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Oni Dere 99

Persuasive Power

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 22, 2010 05:27 | Go to Oni Dere

-> RTS Page for Oni Dere 99

Reserved for CXC Scans and Sexyboi Scanlations.
Do not use without my permission.

Page 01

Chapter 99: Persuasive Power
Crystal na Yousuke
[MIDDLE] Oni Dere
[MIDDLE LEFT] Ikushima Jin
[MIDDLE SMALL LEFT] He feels that every fang in him is going to be broken..// The Son-in-law; Saya's dad.
[MIDDLE RIGHT] The father goes above ground. A parent's greatest battle… won’t begin just yet.
[BOTTOM] The strongest middle schooler Saya does as she pleases! Volumes 1-6, now on sale!

Page 02

[SIDE] With one thing happening after the other… it’s tea time!
[1]Uhm, uhm... everyone!
[2] Let me say this once more. Welcome to the Ikushima estate!

[3] With everything that’s happened, we prepared some tea for you.
[4] Please do have some.

[5] Okay...
[6] There's so many things that happened...
[7] ......
[8] Tadashi-kun,
[9] you know, I...

Page 03

[1] I will only acknowledge a man as my son if he is stronger than me!!!

[2] My memories are somewhat fuzzy,
[3] but I'm pretty sure it’s something like that.
[Float] Oh, this isn’t tea… this is poison.
[4] So... what should I do?
[5] Hey, everyone!
[6] Let me say this before Anego gets here…

[7] Don't say and do anything delinquent-like!
[8] Anego is a young lady right now!
[9] Hey!
[10] Everyone...

Page 04

[1] Good day.

[2] Saya-san?
[3] Yes?

Page 05

[1] That's what you usually wear?
[2] Yes.
[3] I see.
[4] That's right.

[5] ......
[6] This called for desperate measures.

[7] But... I won't ever let Tadashi
[Float] bed hair
[8] see this bed hair!
[9] Or else I'll be hated!
[10] Was she raised this way?
[11] I won't let that happen!

Page 06

[1] Angelica.
[2] That's bad manners!

[3] Father!!!
[4] Wai- eh?! What?! All of a sudden?!
[5] Eh- uhm...
[6] Milady...

Page 07

[1] was trying to fix her bed hair but she ended up taking a day off from school.
[2] Is that so?
[3] More importantly, Saya-san, what's wrong?

[4] Tadashi... Tadashi saw me...
[5] I'm done for!
[6] I wanna die...
[7] Anego, three is good too!
[Float] It still suits you.
[8] That's right.

[9] Well, anyway...
[10] I'm perfectly fine.
[11] Eh?!
[12] Anego, it’s good that it wasn’t anything serious!
[13] Thank goodness!
[14] It seems that I made you worry.

Page 08

[1] That's right. Your friend, Tadashi-kun, was really worried.
[2] Ah!
[3] Sa- saya-san... our relationship is a secret,
[4] so we're just "friends" in front of others, right?!

[5] Friends?
[6] Ah, that’s right...
[7] It’s because we're in front of others, hahaha.

[8] I got it, Tadashi!
[9] Ah?!
[10] Anego?!
[11] Wha- what's wrong?!
[12] Noth...
[13] nothi...
SFX = hick hick
[14] Saya-san...

Page 09

[1] ......
[2] Saya-san...
[Float] Anego, don't cry!

[3] Let's at least...
[4] tell your dad about it!

[5] ......
[6] I love you.
[7] Eh?!
[8] Why would he suddenly say that...
[9]As usual, it's far from what is being conveyed.

[10] Ikushima-san, there's something I'd like to talk with....
[11] wait, are you all right?
[Float] Yeah
[12] Somehow.
[13] I don't want to
[14] make Saya-san cry anymore!
[15] !

Page 10

[1] Ah...
[2] that?
[3] Angelica is the successor of the G. Group, so
[4] I'll have to gather all her worthless suitors here.
[5] And I will have gently caress
[6] those kids.
[7] I wonder what they're talking about?

Page 11

[1] So this might be
[2] where my manhood is going to be tested.
[3] ……
[4] Before her family,

[5] Saya-san is a young, proper lady.
[6] In front of Onigashirashu, she's the strongest delinquent.
[7] In front of me, she's a lover.
[8] I'm perfectly close to her,
[9] but by telling everyone we're only "friends," I end up deeply hurting her.
[10] If they find out I'm his boyfriend...
[Float] I wonder if we can stay the way we are?
[11] there's that "instant death" problem.
[12] But I don't want to hurt her anymore...
[13] I...

Page 12

[1] always want to see
[2] Saya-san's smile.

[3] Please
[4] let me
[5] go out with your daughter.

Page 13

[1] ……
[2] Hmmmm...
[3] Hmmmm???

[4] A joke? That's boring.
[3] Are you trying to make us laugh?
[4] That was cold.
[5] Eh?
[6] Eh?
[7] Eh?!

[8] No- no! I'm not trying to make you laugh...
[9] Saya-san and I are really lovers!
[10] Telling them like this… idiot… you’re…
[11] ......
[12] Eh? Why?
[13] Dont tell me... this is a dream?
[14] But the next second, Tadashi's confidence made him recall and understand how scary the situation is.

Page 14

[1] Tadashi's persuasive power to convince them that he is Saya's boyfriend:
[2] I'm thirsty.
[3] zero

[4] So for now, he is at ease that they didn't find out.
[5] It's not because he's doing so well hiding it.
[6] Simply put, it [their relationship] was so impossible, that they didn't even notice.

[7] The dumbfounded and shocked Tadashi
[8] Tadashi...
[9] regardless of this hopeless situation, went home before dinner from the Ikushima household.
[SIDE] The Nobel Prize's Sad Breakthrough!

[BOTTOM] To be continued on Issue #20, on sale on April 14!
[BOTTOM RIGHT] Next, the secret of Saya's horns will be disclosed!

---------------------CHAPTER 99---------------------

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