
[7] your real name is "Saki," right?
[8] It's too similar! It's hard to know which to use...
[Box] First Year // Hanamura Souta
[9] Besides, why even disguise yourself?
[10] Well,
[11] for a lot of reasons.
[12] A- anyway, do something about
[13] Angie--- I mean, Saya!
[14] If Saya's always with Tadashi-kun, then my confession...

Page 05

[Box on side] Story up to now
[SIDE] Even Saki disguised herself and became Kurosaki! Will her efforts to get close to Tadashi be a waste?
[1] Huh?
[2] The one I like is Angie, you know?

[3] Angie is...
[4] Saya's disguise, you know?
[5] Pfft!
[6] Idiiiot!
[7] Don't group Angie with that girl!
[8] If it was a disguse, I should've seen through it already!

[9] Well, whatever.
[10] So,
[11] How much have you thought about?
[12] Eh?!
[13] Ah, that...
[14] yeah...

Page 06

[1] Lo... love letter...
[2] or something?
[3] And then...
[4] ...............
[5] ......

[6] Don't just stand there!!!
[7] Think of something!!!
[8] I don't know!!! I'm not good at this!!!

[9] Then... then, you give it a try!
[10] Eh?!
[11] M- me?!
[12] ......
[13] Hmmm...
[14] ......

[15] Love...
[16] Love letter...
[17] or something?......
[18] ............
[19] Love experiences for these two: zero.

Page 07

[1] What to do...
[2] Children, at the time of disaster for troubled loves...
[13] !
[14] the love witch appears

[15] No matter what problem, I can fix it quick....
[16] Terumi, go home.
[17] Hey! Saki! Look over here!

[18] Go along with me for a bit.
[Float] You know long it took to prepare this outfit?
[19] Who's she?
[20] An acquaintance.
[21] What's that~
[22] I'm even thinking of helping you out..
[23] Don't be so cold, Daikon.

Page 08

[1] Help?
[2] That's right! (ouch!)
[3] I really help!
[4] I'll cast a spell.
[5] You wanna give it a try?

[6] First...

[7] Hanamura will be at the garden of the school.
[8] He's going to look at rooftop for a bit from time to time.
[9] Okay,
[10] I can see clearly.
[11] But what's the point of this?
[12] Saki will be at the rooftop, one step before the fence.
[13] She's going to fall with the chocolates she brought with her.
SFX = fa // ll
[14] Fall?

[15] I did it like what Terumi's plan says, but
[16] will this really work?
[17] Saki-san!
[18] !

Page 09

[Small box on top left] Real Name: Houjou Terumi
[1] Ah!
[2] Tadashi-kun...
[3] Are you all right?! I heard from Houjou-san!
[4] Eh?!
[5] Ehh?!
[6] Your legs became too fat...
[7] that you can't move anymore.
[8] That idiot...

[9] Are you okay? Are you being honest?
[10] Ah... yeah. Thanks.
[11] Hm? Hanamura-kun's over there?
[12] I'm so stupid for believing in Terumi.

[13] I'll be here until you get better,
[13] so don't worry, okay?
[14] Eh?

Page 10

[1] I received
[2] your letter.
[3] "There are shadows of two people that look like they're getting along that I see from the rooftop. Let me show you that Tadashi-san is there."
[4] "You might get jealous, because someone might receive a confession from him."

[5] Fufu.
[6] Interesting story.

[7] Ah.
[Float] Tadashi
[8] It looks like Senpai's already been called.
[9] This might be a little improper,
[10] but shall we make out?
[11] UOOOH!

Page 11

[1] Terumi-sama!!!
[Sign] Audiovisual Room

[2] It's well-received.
[3] I leave everything that will happen next to you.
[4] Witches aren't that nice.
[5] They're even called "devil" by the people.

[6] I'm happy, but the conversation is...
[Float] Huh? Senpai? I'm over here...
[7] So- something to talk about... something...
[8] Ah!
[9] I- I was told awhile ago...
[10] that you are actually Saya's disguise.
[11] She must be joking! An idiot like that can never be Angie-san! They're levels apart!
[12] Re- really?
[13] D- don't get mad...
[14] She doesn't have an ounce of womanliness in her,
[15] she definitely doesn't have a boyfriend.
[16] Well, she's just someone who's sure to get dumped.

Page 12

[1] Nyaaaaa!!!
SFX = punch
SFX = fwoosh
SFX = bam
[2] ?!

[3] Wait...
[4] What's this...

[5] Where are you, Chibi-suke?!
[6] Saya's voice? Don't tell me over there's...
[7] Tadashi-kun?!
[8] I'm here!
[9] Where...
[10] No...
[11] I can't take this anymore!
[12] I don't want to
[13] be unable to express my feelings anymore!

Page 13

[1] Tadashi-kun!!!
[2] Hear me out!
[3] I...
[4] I...

[5] I love
[6] you.

[7] I love you.

Page 14

[Float] gaze
[1] Tadashi-kun (I), I love you (Hanamura).
*She was looking at Hanamura, so Tadashi here thinks that she was telling him that she likes Hanamura.
[2] Ah! She wants me to support her as a friend.

[3] Don't worry!
[4] I'll root for you and Hanamura-kun!
or rather... I'll REALLY support you!
[5] Eh?! No... Uhm... You- you got it wro...
[Float] Where did you go?!

[6] Hey, you wanna go with the next plan?
[7] The next one will be perfect.
[8] Hey?
[9] Leave me alone for now.
[10] It took her 8 dozen chocolates to recover.

The confession that was done with all her might was really misunderstood by Tadashi!!! (cries)
But even so, Terumi looks like she's having fun.

[BOTTOM] To be continued in Issue # 17, to be published on March 24!!!

----------------CHAPTER 96----------------

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