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Translations: Gintama 683 by kewl0210 , One Piece 904 by cnet128

My Idol Oneshot : My Idol

+ posted by niiica as translation on Apr 27, 2010 07:45 | Go to My Idol

Reserved for CXC Scans.
Do not use without my permission.

Do PM me of any mistranslations! Thank you. :)

Page 1

[1] Boku no Idol
[2] I’d like to ask the cute and clumsy
[3] you a favor…
[4] Kawashita Misuki

Page 2

[1] And so…
[Float] What on earth is the election about?
[Blackboard] Hirano // Okajima // *

[2] Hirano Harufumi of 2-2 will be the assistant secretary!
[3] You will be the Idol committee member!

[4] Don’t tell me…
[5] that this troublesome job…
[6] will be the duty of the ever-so-shy me.
[7] So…
[8] What’s an Idol committee member?

Page 3

[1] On the fifth weekend of May,
[2] For the long awaited cultural festival… what do we need to liven it up?
[3] That’s right! We need an idol!
[4] We need an idol concert!
[5] Really?

[6] But, as painful as this is… there’s no way that we, the Student Council, can possibly afford to bring in a real idol.
[7] And so, that’s where you come in, Idol committee member!
[8] Eh?!

[9] You’re going to find girls in this school…
[10] and make them into an idol group.

Page 4

[1] And then we’re going to polish them up until the Cultural festival Concert!!!
[2] Whaaat?!

[3] Tha… that’s… wait…
[4] A great idea, as expected of the President!
[5] Idols are so nice. <3
[6] Uwah! I’m getting excited already!
[7] I even have the costumes already prepared!
[Float] Look, look!
[Float] Ohhh! That’s!!!
[8] This is impossible! Impossible! Definitely impossible!
[9] There’s no girl that would want to wear those kind clothes and sing!!!

Page 5

[1] By the way, the principal greatly supports this.
[2] Eh?
[3] If the concert doesn’t happen on the appointed day,
[4] The person at fault will be kicked out of school.
[Float] Kicked out

[5] I’m looking forward to the idol group you’re going to make!
[6] Wai…! Even if someone helps…
[7] The election has been decided, and you were chosen, right?
[8] This sucks…
[9] What the hell is this… Being an Idol committee member…
[10] If he likes idols, then why doesn’t that evil president search for himself?

Page 6

[1] I don’t really care about performers and things like that…
[2] La…
[3] Lalala…
[4] Having said that, I don’t have the interest of coming up with another plan…

[5] La…
[6] Besides, I don’t want to scout people.
[7] There’s only one girl whose voice I’m---
[8] Haru-chan!
[9] Did the meeting end
[10] just now…

Page 7

[1] Wah!
[2] Ugh…

[3] Wai…
[Float] I can’t breathe…
[4] Hurry up and move!

Page 8

[1] Momo…

[2] Wahh…
[3] That’s the first time I’ve seen someone fall over like that!
[4] Di… di… did you see that?!
[Float] It was white! It was white!

[5] Hyaaaa!!!
[6] Hey, your bag…
[7] Come on, don’t cry…
[8] How can I forget something like that?

Page 9

[1] Sniff.
[2] The way how I clumsily fell…
[3] Sniff.
[4] This crybaby here is my childhood friend, Aizawa Momoka.
[5] She’s always been shier and clumsier than me.
[6] Besides,
[7] You said I was heavy!!!
[8] A… ahaha…
[9] Lately, the fact that she’s been acting very much like a girl is a problem…

[10] Ah!
[Float] That’s right!
[11] What did you guys talk about at the meeting?
[12] Eh?
[Float] She stopped crying…
[13] It’s about the cultural festival, right?
[14] I’m looking forward to it! This year’s going to be really exciting, right?
[15] Ah… ugh…
[16] Especially the Student Council’s program! I wonder what you’re doing this year?
[17] Even you can help us out, Momo…
[18] Eh?

Page 10

[1] Sure, I’ll help out!
[2] I don’t belong to any club,
[3] and since it’s you, I’ll work with anything you ask!
[4] Actually…

[5] Because of her personality, she fits into the plain category…
[6] but she’s still cute.
[7] But it’s impossible for you!
[8] Why?

[9] Because… you think you can sing in front of everyone?
[10] Tha-
[11] That’s impossible! I’ll die with those many people starting at me!
[12] It’s impossible, right?*

Page 11

[1] Ohh…
[2] So the program for the cultural festival will be an idol concert…
[3] I’m fine with looking for enough people, but…
[4] Don’t worry!
[5] Aren’t there a lot of girls who stand out?

[6] You’re right!
[7] I guess I’ll do my best starting tomorrow!
[8] Yeah.
[Float] Fight!

[9] I’m home.

Page 12

[1] I saw that, Harufumi!
[2] You went home with Momo-chan today, right?
[3] Are you getting along well?
[4] We just happened to go home together!
[5] More importantly, the TV… the TV…

[6] What’s up with you?
[7] Ohh, so you like this kind of thing…
[8] Stu-
[9] That’s not it!!!

[10] I’m just doing a little research.
[11] Huh?
[Float] For what?
[12] I should discuss this with my friends tomorrow.

[13] Then I could gather people,
[14] then I’ll have them sing.
[15] I wonder if I could do it?

Page 13

[1] I’m sure…
[2] An Idol concert for the cultural festival…
[3] is that’s actually a pretty good idea!

[4] Really? There are other things we can---
[5] Stupid!
[6] Wo- won’t the girls wear sexy clothes?! That’s a must see!
[7] Yo- your voice is too loud, Kamiyama.

[8] So, I have to find people…
[9] Okay, leave it to me!
[10] First, it’s Class 3’s Ono! And then Class 5’s Kimoto…
[11] Wah
[12] I’ll make the idol group of my dreams~

Page 14

[1] Eh?! Idol?!

[2] Like I’ll do that!
[3] Ah!
[4] Let’s go!
[5] Aren’t you just thinking of perverted stuff?
[6] Sorry, I’m not doing it!
[7] But that’s kind of disgusting…
[Float] That’s
[Float] troublesome
[8] Like I’ll give up!!!
[9] Let’s go to the next one! We’re going to go to everyone until someone gives up!!!
[10] It’s not a matter of who’s going to give up…

[11] Like I said,
[12] Singing and dancing is nice,
[13] but being an idol at school is kinda…
[14] We don’t have the confidence for that.
[15] We’re really sorry, Takamura-kun!

Page 15

[1] Or so they said.
[2] Why are the girls in our school shy?!
[3] Ugh. Even the cool guy Takamura’s powers aren’t enough to persuade them!
[4] All the second year girls declined.
[Float] Haha…
[5] What am I going to do?! At this rate, I’m gonna get expelled!
[6] Shut up! You’re just not forceful enough!
[Float] Do you really want to do this?

[7] It’s not like I wanted to be the idol committee member…
[8] Besides, you were the one who was recommended to be in the student council in the first place…
[Float] Ah,
[9] It’s started.
[10] Besides, do you really think you can find one by choosing randomly?
[11] Don’t you have any idea on who you want to be an idol?

[12] An idea?
[13] Right.
[14] Thinking “I want to see this kind of idol!” or something.

Page 16

[1] If you don’t,
[2] then you probably won’t be able to find one.

[3] An idea, huh?
[4] I don’t really care about idols, so an ideal idol is kinda…
[5] It’s alright for me if we only use one person…

[6] Haru-chan.
[7] How did scouting today go?
[8] Mo- Momo!

Page 17

[1] Eh!
[2] So you still haven’t found even one?!

[3] Yeah…
[4] We’re gonna check out the first years tomorrow…
[5] But the first years just started recently…
[6] Won’t they get embarrassed in front of people?
[7] That’s the problem.
[8] Is being an idol really that embarrassing?
[9] Shouldn’t being an idol supposedly be a girl’s dream since elementary school?
[10] But if they’re someone like you, it’s a whole different story.
[11] ……
[12] You can just find a different person to…

Page 18

[1] An idol has to make the opposite sex aware of her presence, right?
[2] Plus, I have to sing, and dance... and wearing those clothes are a little bit (too sexy)...
[3] When I was little, I thought they look cute, but being asked by a boy to do that...

[4] and being seen by everyone is kind of embarrassing...
[5] Momoka!
[6] I'm coming!
[7] Sorry I can't do anything…
[8] Eh?! No...
[9] I had that feeling.
[10] Thanks though, Momo.

Page 19

[1] Eh?! Idol?!
[2] Like I’ll do that!
[3] You’re just not forceful enough!
[4] Don’t you have any

[5] any idea on who you want to be an idol?
[6] That's right...
[7] I haven't thought of anything...

[8] I wonder what my type is.
[9] More like...
[10] La
[11] Lala
[12] What is needed to be an idol anyway?
[13] Wai---
[14] La
[15] Momo’s singing as she feels like it is…
[16] Lala~

Page 20

[1] La
[2] Lalala
[3] La
[4] La
[5] Lala

[6] .......
[7] This singing!

Page 21

[1] Harufumi?!
[2] Ah! Where are you going? You're naked!
[3] La
[4] Lalala
[5] La

[6] Sorry to disturb you!
[7] Kyaaa!!!

[8] This voice...
[9] Lalala
[10] This singing is!!!

Page 22

[1] La…

Page 23

[1] Nooo!!!
[2] I'm so sorry!

[Float] You're such a bad child!
[Float] Well, well, it's not like they entered the bath at the same time...

[3] I wasn't peeping while you were taking a bath!
[4] It’s just that your singing was really good!
[5] Bath?
[Float] Peeping?
[6] I just want everyone to hear your voice!

Page 24

[1] Like I said, it's impossible!
[2] You know more than anyone else that I can't perform in front of people!
[3] And don't talk about the bath incident anymore...
[4] Ah... right, sorry...
[5] That's not it!
[6] Your singing is good! When I heard you yesterday...

[7] How do I put this...
[8] I got really
[9] excited!

[10] E... excited...
[Float] really?
[11] I don't know anything about idols,
[12] but the moment I heard your voice, I thought that "this is it!!!"

Page 25

[1] I- I want to
[2] help you out too,
[3] but...

[4] it's impossible.
[5] Singing in front of people is something I definitely can't do.
[6] If I get nervous and mess up, I'll cause trouble for you.

[7] That's why I'm sor...
[8] Ah, ah.
[9] Mo- MOMO!!!

Page 26

[Sign] Idol Stage

[1] Idol committe member, Assistant Secretary Hirano.
[2] Please give us your report.

[3] Uhm...
[4] I- I'm still in the middle of looking for idols from our girls like you said...
[5] This is a problem...
[6] Rather than completing our grand stage, we rushed into the elections and such, and I would’ve liked to start practicing…

[7] It's impossible! No one wants to do it anyway~
[8] We should just change our program, okay, okay?
[9] Hey! Let go of me! I'm in a bad mood!
[10] But everyone's already set their hopes high...

[11] The... there's one person who can do it.
[12] But I still can't convince
[13] her to sing.

Page 27

[1] Are you serious?! How talented is she?! What’s her name?! Say it!
[2] Let’s make it a really dirty imitation!
[Float] Let’s threaten her or something!
[3] ……
[4] Hey! Take out my treasured data book of the female students of this school!!!
[5] Ah… uhm, these are all the girls who rejected you, right?

[6] Se… second year, class two.
[7] Aizawa Momoka.
[Float] that’s her.
[8] …uhm…
[9] Height, 152cm. Her outward appearance is a C.
[10] Personality, clumsy and shy.
[11] Other things are… there’s nothing more.
[12] There isn’t anything unusual about her.

Page 28

[1] ……
[2] But she has a very nice voice.
[3] This is just a waste of time. Look for someone else.
[4] Her idol prospects should be blatantly obvious.
[5] But she’s clumsy and shy, plus her body is that of a child’s.

[6] No matter how you look at it, she’s plain---
[Float] Buah

[7] Momo has character.
[8] Don’t go saying anything when you know nothing!
[9] She’s cute, and she has a nice voice, besides…

Page 29

[1] She surprisingly has the boobs!
[2] Hey, Momo!!!
[3] W- wait, Hirano!
[4] What can your insisting do for her?!
[5] Didn’t we decide that she couldn’t be an idol?!

[6] If you don’t hold a meeting about this, you’ll get expelled!!!
[7] Then, when that time comes…

[8] I’ll be the one dress up,
[9] sing and dance!

Page 30

[1] I- Idiot!
[2] I won’t let that happen!
[3] Ah… our dream program…

[4] I only did this in the beginning because they told me so,
[5] but it’s different now.
[6] I understood that when I heard her sing.

[7] I want everyone to hear her sing.
[8] In the classroom…
[9] she’s always quiet.
[10] I want everyone to know how dazzling she is.

Page 31

[1] Momo!

[2] Momo...
[3] .......
[4] Ah...
[5] I... I... I…

Page 32

[1] I- I have to go---
[2] I…
[3] I thought I was doing this for Momo, but
[4] I made her make that face…

[5] The afternoon classes make you sleepy, huh~
[6] Yeah~
[Float] Kyahaha

Page 33

[1] ....
[2] Ahhh...

[3] Haru-chan...
[4] I bet he was really surprised with me...

[5] but it's impossible.
[6] An event in kindergarten,
[7] triggered the start of my clumsy life.
[8] During the musical everyone participated in,

Page 34

[1] I only noticed halfway through that I was dancing out of rhythm.
[2] I accidentally peed myself.
[SFX] Uwahhh
[3] I was so embarrassed and cried really loudly, but right in front of me...
[4] Momo! Don't cry!
[5] Haru-chan, dressed in funny clothes, averted everyone's eyes away from me.

[6] It's just a traumatic memory, but...

[7] Since that day, Haru-chan...
[8] What's this? This song...

Page 35

[1] ?
[2] ~~~
[3] ~~~!!!

[4] Kyaaa!!!

[5] What's wrong, Momo?!
[Float] Are you okay?
[6] What's wrong? That should be my line!
[7] Ahahaha, these clothes?
[8] Well, we couldn't find anyone, so
[9] I figured that I should just do it! or something like that~

Page 36

[1] Sorry.
[2] I only disappoint you with everything...
[3] Why are you apologizing?
[4] It should be me who's doing that.
[5] I tried to make you do something you didn't like.

[6] Haru-chan...
[7] I...
[8] I thought that these clothes would really look good on you.

[9] But, I would rather not see your suffering face...
[10] because I always want you to smile.

Page 37

[1] I have to practice or I'll run out of time!

[2] Haru-chan...

[3] He really sucks at dancing...
[Float] He's really shaking it...

[4] Eh?! What the hell?! That Hirano guy is gonna do the concert?!

Page 38

[1] Those student council idiots!
[2] Who's this guy?! I'm gonna kill him!
[3] I really planned on checking it out...
[4] I'm looking forward to seeing the next student financial report, president.
[5] I'm very sorry! I'm very sorry!
[6] We should just cancel the program.
[7] No one's expecting anything anyway.
[8] No, we'll do it!

[9] I don't wanna get expelled!
[10] Geesh. Let's just go home.
[11] I said no. If I don't finish this today...
[12] Ouch!
[Float] I hit my finger!

[13] Ah! I got it wrong!

Page 39

[Sign] Four Leaf Festival
[1] Haru-chan~
[2] There's surprisingly a lot of people who gathered...
[3] ...wait. Hey!!!
[4] it's starting in 10 minutes, you know!
[5] B- but!
[6] I still can't find the costume!

[7] Do you think really think that eye-catching costume will disappear just like that?
[8] I'm sure I left it here...
[9] Don't tell me it got stolen!
[10] What are we going to do?!
[11] Should we stop the program?
[12] Tha- that's...

Page 40

[1] Sorry for being late!

[2] Eh?
[3] !?

Page 41

[1] Momo?!
[2] When did you...
[3] D- don't worry.
[4] I'll be able to smile and sing properly.

[5] That’s impossible!
[6] You didn't even practice singing or dancing!
[7] Don't worry!
[8] I saw you practicing, so I know how to do it perfectly!
[9] That lame dance?!
[10] I- it should really be me who should it, Momo!
[11] Don't worry.

Page 42

[1] Because you gave me
[2] a lot of courage!

[3] Okay, get going!
[4] Yeah!

[5] Still not ready, Hirano?!

Page 43

[1] Everyone,
[2] listen
[3] to Momo's singing!

Page 44

[1] That day, momo...
[2] was very dazzling.

Page 45

[1] She really
[2] looked like an idol.

[3] But…
[4] Hyaaaa!!!

[5] They saw!!! I prepared wool underwear for this occasion, but I completely forgot about it!!!
[6] Everyone saw my underwear!!!
[Float] Encore! Encore!
[Float] They’re white! They’re white!
[7] No, no. That was actually a big success. <3
[8] So Momo really is still Momo…
[Side] Cultural Festival Limited! Loveliness 100%!

Boku no Idol // End

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