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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Oni Dere 98


+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 22, 2010 05:26 | Go to Oni Dere

-> RTS Page for Oni Dere 98

Reserved for CXC Scans and Sexyboi Scanlations.
Do not use without my permission.

Page 01

[M!DDLE] Onidere
[M!DDLE] Everyday, she shows her beautiful and ambient appearance... and her refined...
Chapter 98 : Father-in-law
Crystal na Yousuke
[BOTTOM] A love comedy about first year middle school students. Volumes 1-6, on sale now!

Page 02

[No actual text]

Page 03

[1] What the hell is up with this bed hair?!
[2] this

[3] It won't go back to normal!
[4] I can't let Tadashi see this kind of head!
[5] Wait--- this is bad! It's already lunch!
[6] School's gonna end!

[7] Mi- milady...
[8]There's something I'd like to speak with you about...
[9] Eh? Wha- what would that be? (I'm busy.)

Page 04

[1] That little girl has trespassed again.
[Float] This is an Anego-like getup!
[2] Mitsuki, that idiot...
[3] Tresspassing attempts: 30 times

[4] Get rid of them.
[5] Eh?!
[6] The- truth is, Leader also fell down the pit fall...
[7] They’re currently at the underground passageway.
[8] I'll get rid of them.
[9] Mi- milady?!

[10] Geesh...
[11] Those guys...
[12] ......
[13] I wanna see Tadashi...
[14] I wonder what he's doing right now...
[SIDE] Imamoto Tadashi of the Arts and Handicrafts Club’s girlfriend is the strongest delinquent Ikushima Saya. The two hide the fact that they’re going out for Tadashi’s safety. Worried about why Saya wasn’t able to come to school, Tadashi and the others visit Saya’s house!

Page 05

[1] Saya-san...
[2] Right now, I'm in
[3] big trouble...

[4] The traps aside,
[5] it's about your dad.

[6] "I won't
[7] forgive cowards and liars the most."
[8] Ahh...
[9] Because I'm hiding the fact that Saya-san and I are going out...
[10] That really hit me.
[11] This is bad!

Page 06

[1] If that's the case...
[2] So that he will acknowledge me,
[3] so that he would accept me...
[4] I'll just have him to look at me!

[5] Everyone, wait here.
[6] I'm going ahead first!
[7] ?!
[8] ......
[9] I'm...

[10] I wonder why
[11] I told them that I'm going ahead first?
[12] I'm in a panic.
[13] Don't push yourself.
[14] Sorry.
[15] I couldn't do anything.

Page 07

[1] Sorry,
[2] for being unable to do anything right now as the master of the house.
[3] I don't really have any authority even as the leader. I'm really sorry.
[4] You don't have to be so dejected.
[5] An- anyway...
[6] We'll be able to enter the mansion if we go on ahead, right?

[Float] I don't know.
[7] That's why I'm really sorry!

[8] When I joined this family,
[9] I can really feel that every fang in me is going to be broken.
[10] A freeloader but almost like a family... that's me.

[11] Ah.
[12] Iron balls have it nice.
[13] They don't have to say anything.
[14] This person's too far out!!!

Page 08

[1] This is impossible. I have no idea what to do at all!
[2] How on earth can we...?
[Float] Wha?! If you do something wrong, I’ll...
[Float] Stop it! It's annoying!!!
[Float] Ugyaaaa!
[Float] I'll stretch out!
[Foat] I'll stretch ouuut!

[3] I-ikushima-san, what type of person do you like?
[4] People stronger than me.
[5] You don't have to be so blunt about it.
[6] We got into a big place.
[7] Beep
[8] Crink
[9] Hello. This is Angelica.
[10] It's Anego!
[11] Saya-san...
[12] And...

Page 09

[1] Goodbye.
[2] Eh…

[3] Wa- wait a minute, Angelica. It's me.
[Float] Hahaha
[4] Look closely.
[5] .........
[6] Hello?

[7] Starting.
[8] Saya!
[9] Just kidding. I'm always being hated, so this is nothing.
[10] So pessimistic!
[11] A- Anego! We're here too!
[12] Anieeegyo...
[13] ?!

Page 10

[1] What?!
[2] It's not just Mitsuki and the old man?!
[3] Why are they here too...
[4] Hm?!

[5] Ta...dashi?!
[6] Why is he...?!
[7] C- cancel this righ...
[8] Wait, Saya-san!
[9] This much is nothing!
[10] I can beat this easily---

Page 11

[1] and I will definitely
[2] come to see you.

[3] The Tadashi behind the screen
[4] has already reached the angel.
[5] Tada…shuuuu~
[6 - SFX, kind of] Bam, pewww
[7] Mi- milady!

[8] Ohhh…
[9] Tadashi-kun, you’ve got some confidence in your skills, huh?
[Float] I like strong people, you know.
[10] I don’t!

[11] But because Ikushima-san will acknowledge a strong person, I’ll…
[12] Now, bring it on!
[13] Ehhh?! What's that over there?!

Page 12

[1] Wai...
[2] Ah...
[3] This brings back memories...

[4] Fighting is... I haven't fought since...
[5] middle school, huh.

[6] Too bad it's not really a person.
[SFX on the bubble] crackle
[7] Well, whatever.
[8] Because of that,

Page 13

[1] I feel at ease.

[3] Right, I remember.
[4] I conquered the whole nation that time.

Page 14

[1] "Demon Head Jin," is something
[2] they called me, I think…

[3] Conquered the whole nation?!
[4] You mean you dominated Japan through fear?!
[5] Who- who the heck are....
[6] Kukuku.

[7] I'm just a lowly son-in-law now.
[8] You're not doing good right now.
[Float] Haha!
[9] I like people who are stronger than me.
[10] Ehhh?!
[11] To be continued.
[SIDE] Like father, like daughter. On the next issue, Tadashi will reveal that secret!

------------------CHAPTER 98------------------

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