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Translations: Gintama 565 by kewl0210 , Bleach 651 by cnet128 , One Piece 806 by cnet128

Oni Dere 97

Let’s Go to Saya’s House!

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 22, 2010 05:24 | Go to Oni Dere

-> RTS Page for Oni Dere 97

Reserved for CXC Scans and Sexyboi Scanlations.
Do not use without my permission.

Page 01

[SIDE] This time, we bring you a story about Tadashi’s daily life! …not really. We bring you closer to Saya’s secret!
[1] Saya-san took an absence
[2] without informing the teachers?!

[3] You’re in the same class but you don’t know?!
[4] We- well… I’m pretty sure it’s just a cold…
[Float] She’s really big…
[5] I wonder if something happened to Anego?
[6] Eh?! That’s…
[7] Then you wanna go check?

Page 02

[TOP] Oni Dere
[R!GHT] Chapter 97: Let’s Go to Saya’s House! // Crystal na Yousuke
[M!DDLE] To Anego’s house!!!
The young lady Ikushima Angelica Saya resides in a big mansion!
[BOTTOM] We’re nearing 100 chapters!!! // Volumes 1-6 // are a hit!!!

Page 03

[1] Wow…
[2] It’s huge…
[3] Saya-san’s really rich…

[4] Mitsuki-san, you knew?
[Float] Ehe!
[5] Yeah!
[6] I stalked her.
[7] But saying you “knew” is kinda…
[BOX] The Preceeding Issue
[SIDE] Imamoto Tadashi of the Arts & Handicrafts Club's girlfriend is the delinquent girl Ikushima Saya. The two always deceive everyone and make them think that they're not together*, but will they ever spend time together as a normal couple?
Nica: I added this because it sounds weird if it's not there.

[8] Okay, everyone!
[9] Anego right now isn’t “Demon Head Saya,” she’s “The Young Lady Saya”!
[Float] At home, I’m acting as a young lady.
[10] Us too! If we act like delinquents, then it’ll be no good!
[11] We took you with us so we wouldn’t look like delinquents!
[12] You better be useful!
[13] Okay…
[14] Huh? Yuna-san, where’s your eye patch?
[15] Is there nothing wrong with your left eye?

Page 04

[1] It’s just eye strain.
[2] Eh?!
[3] That eye patch is made like a cold patch.
[4] It feels nice.
[5 – small text] There’s a cool pad inside.
[6 – thought] Don’t tell me that was just for comfort…

[7] Interesting.
[8] This-
[9] this girl is making a face that’s pissing me off.…

[10] Enough with the chit-chat! I’m ringing the doorbell.
[11] Ah! Wait, Yuna! You can’t!
[12] If we ring the doorbell, they might come out.
[13] !
[14] What?
[15] During this time, you know…

Page 05

[1] Chest!

[2] Let’s go! Now’s our chance!
[3] It’ll close in 5 seconds so hurry!
[4] Stay behind my back!
[5] Ah! There’s a surveillance camera here, so be careful!
[6] No, wait… Mitsuki---

[7] Stop!!!
[8] From here on out, there are going to be pitfalls!
[9] How many times have you gotten into in this house?!
[10] Uhm… te-
[11] I’ve only been here twice.
[12] You were about to say “ten” right now.
[13] Hey, hey, hey!
[14] All of you, hold up!

Page 06

[1] This is the G. Group’s estate.
[2] You can’t go trespassing here!

[3] Ah!
[4] U- uhm…
[5] This…
[Float] This is the worst…

[6] It- it seems like Saya-san didn’t go to school today…
[7] s- so we were wondering if something happened…
[8] !
[9] Are you possibly…
[10] Lady Saya’s classmates?
[11] Yes…
[12] I see! You were so worried that you came to visit?

Page 07

[1] Ho- how do I say this… Lady Saya right now is…
[2] Ah! I’ll let you pass through so you can just see…
[3] for yourselves…
[4] Patrolling 596.

[5] This is an emergency!!!
[6] Wanted #4 is has entered the premises!!!
[7] Levels 1 to 5, be on standby!
[8] Eh?!
[9] Don’t move!
[10] The traps are all activated!
[11] If you move even one step, they will set off!
[12] You.

Page 08

[1] ……
[2] What’s all the fuss about?
[3] !!!
[4] L… Leader!

[5] Turn off the alarms.
[6] You’re bothering the neighbors.
[7] Y- yes!
[8] Ah- no- I mean…

[9] Lady Saya… I mean, Angelica-sama’s classmates came to visit!
[10] But even so, they’re together with Wanted #4, so…

[11] My daughter’s…
[12] classmates?
[13] !!!

Page 09

[1] This person is…
[2] Saya-san’s…
[3] dad?!
[4] Ah! Do- don’t go here, Leader!
[5] If you get any closer, then…

[6] The pitfalls
[7] will…
[8] simultaneously…
[9] set off…

Page 10

[1] Thi-
[2] this is terrible!!!

[3] That surprised me!

[4] I was so scared when we were falling…
[Float] The sky’s so far away…
[5] That… freaked me out a bit…
[6 - Mitsuki] It’s okay since there’s something soft under us!
[7] We’ll be fine if we stick together!
[8] Ikushima-san!
[9] So yes,
[10] I thank all of you.
[11] You saved me.

Page 11

[1] I didn’t think there were traps in the garden of my house…
[Float] I didn’t get to check again…
[2] You didn’t know?
[3] All of you are…
[4] Saya’s friends?

[5] Y- yes. I’m Tadashi.
[6] I would be Yuna.
*She’s trying to be polite.
[7] I’m not a delinquent, I’m just a normal friend!
[8] I’m Mitsuki!

[9] ……
[10] I’m Saya’s father, Ikushima.
[11] Ohh…
[12] Why is he…
[13] So she properly made a friend, huh?
[14] Eh?
[Float] Is there anything wrong?
[15] Ah!
[16] It’s nothing…
[17] I… I’m just surprised that
[18] she has a male friend.

Page 12

[1] Or are you just making it look like
[2] you’re only her friend, but the truth is you’re actually going out?
[Float] Or something like that.
SFX = freeze

[3] Ikushima-san…
SFX = gulp
[4] I’m…
*Tadashi gets formal by using “watashi” instead of his usual “boku.”

[5] A coward who lies
[6] is the one thing I can never forgive.
[7] I hate that kind of guys too!
[8] Yes, I do.
[9] Hahaha. Well, of course. It’s just something I say to young people when I meet them.
[10] Can you kids not be like that when you grow up?

Page 13

[1] Yes…
[2] Wha… what’s wrong, Tadashi-kun?!
[3] Your eyes are empty!
[Sign] Please Return
[5] Let’s go outside! Someone’s getting depressed!
[6] This should be nothing, a leader like me can sense these traps.

[7] I’m going.
SFX = click
SFX = bam
[8] Ah!

[9] Move, Toshiro!
[10] There shouldn’t be less than 20 traps here!
[11] Where and what is…
[Float] Uwahh
[12] ……

Page 14

[Sign] Please Return
[1] Saya-san......

[2] I’m in a dilemma right now.
[3] Ah, there are traps here too…
[4] It seems like I’m the perfect example of someone your father cannot forgive.

[5] What should I do, Saya-san…
[6] More importantly,
[7] I wonder what you’re doing right now?
[8] At this time, Saya…
[9] What the… this won’t do.
[Float] this
[10] Tadashi’s going to hate me.
[11] is in the middle of struggle with her bed hair.
[12] To be continued.
[SIDE] His first appearance! Saya’s dad’s sudden comment brings Tadashi into a pinch! Even so, there’s a great variety of traps in this estate.

[Bottom]To be continued on Issue #18 out on March 31!!!

--------------------CHAPTER 97--------------------

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