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Oni Dere 100

Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 22, 2010 05:29 | Go to Oni Dere

-> RTS Page for Oni Dere 100

Reserved for CXC Scans and Sexyboi Scanlations.
Do not use without my permission.

Page 00

[Heart] Everyone gathers!!!
[1] Our Big Thanks for Reaching the 100th chapter!
[2 - top right of Onidere] Chapter 100: Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes

Page 01

[SIDE] The 100th chapter begins with Tadashi's warm sleeping face. The story behind how Saya and Tadashi's love started...

[1] ......
[2] !
[3] Ahh, I fell asleep.
[4] It's spring.
[Float] yawn
[5] Saya-san and I first met in this season...

Page 02

[1] Years ago.
[2] Ooops ooops ooops.
[3] I bought too much yarn...

[4] I'll just keep them anyway.
[SIDE] Arts and Handicrafts Club Imamoto Tadashi's girlfriend is the delinquent Ikushima Saya. The two are secretly going out...?!

[5] During the first time I was involved with delinquents ever since I was born,
[6] I was in a panic.
[7] But...
[8] I suddenly noticed...

Page 03

[1] the one who beat them up,
[2] was one girl standing alone.

[3] As she looked at me with her blue eyes,
[4] "I hate guys like you the most"
[5] is what she said to me as her blonde hair swayed, and left.

[6] Cute and beautiful.
[7] But scary.
[8] That was my first impression of her.

Page 04

[1] Yo... yo... you...

[2] You've got to be kidding me?

[3] The same school, the same year, the same class, and she's my seatmate.
[4] What kind of an opposite miracle is this?!
[Float] What's up with her? She's not going to introduce herself?
[5] I was really panicking then.

[6] Wait, I can't show her I'm freaking out.
[7] If I don't at least introduce myself, then I fail as a person.
[8] Hey, hey.
[9] Hi, hi!

Page 05

[1] I was wrong.
[2] I was just trying to create a playful greeting,
[3] since I thought I didn't need to be formal.
[4] My mother said that as well.
[5] I'm not looking down on you or anything.
[6] ...I don't have a mother complex, either.

[7] It's still early on in the year,
[8] and I've already gotten involved...

[9] with that scary yankee!
[10] This was a chance for me not to stand out.
[11] I didn't want to get near her again.

[12] That's what I thought,
[13] and I was
[14] still scared.

Page 06

[1] But as the evening sun shined upon her
[2] even just for a little bit...
[3] I ended up staring at her.

[4] Uhm...
[5] What's wrong?
[6] !
[7] ......
[8] Did your top get frayed?
[9] Is it too fancy for you? I see.
[10] Oh, do you have change?
[11] No? I see~
*He's pretty much imitating what she's supposed to say, so it doesn't really make sense sometimes.

Page 07

[1] But no matter what I said, she...
[2] Ikushima-san still let me fix her clothes.

[3] She might not be an ordinary yankee.
[Float] Maybe she's a nice person?
[4] Tadashi...
[5] Tadashi...
[6] Your seatmate is the strongest delinquent, you know.
[7] She's not ordinary in that way?!

[8] S- stop joking, Manabu.
[9] Judging a person based on appearance is...
[10] No...
[11] Whether you judge her by her personality or her appearance... it's still the same.

[12] Ah.
[13] Picking a fight?
[14] No, that's not it.
[15] Uhm...
[16] The girl who holds bread in her mouth and the boy who suddenly turns and bumps into the girl...
[17] Do you know what that means? I see.
*He's pretty much imitating what she's supposed to say, so it doesn't really make sense sometimes.

Page 08

[Book pretty much says] I want to relax while reading a book.
[1] ......
[2] This sucks~!
[3] Because Manabu said all those weird things, I got nervous...

[4] No... but,
[5] Ikushima-san isn't really that violent...
[6] Probably.
[7] Ah.

[8] I'm sorr---

[9] So you're really picking a fight.
[10] No~~~ you've got it wrong!
[Sign] Library
[11] Ah! Would you like some drinks?
[12] No. I see~ Wait, it will be a sign of our friendship.
[13] Uhhm...
*He's pretty much imitating what she's supposed to say, so it doesn't really make sense sometimes.

Page 09

[1] This is Ikushima-san's yakisoba and banana juice...
[2] and this is the book she wants to read.
[3] Tadaashiii!!!
[4] You're her lackey now?!
[5] Huh? Since when...

[6] You can't give in to violence and fear!!!
[7] Show me a journalist's spirit!
[8] I'm not part of the Newspaper Club... It's just you, right? How can you even do it alone?

[Float] depreesed
[9] Fear, huh...
[10] Now that you mention it...
[12] I don't think Ikushima-san
[13] is scary anymore...
[14] Sorry for the wait!

Page 10

[1] Ah! Is this the list of what I'm going to buy next?
[2] I'm going!
[3] I've gotten used to it.
[4] Hey.

[5] Why don't you refuse?

[6] If you don't turn me down, you'll always be my lackey, you know?
[7] You don't like being ordered around, right?
[8] So don't come near me anymore.
[9] ......
[10] Well... hahaha...
[11] It's not like I don't want to do it...
[12] ......

Page 11

[1] Then, next month...
[2] On Christmas Eve, make a snowman taller than the fence here.

[3] Eh?
[Float] A snowman?
[4] If you can't do that,
[5] then don't even think of coming near me anymore.

[6] ......
[7] Snow, huh...
[8] It's piling up a little bit,
[9] But this won't do...
[10] And Christmas eve's already tomorrow...
[11] ......

Page 12

[1] December 24.
[2] Here!
[3] A snowman bigger than the fence!

[4] ......
[5] H...
[6] How...
[7] Eh?
[8] Well...
[9] the truth is...

[10] the interior is full of yarn.
[11] It's a fake snowman that needs to be pinned down or it'll collapse.
[12] ......
[13] Well, haha... with this, please let me do as I please~
[14] Why...
[15] Why do you go this far...
[16] !
[17] Don't you want me to let you go?
[18] then why...?

Page 13

[1] Hm? Now that you mention it...
[2] Why did I?
[3] Why did I allow myself to be bossed around...
[4] I guess it's because she said that I should make a snowman... and that she might be happy if I do...

[5] It's like...
[6] maybe it's because I've started to like you?

[7] ?!
[8] Huh?!

[9] Ah.
[10] I...
[11] I...
[12] I...
[13] I see... so that's why...
[14] I like Ikushima-san...
[15] That's why...
[16] I think.
[17] I'm surprised.
[18] You only realized your feelings now.

Page 14

[1] Are you
[2] an idiot?

[3] Well...
[4] I... I guess we can be friends...
[5] A- ahaha... friends, huh...

[6] Behind the reminiscing Tadashi,
[7] there was a KO-ed Saya from watching Tadashi's sleeping face,
[8] that goes without saying, of course.
[SIDE] What did you think of how Tadashi and Saya's love started? Please watch over what's to become of their relationship next time, too.
[BOTTOM] To be continued in Issue #23-24
[BOTTOM RIGHT] Next time, Saya thinks of the future while Tadashi struggles hard!

---------------------CHAPTER 100---------------------

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