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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Oni Dere 99.5


+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 22, 2010 05:28 | Go to Oni Dere

-> RTS Page for Oni Dere 99.5

Reserved for CXC Scans and Sexyboi Scanlations.
Do not use without my permission.

Page 01

[TOP] Oni Dere
[1] Sunday.
[2] Done.

[3] Please!
[4] Make me clothes like Anego's!
[5] I wonder if this is okay...
[SIDE] They can somewhat tell what Mitsuki's intention is. This time, a peaceful Sunday report!

[Float] Tadashi, your friend’s here!
[7] Coming!
[8] I wonder who?

Page 02

[RIGHT TOP] Chapter 99.5: Horns
[RIGHT MIDDLE] Because of different circumstances, here’s (?!) Chapter 99.5!!! Thi- this isn’t to stall the number of chapters or anything!
[RIGHT BOTTOM] Crystal na Yousuke

[1] Hey.

A really big friend came! Yaa! Yaa! Yaa!

[2] Eh…

[BOTTOM] Next time, Onidere will be breaking into the real 100th chapter! Volumes 1-6, on sale now!

Page 03

[1] Sa…
[2] Saya-san’s dad?!
[3] Is this really a middle schooler?
[4] No, no!

[5]Your skin shouldn’t be dry!
[6] Have some moisturizing cream!
[7] Wait! Stop! Mom, don’t take that person into your world!

[8] This person is Saya-san’s dad!
[Float] Saya-san
[9] Oh my!
[10] Hello. I’m Tadashi’s older sister.
[Float] High voice
[11] Tadashi-kun’s mom… eh?
[12] Please ignore that.

Page 04

[On the cup] Tea
[1] Tadashi-kun, sorry for coming all of a sudden.
[2] We’re also sorry for doing so many rude things! I’m very sorry!

[3] Today, I came…
[4] I came to thank you and to ask one thing about Saya…
[5] !

[6] Is she…
[7] A yankee?
[8] Eh?! [small] uhm... that...
[9] Don’t worry, it’s fine.
[10] I know that she only acts like a proper lady in front of me and her family.
[11] My wife and Cupid don’t know.
[12] You know, I was really worried
[13] If she could really make friends with others.
[SIDE] Imamoto Tadashi of the Arts and Handicrafts Club’s girlfriend is the strongest delinquent who leads Onigashirashu, Ikushima Saya. They deceive everyone and pretend they’re only friends, but their main goal is to be able to act like a real couple in front of everyone. But then, Tadashi meets Saya’s dad?!

Page 05

[1] So…
[2] It never occured that four friends of hers would visit her when she took a day off from school.
[3] That time…
[4] Truthfully, I was really touched.

[5] Let me say this again.
[6] Thank---
[7] Ah!
[8] He brought snacks!
[9] Mom, wai---

[10] Not.

[11] ...…
[12] If you’re gonna buy kimchi from the supermarket,
[13] wouldn't something already prepared be better?
[14] N- no. Please don't mind.

Page 06

[1] Hibaricchi.
[2] Instead of kimchi, I want chocolates.

[3] Thief!!! This little girl is a thief!!!
[4] Fuhahaha! We’re having bear meat tonight!
[5] Don’t say that!
[6] Wait, Mitsuki-san, when did you get here?!
[7] Right now.
[8] Right now is…
[9] I wonder if this girl is Tadashi-kun’s girlfriend?
[10] Hm?
[11] What’s this?! An album?! Whose?!
[12] Don’t tell me it’s Anego’s!
[13] Ah,
[14] yeah.

Page 07

[1] So that you can know Saya even better, I brought an album.
[2] It's Saya-san’s!!!
[3] Wow!
[4] So cute!
[5] Ohhh…

[6] If it’s with albums, then Tadashi won’t lose!
[7] Especially when he wore girl’s…
[8] Uwahh!
[9] Wait! No matter how much you want to show it, you can’t! I’ll get mad!

[10] Well, everyone has their hobbies.
[11] No! I was forced! Besides, I was still small then!
[12] But you really looked good…
[13] !
[14] Oooh?
[15] Hey, hey, occhan*.
*Old man
[16] This...

Page 08

[1] Anego
[2] doesn’t have her horns?

[3] Wha… you’re right!
[4] There are no horns!
[5] She didn’t have her horns when she was small?

[6] ......
[7] Horns?

Page 09

[1] Wha?!
[2] Horns!!!
[3] My daughter has horns?!
[4] Where?!
[5] But, Ikushima-san was also called “Demon Head” during middle school…
[6] Yeah, but that was only because I had my hair tied up then!

[7] Of course they're there. You say you're really fond of her, but you didn't even notice even her hairstyle change...
[8] You no good man!
[9] No good man!
[10] Ughh...

[11] I never noticed... why are there horns...?
[12] Now that I look at it closely, there really are horns...
[13] Don't mistake a hairstyle from a living thing.
[14] Your daughter is human!
[15] There's a need to show what Anego might feel!
[16] Eh?

Page 10

[1] Anego transformation!
[2] Your work is always good, Nice-moto!
[3] Wait, you just changed clothes right?
[Float] Oh my, it's Saya-chan!
[4] What's this?

[5] I was asked to make Saya-san's clothes...
[6] That's some skillful handiwork!
[7] ......
[8] Ah... ahhh...

[9] Saya-chan!!!
SFX = hug
[10] Gyaaaa!!!

Page 11

[1] Stop! Let go! Save me!!!
[2] Ah~ this brings back memories. I loved it so much back then!
[3] A long time ago...

[2] What am I saying...

[3] The time when a father turns into a pervert,
[4] is pretty much the same as being the same as a hate-filled monster.
[5] That's normal! Please don't look at me with those eyes, ma'am!
[6] Even though she was telling you to stop... but you still wouldn't stop.
[7] You're the worst!
[8] You're the one to say that!

Page 12

[1] The next day at lunch.
[2] My
[3] horns?

[4] Wait... my old man went to your house?!
[5] Yeah.
[6] He said he was so happy that you made friends.
[7] Hm... hmmm...
[Float] But Tadashi's my boyfriend...

[8] So Saya-san didn't have her horns when she was small?
[9 - SFX] guooh
[10] Tadashi?
[11] Ah, it's nothing.
[12] But it seems like your dad didn't notice them.
[13] The truth is...

Page 13

[1] My old man used to think that until he is able to be defeated by someone…
[Float] Otherwise I’ll choose one for you.
[2] I won't acknowledge your husband!
[3] ...he said stuff like that.
[4] When I heard that back then...
[5] ......

[6] I have to defeat Papa!
[7] Seems like I learned the word "to defeat" from him.

[8] From that day on, together with the G. Group's researcher,
[9] we developed the "Defeat the Old Man" weapon.
[10] That's a really big misunderstanding right there.
[11] So every time I say the "keyword,"
[12] a satellite laser hits my old man.
[13] She went through with it...

Page 14

[1] Though I might have completely forgotten the keyword right now,
[2] that guy's not worth it.
[3] Mo... more...
[4] More importantly, Tadashi... what did you think of his speech?

[5] Do you think you can "defeat the old man"*?
* “defeat the old man” is the keyword, if it’s not obvious enough
[6] Fo... fo... for... our future...
[7] whe... when we get... ma...

[8] Hm?
[9] The album got fried...
[10] Well, whatever. There's always photo reprints.
[11] With all the troubles the son-in-law has, this was unexpectedly nothing.
[SIDE] Because Saya accidentally says the keyword pretty frequently, her dad is always hit. But because he's strong, he's all right. Probably.
[BOTTOM] To be continued on Issue 21!
[BOTTOM RIGHT] Next time, center color pages! There's gossip about a present!

---------------CHAPTER 99.5---------------

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